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FIFA 2021 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data Offline

Download FIFA 2021 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data offline latest version, comes with new season kits, up to date players transfers, best graphics.

FIFA 21 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data is a offline Android soccer game in which you can manage your own virtual football team or play tournament matches and become the champion of the season.

The new FIFA 2021 offline game work very well on most Android device without any glitches, you can play kick off matches where players are more responsive during game play.

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Tournament mode is another exciting features of the FIFA Mobile game which was developed by EA sports, get high number of points and win the season tournament.

(Note that, that will be a separate database file which enables you to play tournament matches, because tournament mode is still in development). 

FIFA 2021 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data OfflineControl buttons has been modified also, you can now easily make use of control touch buttons such as Sprint, 2nd Defence Call, Pass, Switch and shoot, the all align well to your device screen.

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Players have been transferred to there respective clubs and whenever there’s a new or latest player transfers that was done in the real world of football, same thing will be done in FIFA 2021 Apk Obb Data.

New background music has been featured in this new FIFA 21 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb data, you can listing to the music in the background while navigating or making selections within the game before you start your favourite match.

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Commentary is still present in FIFA 2021 Apk, as you can hear the commentator clearly while a particular match is going on, the commentary file for FIFA 2021 Android can be downloaded within the game via Audio Settings.

FIFA 2021 Offline Mod FIFA 14 usually comes with a database file which can be found in data folder of your Android device, the database file contains latest player transfers and connects the apk to obb file in other to also see the latest player kits.

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Radar in FIFA 2021 Mod Apk, let’s you know which position your players are or if you are close to the goal keeper to score easily.

Crowd reaction, they cheer you up when your player is about to score or is performing well on the pitch as this makes the FIFA game for mobile devices look more realistic, just like in real life.

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New season 2020/2021 kits for respective clubs have been added, players now have more realistic faces like never before in there new season kits.

Download FIFA 21 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data Offline

In this section of the post, link to download FIFA 21 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data can be seen below, the obb data file is now easy to set up, by extracting it into device or phone memory and wait for the obb data files to automatically go into there respective folders.

Please make sure you follow the steps on how to install below the download links, if you have any other installation issues, kindly message RisTechy on Facebook >> https://facebook.com/ristechy

Obb Data

FIFA 2021 Mod 14 Obb Data file 767 MB

Apk App

FIFA 21 Mod Apk Offline 43 MB

Jump To

How To Install FIFA 21 Apk Obb Data Offline

Commentary File For FIFA 21

Below is the latest commentary data file which is compressed to 500 MB original size is 740 MB. Extract after extracting obb data file above, you must have enough space before extracting this file and it only works with the FIFA 21 Apk above.

Commentary Data File For FIFA 21 452 MB

Extract Commentary File Immediately After Installing The Game, if not it won’t work.

Download Zarchiver App To Extract Obb Data In Rar or Zip Format.

Zarchiver Pro Apk

Jump To

Download Second Edition FIFA 21 Mod Apk Obb Data

How To Install FIFA 2021 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data On Android Device

To install FIFA 21 Mod 14 Apk Obb Data is very easy on RisTechy.com, kindly take your time and follow the steps below and make sure you have enough space in your device to avoid any errors during Extraction of file.

Watch Installation And Game Play Video

Steps to install FIFA 2021 Mod 14 Offline Apk Obb Data are:

  1. Using Zarchiver Apk App.
  2. Locate FIFA 2021 Mod 14 Obb Data Rar or Zip file in downloads folder.
  3. Click on it options menu will pop up.
  4. Click “Extract” of the option menu list.
  5. Immediately navigate or goto Device Memory by clicking /storage/emulated at the top of Zarchiver interface.
  6. A drop down menu will appear to click device memory, then click and wait to follow next step below.
  7. While you stopped at device memory, click “Extract icon” – it looks like a arrow pointing downwards.
  8. Then wait till obb data file is completely extracted upon reaching 100%.
  9. Finally install FIFA 21 Apk or Extract (if file is in zip format).

Note that sometimes the Apk might not be compressed to zip or rar format.

Download Second Edition Of FIFA 2021 Mod 14 Obb Data File

Download second edition of FIFA 2021 Mod Obb data file, which supports manager mode and Tournament Mode, please don’t use database file below for the file above to avoid errors.

