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FIFA 20 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data Offline Download Android

Download FIFA 20 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data offline latest version for Android with new stadium, new kits, new season, PS4 camera, Tournament mode and Manager mode with unlimited money.

Yes, it is now available and ready for you to download the new FIFA 2020 Apk Obb Data Mod which works offline on any Android device which is modded from FIFA 2014 Android, runs faster with nice game play, plus full commentary for you to experience real football game on your mobile device.

As you scroll down further, you will get the complete download link for the game Apk, install it on your device easily, more over steps on how to install the game will be provided after the download sections of this post.

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In FIFA 14 Mod FIFA 20 Apk by EA Sports, the control button can be seen clearly and they are fitted to your screen for easy sprinting, shooting, 2nd call together single control button to navigate to any direction and attack you opponents easily.

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Tournament and Manager Mode are fully working better than before, included is also UEFA Champions League database or normal mod database with full player faces.

There are other modes too such as Trophies, Penalty Shootout, Achievements which can be unlocked as you progress in the game.

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The Ultimate Team of FIFA 2020 Mod FIFA 2014 for Android which runs offline as i mentioned earlier above is working perfectly, you just need to select your Team Captain and get started(Play), finally get your reward after winning a match. 

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Features Of FIFA 20 Mod FIFA 14 Offline Android

FIFA 2020 Mod FIFA 14 comes with a better feature than the 2019 Mod of FIFA, below are the list of the features:

FIFA 2020 Mod FIFA 14 Offline Apk Obb Data

  • 2019/2020 league fixtures
  • Full players transfers
  • New database for Tournament and Manager Mode.
  • Manager Mode now working smoothly.
  • New players faces with improved graphics.
  • New updated 2020/2021 full kits.
  • Ultimate Team.
  • Play to unlock in game achievements.
  • Wide PS4 camera view during game play.
  • New Ball and Stadium.

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Download FIFA 20 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data Offline

The link below to download FIFA 2020 Mod FIFA 14 Android Apk obb and data is working, just make sure you are using the best browser to download the file, the files are in Zip format, you will have to use ZArchiver Pro Apk to extract or decompress them.

Obb Data File was compressed to 727 MB, but the original file size is 2.27 GB, For more assistance and updates like my page on Facebook.com

Obb Data (Manager Mode + 2021 Kits + Real Faces Latest Transfers Update)

FIFA 20 Obb Data Real Faces latest update (700 MB)


  FIFA 20 Android Apk Zip (60 MB)

Jump To

How To Install FIFA 2020 Mod Offline Android

Download Zarchiver App to extract Obb Data RAR file


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Frequently Asked Question About FIFA 20 Mod Offline

How To Install FIFA 20 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data

To install FIFA 20 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data is very easy just make sure you have enough storage space on your device, to avoid any errors during extraction or when decompressing the zip file.


Remember To Extract And Install Apk

The steps to install are:

  1. Using Zarchiver Pro Apk go to your downloads folder.
  2. locate and click FIFA 2020 Obb data Rar file
  3. Option menu will come up.
  4. In the options menu click “Extract”.
  5. Navigate or go to Phone Memory or Device Memory. 
  6. Click Extract Icon which looks like arrow pointing downwards. 
  7. Wait till FIFA 2020 Obb Data Rar file is successfully decompressed. 
  8. Finally extract and install FIFA 2020 Apk rar file.

To know if the files are in Android/Obb folder and Data folder. 

Go to Android folder, click obb and look for com.ea.games.fifa14 folder, do same thing by checking data folder which is in Android folder too.

Game Play Screen Shots Of FIFA 20 Mod FIFA 14

In the pictures below, it shows you how the soccer simulation game known has FIFA 2020 Android offline, really looks like when playing with your Android device, check it out:

FIFA 20 Mod FIFA 14 Offline Apk Android

FIFA 20 Mod FIFA 14 Offline Apk Android

Finally from time to time this game will be updated, make sure you like my Facebook page or subscribe to my news letter and receive updates directly to your email.

Frequently Asked Question About FIFA 20 Mod Offline

How can I download commentary in FIFA 20 Mod?

Switch ON your Internet data, open FIFA 20 Android offline, go to Customize tab, click Audio Options, then click Speech and download your preferred commentary language, the commentary file size is 500 MB.

How can i fix download paused wifi disabled?

Click Android folder in phone memory, then click obb folder, check if you can see com.ea.games.fifa14, if it is there, click it and check if the obb file size is up to 1.97 GB or  2 GB, if not up to that size, extract Obb Data rar file above into phone memory and it will automatically go back there.

