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FIFA 2021 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data Offline

Download FIFA 2021 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data offline latest version, comes with new season kits, up to date players transfers, best graphics.

FIFA 21 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data is a offline Android soccer game in which you can manage your own virtual football team or play tournament matches and become the champion of the season.

The new FIFA 2021 offline game work very well on most Android device without any glitches, you can play kick off matches where players are more responsive during game play.

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Tournament mode is another exciting features of the FIFA Mobile game which was developed by EA sports, get high number of points and win the season tournament.

(Note that, that will be a separate database file which enables you to play tournament matches, because tournament mode is still in development). 

FIFA 2021 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data OfflineControl buttons has been modified also, you can now easily make use of control touch buttons such as Sprint, 2nd Defence Call, Pass, Switch and shoot, the all align well to your device screen.

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Players have been transferred to there respective clubs and whenever there’s a new or latest player transfers that was done in the real world of football, same thing will be done in FIFA 2021 Apk Obb Data.

New background music has been featured in this new FIFA 21 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb data, you can listing to the music in the background while navigating or making selections within the game before you start your favourite match.

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Commentary is still present in FIFA 2021 Apk, as you can hear the commentator clearly while a particular match is going on, the commentary file for FIFA 2021 Android can be downloaded within the game via Audio Settings.

FIFA 2021 Offline Mod FIFA 14 usually comes with a database file which can be found in data folder of your Android device, the database file contains latest player transfers and connects the apk to obb file in other to also see the latest player kits.

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Radar in FIFA 2021 Mod Apk, let’s you know which position your players are or if you are close to the goal keeper to score easily.

Crowd reaction, they cheer you up when your player is about to score or is performing well on the pitch as this makes the FIFA game for mobile devices look more realistic, just like in real life.

New season 2020/2021 kits for respective clubs have been added, players now have more realistic faces like never before in there new season kits.

Download FIFA 21 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data Offline

In this section of the post, link to download FIFA 21 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data can be seen below, the obb data file is now easy to set up, by extracting it into device or phone memory and wait for the obb data files to automatically go into there respective folders.

Please make sure you follow the steps on how to install below the download links, if you have any other installation issues, kindly message RisTechy on Facebook >> https://facebook.com/ristechy

Download Obb Data 

Download Apk App

Download Zarchiver App To Extract Obb Data In Rar or Zip Format.

How To Install FIFA 2021 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data On Android Device

To install FIFA 21 Mod 14 Apk Obb Data is very easy on RisTechy.com, kindly take your time and follow the steps below and make sure you have enough space in your device to avoid any errors during Extraction of file.

Watch Installation And Game Play Video

Steps to install FIFA 2021 Mod 14 Offline Apk Obb Data are:

  1. Using Zarchiver Apk App.
  2. Locate FIFA 2021 Mod 14 Obb Data Rar or Zip file in downloads folder.
  3. Click on it options menu will pop up.
  4. Click “Extract” of the option menu list.
  5. Immediately navigate or goto Device Memory by clicking /storage/emulated at the top of Zarchiver interface.
  6. A drop down menu will appear to click device memory, then click and wait to follow next step below.
  7. While you stopped at device memory, click “Extract icon” – it looks like a arrow pointing downwards.
  8. Then wait till obb data file is completely extracted upon reaching 100%.
  9. Finally install FIFA 21 Apk or Extract (if file is in zip format).

Note that sometimes the Apk might not be compressed to zip or rar format.

Features Of FIFA 2021 Mod FIFA 14 Offline Apk Obb Data

I know you will be interested in knowing what are the current features of FIFA 2021 Mod FIFA 14 Offline Apk Obb Data which has no human verification process and works fully offline.

Here are the highlighted features below:

  • New player transfers such as Arthur melo to Juventus, Pjanic to Barcelona, Timo Werner, Ziyech to Chelsea.
  • New camera game play style.
  • Improved shaders and textures.
  • Some real player faces ( other faces still in development).
  • Manager Mode.
  • English, Spanish, Italian commentary (can be downloaded within the game using internet data).
  • Works fully offline.
  • New kits for season 2020/2021.
  • Modified control buttons.
  • New Menu
  • Improved CPU with intelligent game play.

FIFA 2021 Games Play Screenshots

FIFA 2021 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data Offline
FIFA 2021 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data Offline
FIFA 2021 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data Offline
FIFA 2021 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data Offline
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    1. It seems its just the same as the last FIFA 20 mod FIFA 14 that u uploaded, nothing apart 4m the view has changed. The player ratings are still the Same, still no Brandon Williams in man utd, even Chelsea still has one 3 kit other two are still 4 yokohama

        1. Please make it full screen for all phones I commented on the 2020 but nothing was done now the 2021 is here it’s still the same please do something about the all

    2. Nah rubhish u do for ur 2021 will no want mob 14 change am kilode will just dey waste sub every months you think say he dey easy… I don download am around 1pm just play final.. You no show highest goal score, best assist, and trophy u no show them I don tired for here self if anybody get another link I can download better FIFA pass this bitch abeg ,🙏🏿 DM me go upgrade what I told u Ris Techy 👂🏿👂🏿👂🏿👂🏿

    3. Bro d game was improved in terms of gameplay weldone, but my problem is why all the update you always update tournament always close down pls that only problem am facing and one more thing i hope manager mode is working well now am using LG G6?

    4. I habr downloaded fifa 2021 on my handset but when I go to manager mode to create a league, the game stops

    5. Hey ristechy, at first I installed it & t was working well but later I uninstalled it accidentally then when I re downloaded it, after the pre season matches & the first match, it freezes. Why is dat?

    6. Hey Ristechy, FIFA 21 is great but
      The game doesn’t fit to phones with screen resolution of 720 x 1600. Pls this should be looked into, the tournament and manager mode are not functional

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