Obb Data (Mediafire)

Obb Data FIFA 2021 Mod 14 Rar 816 MB (Mediafire)

Download FIFA Apk App

FIFA 21 Apk (43 MB)

Database Patch File For FIFA 21

Below is the Database patch file for Manager mode and Tournament Mode. Extract same way you extract obb data file by following steps to install FIFA 2021 game below.

Manager Mode Database

Manager Mode Database Patch (2 mb)

Tournament Database Patch

Tournament Mode Database Patch (2 MB)

Features Of FIFA 2021 Mod FIFA 14 Offline Apk Obb Data

I know you will be interested in knowing what are the current features of FIFA 2021 Mod FIFA 14 Offline Apk Obb Data which has no human verification process and works fully offline.

Here are the highlighted features below:

  • New player transfers such as Arthur melo to Juventus, Pjanic to Barcelona, Timo Werner, Ziyech to Chelsea.
  • New camera game play style.
  • Improved shaders and textures.
  • Some real player faces ( other faces still in development).
  • Manager Mode.
  • English, Spanish, Italian commentary (can be downloaded within the game using internet data).
  • Works fully offline.
  • New kits for season 2020/2021.
  • Modified control buttons.
  • New Menu
  • Improved CPU with intelligent game play.

FIFA 2021 Games Play Screenshots

FIFA 2021 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data Offline
FIFA 2021 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data Offline
FIFA 2021 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data Offline
FIFA 2021 Mod FIFA 14 Apk Obb Data Offline

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  1. Arnold says

    It seems its just the same as the last FIFA 20 mod FIFA 14 that u uploaded, nothing apart 4m the view has changed. The player ratings are still the Same, still no Brandon Williams in man utd, even Chelsea still has one 3 kit other two are still 4 yokohama

    1. RisTechy says

      Update coming, that’s why i delayed the release initially.

      1. Bolaji says

        Please make it full screen for all phones I commented on the 2020 but nothing was done now the 2021 is here it’s still the same please do something about the all

      2. Imjung says

        Dude, I can’t download the speech .. uhmm, how

  2. Young eassy says

    Nah rubhish u do for ur 2021 will no want mob 14 change am kilode will just dey waste sub every months you think say he dey easy… I don download am around 1pm just play final.. You no show highest goal score, best assist, and trophy u no show them I don tired for here self if anybody get another link I can download better FIFA pass this bitch abeg ,?? DM me go upgrade what I told u Ris Techy ????????

    1. RisTechy says

      Just wait for online version which is FIFA mobile.

  3. Ibrahim says

    Bro d game was improved in terms of gameplay weldone, but my problem is why all the update you always update tournament always close down pls that only problem am facing and one more thing i hope manager mode is working well now am using LG G6?

    1. RisTechy says

      It is a general issue, tournament is not available in all modes.

  4. Astonchitalu8 says

    when is update commimg sir

    1. RisTechy says

      Coming soon.

  5. Henry says

    The manager mode was working but recently after playing a match,the app will just stop

    1. Godfred says

      Thesame thing I’m facing here

  6. Kingsark says

    I habr downloaded fifa 2021 on my handset but when I go to manager mode to create a league, the game stops

    1. RisTechy says

      Play with another team please.

    2. Emma says

      Please the game refused to extract finish, it kept on showing corrupt archive once it reached 73℅
      Please reply quick, I love your mods tho

      1. RisTechy says

        Your browser corrupted the file during download or you are trying to Extract into sd card

        1. Emma says

          Pls what should I do since my browser corrupted the download, I tried repairing it, but it didn’t work

  7. Arnold says

    Hey ristechy, at first I installed it & t was working well but later I uninstalled it accidentally then when I re downloaded it, after the pre season matches & the first match, it freezes. Why is dat?

    1. RisTechy says

      Skip pre season match or play with another team

  8. Aston says

    Have u updated the game sir?

    1. RisTechy says

      Yes.. but more updates still coming.