How can I fix commentary download showing server error?

Go to Customize Tab, and click update squad, then go back and click Audio option then Speech to download commentary file again.

Is Ultimate Team working in FIFA 2020 Android Offline?

No, Ultimate Team works online and requires connection to EA Sports servers, but unfortunately it has been disabled by them. but other features of the game works completely offline.

How can I play Manager Mode smoothly?

To play manager mode smoothly, make sure that transfer players so much, overall it all depends on how your devices can handle the database processes, also simulate till full time if your manager mode lags after a match.

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  1. Reason: You didn’t extract the obb file completely, create enough space on your device and Install again Or message me on Facebook for further assistance.

    1. La mise à jour de la nouvelle baise de données n’est pas bonne frère toutes les faces des joueurs sont ratées il faut corriger ça stp alors que le jeu d’origine a le visage des vrais joueurs mais il y’a pas de ucl ni Europa lueague corrige please

    2. Thank you Guys @ RisTechy , please do you have any football game offline that has 2 players in it ( Example me vs my friend at home) , ?

        1. Please the game just keeps on crashing immediately I click the apk icon….I have extracted everything correctly it just keeps crashing

      1. You have seen the title, FIFA 20 mod of FIFA 14, here i tell you exactly what you are downloading unlike others that just tell you is FIFA 20 offline..

  2. Follow us on Facebook for updates, that’s how it is on every device, you have to enable full screen.. this is 2014 mod as stated above.. black Button is your device.. watch video there’s no such thing, I have not receive black button report recently, transfer is currently going on, dont expect immediate update to be released.

  3. Can the database for international and manage mode work on fifa 19 the one i downloaded from here?

    1. Please I downloaded the game and I did everything according to the video but it’s telling me FIFA20 keeps stopping
      Or is there a particular version of phone it can work for??

  4. Is there a new update yet?.. Based on squad update, players age in manager mode, international teams, tournament nd co???

  5. Did this latest update have commentary inside before i download? And i hope the manager mode isn’t force closing again after first season?

    1. It’s working please, i tested the game before uploading.. send screenshots on Facebook page.. the database file is optional.. likely you didn’t install properly.


  7. In the new tournament it is only Argentina that is there and changing d data base..it is still d same thing..

      1. Is there any possibilities that I can edit my playerst, especially jersey numbers.
        The game is good i enjoy even the music but is it possible that you can take us back to the old music those ones from 2010 world cup like give me freedom and waka waka .

    1. The game is perfect .. I just installed it now .. awesome graphics and everything .. it took me some time to finally make it play .. but it was worth waiting

  8. Plsss during next update the grasses/carpet of the stadium should be many and in the help players should used to explain and not graphics and the keeper should be more good and direction should also be but the game is wonderful we will be the first set to download the updated one first.

  9. All those features where disabled to avoid errors, so play the normal career mode, i don’t have GTA PS3 version only ppsspp version available. game is updated from time to time, better versions are coming stay tuned and kindly follow me on Facebook.

      1. I really love and appreciate the work you are doing, but my only problem is with the manager mode, the scout can’t find players.
        Can something be done about that please?

    1. The app not installing on my phone. After had finished compressing the zar and the main game. It’s so frustrating, what can i do ? My Android version is 8.1 and my internal ram is 1 and internal space is 16 but had only 400 remaining now. Please help / enlighten me

  10. Ristechy, first let me commend you for a job well done. You guys are awesome. Nice updates in teams, players and graphics.

    Please, I need an update of some players. James has not been moved to Man Utd yet. And some other players. Man Utd and some other teams have just two jerseys instead of three. No tournament competitions found. The database file with size 4.4mb works fine but the transfers and appearances are old.

  11. Please in the manager mode all the big teams not working if you pick up like real Madrid or Manchester United in the first Mach the game will stop what is the solution??

    1. They are working, do not make any form of transfers within the manager mode, in other to avoid closing or hanging, try and simulate a particular match till full time and play the next match.

  12. How can i transfer players before enter the manager mode, hope it would be possible, im fan of chelsea and i want just that be like the real thanks a lot bro

  13. My files here don’t have password, check the website you downloaded from, or download the obb data files above, my obb and data files are combined and files are processed personally by me.. send message on Facebook for further assistance.

    1. OK bro but pls ?can you post the data separately from the obb for the next update because of people that might have the obb file before.

      1. Obb and data files are being updated together most times, except when announced that you can only apply update to data files only.. follow me on Facebook for updates..

  14. Nice job bro.but please do I need to also extract the APK or is it also in zip file?
    Secondly, should I install the APK before downloading and extracting the obb and data?

