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FTS 21 Mod FIFA 2021 Apk Obb Data Download For Android

Download FTS 21 Mod FIFA 2021 Apk Obb Data for Android latest version, has best graphics, new kits, full players transfers.

FTS 2021 Mod FIFA 21 Apk Obb Data is just like the full version of First Touch Soccer 2021 Apk for Android with FIFA Logos, Emblems and background picture.

FTS 21 Mod FIFA game works fully offline and support most Android device starting from version 4.1 upwards.

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It has manager mode in which you will be able to start your own football team, win various matches also reach the finals and lift the trophy.

You can change the in-game language by going to settings and select or choose the language of your choice.

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Players have been fully transferred to there various clubs, just like how it is been done in the real world of football – that’s squads are up to date.

Player faces are now realistic, you can see there unique faces in the pitch, they skilfully move around and pass the ball accurately till they score a goal.

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Upon opening FTS 21 Mod FIFA 2021 game for Android, you will hear background music being played in other to entertain you while selecting your favourite team or navigating round the game. FTS 21 Mod FIFA 21 Apk Obb Data

During game play, the commentary sound is clear as you can hear the commentator talking about how players are performing during a match.

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In the game play settings you can choose different level of difficulty which is “Easy”, “Normal” and the most challenging level is “High”. With the High level of difficulty, you will be able to face strong opponents.

Game play buttons in FTS Mod FIFA 21 Apk are responsive, they don’t hang when controlling your players round the pitch, which gives you the best game play experience.

Stadium grasses are neatly modified, they look so real and have quality graphics, this makes you to clearly see the ball in the pitch.

Download FTS 2021 Mod FIFA 21 Apk Obb Data Offline

In this section, link will be provided for you to be able to download the latest edition of First Touch Soccer 2021 Mod of FIFA, files required are Apk Obb Data below.

Note that all the three files below are required to install FTS 21 Mod FIFA on your Android device.

Data File

Data FTS 21 Mod FIFA 2021 126 MB

Obb File

Obb FTS 21 Mod FIFA 2021 119 MB

Apk App

FTS 21 Mod FIFA Apk 57 MB

Download Zarchiver App To Extract Obb Data Files

Zarchiver Pro Apk>>

How To Install FTS 21 Mod FIFA 21 Apk Obb Data Files

Patiently read below on how to install or extract FTS 21 Mod FIFA Apk Obb Data files easily.

Steps to Install FTS 21 Mod FIFA are:

  1. Using Installed Zarchiver App.
  2. Locate Obb FTS 21 Mod FIFA 21 Zip file and Click on it.
  3. Options Menu will come up, then click Extract and…
  4. Go to or click Device Memory at the top of Zarchiver App Interface.
  5. Click Android Folder when you are in Phone or Device Memory.
  6. Click Obb Folder.
  7. Click Extract Icon of Zarchiver app which looks like a arrow pointing downwards, file will be successfully extracted or decompressed.
  8. To Extract Data File, from step 5 above, click on the FTS 21 Mod FIFA Data file in zip format and go to Android folder, then click Data Folder and Extract by also clicking the Extract icon.
  9. Finally Install FTS 21 Mod FIFA 21 Apk and open the game to start playing.

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  1. The link to donlod data is not valid. Its going to home site. Please check again about the link DATA above.

  2. I have download the fifa 21 file and extracted it to 1.79gb.
    But am still getting the fifa 14 set of players.
    Pls what do I do??

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