  9. Joseph Owen says

    Hey Ristechy, FIFA 21 is great but
    The game doesn’t fit to phones with screen resolution of 720 x 1600. Pls this should be looked into, the tournament and manager mode are not functional

    1. RisTechy says


      1. Elisha says

        Please try add local multiplayer and classic celebration no mata the size I go download am, even though e go need data to unlock some things just like the commentary at least put something

  10. Aston says

    This is cool and try to make the game more slower. I like your games sir

  11. Alpha says

    please could you optimize for Android 10; because specifically Aston villa & Everton crash the game instantly, unfortunately it is unavoidable if you ever encounter these teams in manager mode. pls note i only encounter this problem on “Android 10”

    1. RisTechy says

      Wait for upcoming updates.

  12. Elijah Owhonda says

    Ristechy pls this fifa21 is too big and also try to update the Chelsea kit and also no brandon williams no mengi no mensah why ……?

    1. RisTechy says

      New file was uploaded today.

  13. Promise says

    Ristechy please you should try and make this game fullscreen for all android because am using techno spark 4 and when I want to play this game the screen usually cut like imagine how long my phone is it will cut living lots of blank space and that makes me really angry

    1. RisTechy says

      Send screenshots on my Facebook page inbox

  14. Promise says

    Ok but try and work on that

  15. Okafor says

    Ristechy the way you have increased the the obb file from 800mb to 1.22 GB I hope it is full screen for all Android

    1. RisTechy says

      I will reduce it back, i am not close to the software that compress the files.

  16. Mike ND says

    RisTechy pls make your FIFA games more challenging with more intelligent game AI, and world class and professional mode are not challenging. And I will like to commmend you on the good job you are doing with the games in your website.

    1. RisTechy says

      Ok.. I upload challenging data file.

  17. Alpha says

    Lol… ristecy you put a dream league obb file in the fifa14 zip. But since I’ve downloaded it where’s the dream league Apk, so i can download

  18. Cosy says

    RisTechy good work guy(s) you are wonderful but pls in your next update, let Pes2020 mod FIFA tournaments mode be working. Pes2020 mod Is the best mod you worked on however, it is annoying to see you added world cup tournament but couldn’t play.

    This is my rate after played Pes2020 mod FIFA:

    * Tournaments mode %0 – It crashes every damn time! If you could let tournament works most especially FIFA world cup tournament, it will be a popular demand.

    * Stadiums %100 – (outstanding with the ps4 outlook most especially when the camera is dynamic, camera height 4, camera zoom 5 ). Different and very beautiful and colouful stadiums! In your next update, I suggest you don’t change it.

    * Commentary %50 – (It only mentions very few player names but very lively as it captures every activity going on the pitch).

    * Player graphics %85 – (Many players look very real facially to real life players but some don’t look like very few players’ hair are not fully developed too).

    * Replay mode %30 – The replay mode only works when playing quick games but while playing manager mode and you are trying to save to replay a nice goal scored, it will crash & is very annoying. Kindly work on that

    Overall, is the best game I ever played

  19. Mike ND says

    Ristechy when you release your next FIFA update, please
    Upgrade the overall rating of players like pirlo, xavi, iniesta, robben, ribery, robinho, drogba, and make Adriano & juninho’s age younger (their overall rating is good but their age is too old) also I want to be able to buy pele,kaka, romario,veron in manager career mode like the way I buy other legend players. And upgrade messi’s overall rating to be as high as C.Ronaldo. Ristechy I will like to hear your reply.

    1. s'man says

      That’s true ristechy, pls listen to this guy complain!

      1. RisTechy says


  20. Nnanna says

    Is van dijks’ hair bug fixed

    1. Alpha says

      I’ve downloaded and checked all Liverpool player’s are fixed, except origi, ox and Gomez

  21. Triks says

    Abeg try to improve the hairstyles of players in the next update, the skin cut u give them is not attractive.

    I like what you are doing Sha, it’s very good.
    Keep it up
    Also, change Daniel james’s boots to a bright color, preferably white. Thank you

    1. RisTechy says

      Ok, it will be improved

      1. Triks says

        Thank you very much!
        I’m a fan

        And also especially upcoming stars, thanks

  22. Harry silv says

    Pls compress ur psp game to smaller size it is too large to download pes 2021 FIFA and other pls compress them to smaller size plsss

    1. RisTechy says

      That’s the highest i can compress

      1. Harry silv says

        Plsss we need lastest transfer FIFA 2021 update and full screen size while playing because we all notice dat the game display in picture mode on our new Android phone e.g infinix s5 etc..and when are we expecting the update and full screen size problem fixed.