  15. Please can you add top scorer and top assist to the new FIFA 20 database so we can know the top scorer and top assist at the end of every season? I mean in the manager mode. Thank you

  16. Yes, we know of that, this has to be done to stabilise the database, but it doesn’t hang over here, make sure other apps are not opened when playing the game, for the game to process smoothly.

      1. I just wat to suggest that, please the developers should take their time to develop the game well for us to be able to enjoy it well cus there’s a lot of corrections to be done before the game will come out for us to download. I hope the developers will listen thanks

  17. If you are using the latest 2020 version,use the database above, it is a general issue, you are not the only one, but if you have a good device, it doesn’t crash. And others are able to play four seasons without any crash.

  18. This is not for all FIFA mods please, don’t use it on another FIFA mod it will not work,it works only in the version above. If you use it on another mod,i won’t answer you.

  19. Hey,you are doing a great job it’s amazing now am just asking about years in the manager mod I totally know it’s 14 but is there a way to start the manager mod like in 2018 instead of 2013 and please try to add man off the match as well as showing the players who scored when the game is on halt time as well as ending if it’s possible

    1. Mira lo descargue ayer jugué varios partidos y en modo entrenador cuando finaliza el partido se sale de la aplicación y me toca volverlo a jugar no pasa de hay que

  20. the game is super good but im having trouble with downloading comentatory it keeps saying can not establish server connection how can i fix tha

    1. Sir, thank you for this but every time I wants to play tournament, it shows only. Argentina and when I click om it. doesn’t show any club..What can I do Sir

    1. Play with another team, likely you are having device support issues, but try and wait for next 2020 update, like my Facebook page to know when it will be available.

  21. Rzistechy, I know updates are coming…. But I think it would be fantastic if there would be a place that we could see top scores and assist for all league… Thank you

  22. I really appreciate ristechy they are d best but I will like them to update the current 20 big teams database like Chelsea there is no tomori ,no recee James and so on pls try to fix manager mode thank you

  23. There are a lot of things to update in the new data
    1 : how they carry the trophy
    2 : giving players award eg world best
    3 : how to watch your replay

  24. There’s no champions League menu, all is combined in manager mode for now, but you can download pes 2020 ppsspp which has a separate champions League menu.

    1. No, I made some adjustments to the obb and data files, and also changed the apk. Due to false always appearing to scare some people who download the game.

  25. Have you corrected the squad db so that Ajax and Milan are no longer in EPL and other clubs are back to their normal leagues

  26. Z archiver n’arrive pas à bien décompresser les données. Sa affiche vous n’avez peut-être pas acheté l’application

  27. Good morning brother. I have heard a Alot about you. Keep the good work alive. Please I download and followed all your instructions in setting the game up, but the app is telling me application not installed. Please what SHOuld I do?

  28. I like the game and the game play is just ???, however ?
    1. Commentary refused to download reporting as an error that ea servers are down.
    2. The leagues are just disorganised, I use a premier league team when am 2 play against teams like Madrid, AC Milan and all those.
    3. I was just wondering if u could include the player career mode just like in the original fifa 14 offline.
    4. Player likeness is also still very poor. I wish u could make them at least look just like in dream league soccer 2020 obb + data where u can look at a player and identify who he is.

      1. Commentary has finally downloaded, so after updating will I need to re download commentary, and will I also need more free space to update the game?

  29. Pls I will like u to update the Jersey in each club, the players statistics and the teams formations

  30. This game is very nice, am looking forward to enjoy it, I like all the features about it, thank you for uploading this interesting game, it deserves five stars from me☺

  31. Ummm so I’m having problems with my career mode after playing a game finishing it…before it goes back to home the game will freeze…so after that I tried swimming and it didn’t work..came back to your site to check on how to fix it…went back played the game ..it still shows the same error…played the game still shows error..simmed it still shows the same error…could you please help me.. I mean I like the game and all but rn its frustrating me

      1. I checked its 1.97gb in the obb folder…so have you updated the game yet again…will it still crash in manager…I hope not

      1. Have you post the updated version already so I can I redownload it again coz I already downloaded fifa 2020 mod 2014 last week before?

    1. La mise à jour de la nouvelle baise de données n’est pas bonne frère toutes les faces des joueurs sont ratées il faut corriger ça stp alors que le jeu d’origine a le visage des vrais joueurs mais il y’a pas de ucl ni Europa lueague corrige please

  32. Almost all of the players have dybala’s tatoo. Batshuayi has hazard written on his back. If you search for a player, the will appear twice in different teams…. The music is also old…..please fix

  33. Please when will the database file be available. I have to wait until everything is set before I download. Any exact or probable date??

      1. Okay. Thought its needed. Please I wanna know. Does The manager mode now work perfectly well and doesn’t cut after a game.
        Also, is All Star team and Legend team in here? Lastly, can you please help me confirm if Mount and Abraham are in Chelsea and if James is in Man u. Sorry for all these many questions sir. Just answer the ones you can. Thanks in anticipation.

          1. Hello
            I’m Downloading This Version Now
            Is Everything Okay Now Cos I’ve Going Through a lot Of Comments And I’ve Seen A lot of Complaints about it

          2. Check the time frame of the complians, check when the game was updated.. follow me on Facebook for better information.. all complains are attended to.. or you can download from other website and compare.

          1. The recent update does not have the latest transfers, like martinelli and co are not in arsenal

  34. RisTechy, kudos to u.. I really enjoy this game.. I am a game fan.. Everything is really working perfectly.. But bro how would I make the game more difficult because I can defeat everyone… Plssss help!!!! Anything I can download or set up

  35. Get notepad apk
    And search “career” go to career ini
    U will see ticket 999999.999999
    Change the settings to 3.5, 6.5, 9.5 that is all

  36. Send message on my Facebook page or check the game obb size if it is up to 1.94 gb above, by going to Android/obb/com.ea.games.fifa14

    If it is not upto then you need to create additional free space in your device and extract again..

  37. The Game is nice, good graphics and doesn’t force close
    But the game is too easy playing world class and they hardly score a goal unless I let them score

  38. 1.After extracting the Data patch I can’t can’t continue my manager mode any more. When I click then the game will close .

    2. When I pick a team like liver pool when I’m playing the champions league then the game will close

  39. Hi,
    Sorry I don’t have FB so only writing here. My phone recently updated to Android 10 and now the app no longer works. Before it worked 2/10 times now it’s 0/10. I think it maybe because it’s not optimised for Android 10. Would you be able to fix the APK if possible? Thanks

  40. Keep it up bro…
    I like the way you put the database and apk in one zip file… It really help to reduce internet data because I have the three OBB files downloaded already… It gives us option to choose what to download…

    Please I wish you to continue to upload future updates in this format. Thank you once again

    1. I did a video to show you guys steps, have you asked yourself what you did wrong.. did you check obb folder if the files are there?

      Make sure have enough space before installing please.

    1. Ristechy I downloaded everything and someone helped me and extracted the obb file,but when I opened it,it keeps stopping….the game will just close all of a sudden…why is it happening….. please I really need this game

  41. Salut Ristechy, s’il te plait, y a-t-il moyen de nous prévoir FIFA Mobile 20 MOD FIFA 18, ou bien FIFA Mobile 20 MOD FIFA 16

  42. Why is it that’d each time I extract the game it only reaches 1.94 GB I have enough space on my device what should I do for it to be 1.97Gb the goalkeeper Jersey has mixed colours

  43. Hello ristechy, the other obb downloaded but this new one is showing “FILE FOWNLOAD BLOCKED”. Why is this happening and how to resolve it.

  44. Hello Ristechy, this apk’s version and AI graphics looking old style, Can you please change it to previous which is version 2.0.0?
    Also after I installed when opening the game a pop up message is coming “FALSE” and directing me to a website why? Please solve.

  45. Hello Ristechy, Manchester City players name are not said by commentators Why? Please can you include FIFA 20 commentary?

  46. Hi,
    Just wanted to say that you are doing a very good job on this. Especially in last update many bugs has been fixed and it runs smoothly than ever before. Also the player data and teams are perfect. Thanks a lot.

  47. Hi Ristechy Team, this latest update is looking good but funny commentary was added in this obb it’s so funny to play like Jordi Alba’s name is said as Jodi Papa or Papa.
    Thanks and waiting to see next update.
    Good Luck

  48. Have you update the feefa 2020 cos the 1 I download last week is old version C. Rolando still in Madrid with support to be in juve and so many old payer’s are there….. What about ref isn’t there also… I can’t keep waisting my DATA

  49. You just dropped comments without reading the comments of someone above saying the game is good, are messing up things during installation, without data file you won’t get any update, you are messing up the installation, probably you don’t want to download commentary again and again.

  50. Okay i will uninstall older version. But did C. Rolando still in Madrid and the old payer’s also…. If they no there I go download latest version… That’s what I want to no

  51. You didn’t download from this website please, send screenshots, Ronaldo is in juventus if you want screenshots, you are making seems i don’t know what i post, please don’t tell me transfer is not updated..