  23. Rizkhan says

    Hi Ristechy, please can you make a option to play “local multiplayer” through Wi-Fi?

  24. Elijah Owhonda says

    Pls ristechy Greenwood now wears No.11 , pls put that in ur next update and also brandon williams make her ia available with his OVR high , like 81 pls do this okay ???????? thanks and full screen ???????

  25. Alpha says

    please will there be an update soon ?, it’s been almost one month, and this is one of your most popular games.

  26. Promise says

    Ristechy is your FIFA 2021 finally full screen for all android because i want to start downloading and I need a response immediately

  27. Rizkhan says

    Hi Ristechy, How to play local multiplayer? Please solve!!

  28. Emmanuel says

    Ristechy, Ronaldo use left foot to play freekicks instead of right foot. Please in the next update let the error be corrected

  29. Ian Ke says

    Hey ristechy will the update support tournaments …. And will it be inform of an apk or obb

    1. RisTechy says

      There won’t be tournament.

  30. Tom says

    Please when should we expect a db update with all the new tranfers that happened after this one like thiago Silvia to Chelsea
    Please upload the db downloading everything over again because of the transfers seems counterproductive
    Thank you for the good work you do

  31. Peter says

    Ristchy,this game is ? the updates are better now ,when are you likely updating to the latest transfer window
    because alot of players need those updates ,we will kindly appreciate for that

    1. RisTechy says

      Update coming soon.

      1. Tino Ice says

        Thanks sir

  32. Triks says

    Is there a new update?

  33. Rizkhan says

    Hi Ristechy, your games are better. Also please increase player ratings as in “FIFA 21”
    If you can make an option to play local multiplayer!!

  34. nestro says

    Please i have downloaded the files through ucbroswer but when i try to extract it’s show archive successful decompress

  35. Faruq says

    Please sir
    After I finished download and install it
    I want unable to play the game
    Bring it that I need to download configuration something
    I don’t understand
    Please help me out

  36. Faruq says

    Please sir
    After I finished download and install it
    I was unable to play it
    Bring it that I still need to download configuration something I don’t understand
    Please help me out

    1. RisTechy says

      Please watch installation video within the post or visit my YouTube channel https://YouTube.com/ristechy

  37. Triks says

    Please o, don’t b angry
    I loveee what you are doing o I even come here everyday to check 4 updates 4 dat matter and that’s why I gotta tell u d truth……

    The latest update is total trash!!!!
    Gameplay full of impossibilities,
    Everton and Aston Villa are crashing the game,
    Manchester United jerseys still suck, Manchester United’s rashford and Daniel James boots are still black,
    Youngsters like gilmour, Brandon williams, Esposito and many more still have hair bugs,
    Bellingham has beards, which is not supposed to be,
    Suarez is in juve, which is not supposed to be,
    And many more

    Pls try to adjust these faults and also, Manchester United uses black socks, not white

    Try to make these right please
    I’d even like you to do a fresh mod, like use a fresh fifa 14 for the mod cause I’m sure that’s what is affecting the game play

    Please, I beg you
    I love your games
    Especially this fifa but I am loosing interest because of this latest update

    Try to settle down, then give us a blast!!!

    Muchos gracias!

    1. Victor says

      This is very true. Pls. Ristechy, when will the newest update be available. We are waiting. Always checking here for the updated mod. Meanwhile thumbs up to your work here sir. But pls. Improve on all major teams and players across Europe’s top five leagues sir.

      1. RisTechy says

        Ok. Updated.

  38. Joel says

    Hii please why have been playing the game a d I really enjoy it why, but now my current career mood is not playing again it returns to my phone home page when ever I click on start… And have gone a long way to start again please why can be done

    1. RisTechy says

      Download latest updates.

      1. Triks says

        Is lamptey in Brighton?

        Hope he doesn’t have hair bugs

  39. Passova says

    Good job but try as much as possible to put dia correct Age….

  40. Cengiz says

    Hi Ristechy,

    Thanks a lot for uploading the new update – this it’s great and player ratings seem to have improved.

    The only issue I noticed is that some logos and team names to not align. For example, Atletico Madrid has Atletico logo but it says “Celta Vigo”.

    Also can you please let me know whether I should update the squads within the game itself or would it correct/reverse the database.

    Thanks again – really good work.

    1. RisTechy says

      You don’t need to update the squad.. just for subsequent updates.

      1. Triks says

        When is the next update coming out?

  41. Meezy says

    What’s poppin man
    I like Ur game it’s great but
    i have some idea my idea was u can put some direction when u want 2 make a pass,through ball,shoot just like PES did would be great and make update in training Hop U can do it !!!

    1. Triks says

      I don’t think it’s possible fam

      Fifa 14 doesn’t have it

  42. Triks says

    Oh lawd??

    Ristechy wants to drive me o

    Me that was complaining about the previous update, this latest one is worse

  43. Paul says

    Hey i updated my squad now the game can’t play it just keeps on crushing

    1. RisTechy says

      Reinstall again

  44. Promise says

    Ristechy when ever you are updating this game you won’t make it fullscreen for all android infact I have tire for you you just dey make person vess

  45. Nnanna says

    I really don’t understand. You said to download the commentary within the game and now you put up a commentary data file to download from your site.
    How do we set this new one up?
    Is it the same with the old one?

  46. Santos says

    In the next update, it makes opponents more difficult! It also makes the goalkeeper more difficult to score. There are teams that are very easy to beat, even in the international sport. There are players who are still in the old club, the transfer is not 100% updated.

    1. A A shariff says

      Job well done sir.pls sir in the next update try and make your game more hard n difficult so that one can put more effort b4 scoring

      1. RisTechy says

        Ok.. it will be improved.

      2. Triks says

        How much more effort do u want us to put?

        It was very hard from semi pro to the extent that players do not follow controls, aguero, ronaldo, Messi and d rest look like 60 rated players on goal, de gea looks like a log while on goal for you while he has spider sense when keeping against you, the ball makes impossible movements just to favor your opponents……

        Ahh, what kind of effort re u looking for again???

        Abi we re not playing the same game?????

  47. Ekpolo Komeno says

    I love your site for game download but the 2021 update you still need to work on it the manager mode still does not get through after few games and some players they have some errors with their hair please make another update thats works properly

    1. RisTechy says

      Update coming soon..

  48. Samuel says

    I don’t like the hair styles given to players even some players don’t look like their original self

    1. RisTechy says

      It will be fixed, wait for updates

      1. Mary says

        Again please sir the manager mode is not fun enough to play, please please please, understand with me, i really love fifa as a game, just make the game very challenging, it’s below average, they re too easy to beat and the cannot win any much thank you sir

  49. Chris says

    Hello Ristechy, pls make the opponents (CPU) challenging irrespective of their teams or players(ovr) in your update after the transfer window closes. Also, do search and visit this site on Google. https://WWW.TRANSFERMARKT.COM. Information in this site will improve core areas in your game. Areas like creating of young talents(in FIFA 20 I was surprised to see Nmecha (mancity) but didn’t see players like Soucek(westham),Gilmour(Chelsea),podence(wolves),lamptey(Brighton) now we have Dest,Pedri (Barcelona),Cornolly(Brighton),Delap(mancity) and so on; current teams squad, transfers,line-ups & sub,players current and correct;names,jersey num,age,foot used,looks(pic). All this info you can get from that site above. Pls do visit to clear your doubts and avoid creating crash teams. You will agree with me that your game is good but you can make it better this time. Also remember to also organise international teams. I will only download the game after the transfer window.Maybe late October or early November. Pls. calm down and do a better job. I will comment later. Thanks.

  50. Mary says

    Please oo…all the teams are putting on long sleeve as a jersey i don’t understand, no team in Europe wears long sleeve as football kit please work on that

    1. RisTechy says


  51. Rizkhan says

    How to extract commentary?

  52. Triks says

    Pls let the keepers keep up to their ratings, it should not be because I’m playing world class my goal keeper of 88 over would be like a log (kepa, lol) while opponent goal keepers of 75 ovr or less would be like Spiderman in goal!!!!….

    Pls look into it because I don’t see where I’ll have 15 shots, 13 on target but I’ll score only one but my opponent would have only one shot on target and would sore it, check the goal angle, if you even try it their keeper would not even dive

    Pls balance the game play, it seems unfair, arigato!

  53. Nnanna says

    Please when is Fifa 21 mod 14 update coming

  54. Nnanna says

    Is the uploaded commentary working fine???
    Pls reply…..

  55. Triks says

    Pls I’m anticipating the next update o

    Pls work on Manchester United’s kits na, we use black socks on our home kit,
    The away kit presently is different from the one we actually use
    Pls look into it

    Then the gameplay,

    The players sometimes do not follow the controls and it’s really really annoying
    I’ll b marking, my player on getting to where opponent player(s) are, would either run past Dem or slow down, I don’t know y it’s like that o……but if u re trying to break their defence, they just zap in from nowhere,

    All those people telling you to make it harder an stuffs like dat,

    Just b Makin u spoil a great innovation with bad gameplay, mthew

    Abeg balance the gameplay, all those impossible ball movements should be looked at, where u would be marking and the ball keeps going back to your opponents, then they would take the ball near throw, before your player would realize he has to take the ball off the opponent player’s legs giving them a throw

    Pls balance the gameplay
    So that if they win me, I’ll know that they actually won, not because of bad gameplay


  56. Mary says

    I can see your very greedy and cannot wait for original developer to finish their work before you copy them to your blog, instead u edit rubbish everytime and post here to waste people money, how can you post such a useless patch for people to download in the name of fifa2021, i stop downloading from your site many years ago bcuz i discover u always post useless app call games for people to download, i don’t know what promt me to download here today, thank u for making me to waste my data on that useless patch u call fifa2021, i will never download from this usless blog again…i wish i can prompt others

    1. Alpha says

      are you or anyone paying him for the patch?, did he force you to download it?, i didn’t think so

  57. Rizkhan says

    Hi Ristechy, how to extract commentary file? Please include steps.

  58. Santos says

    E fico esperando vocês se atualizarem para eu poder jogar, esperei todo esse tempo por nada! Como a atualização nunca muda, estou realmente muito decepcionado com esta página. Você nem tenta trazer algo que realmente funcione, e você nem verifica se está tudo certo! Decepção … É o jeito que olho para outro lugar !!!

  59. Wisdom Shedrack says

    The app crashes every now and then ??
    It doesn’t even get past the intro screen and then it shuts down!


    1. RisTechy says

      If you don’t have enough space in your device it will Crash.

  60. Ekpolo Komeno says

    How can i update to your recent update without going all the way to download and start all the process again and please is there recent update with cavani and alex telles in manu

    1. RisTechy says

      Uninstall older version and install latest version.

  61. Alpha says

    i love the new update, it’s very good, but the faces and hair still need update, and the gameplay is too fast. besides this, keep up the good work

  62. Alpha says

    i love the new update, it’s very good, but the faces and hair still need update, and the gameplay is too fast. besides this, keep up the good work.

    1. Triks says

      Recent updates?

      1. Alpha says

        yes, it’s okay to download

  63. Triks says

    Hope u worked on Manchester United kits??

    Somebody that has downloaded latest version should please tell me?

  64. Harry silv says

    This new update what are the new features in this update I need to know before downloading pls

    1. Alpha says

      latest transfers, new kits, better ratings

  65. Harry silv says

    Have the new signing on manchester united be added…

    1. Alpha says


  66. Harry silv says

    If yes how can I download the new update I’m I going to download the full game again…

  67. Elisha says

    Please try add local multiplayer and classic celebration no mata the size I go download am, even though e go need data to unlock some things just like the commentary at least put something

    1. Triks says

      Not possible

  68. Triks says

    The latest update was lit
    The transfers were accurate
    And u finally changed Manchester United jerseys, thanks

    Almost all my fav players were defiled with a skin cut, pellistri was dark, den lamptey was light skinned, with skin cut….

    I need a new update, give them nice hair pls

    Then a little about man United’s 3rd kit, it’s white shorts thank you

    And manager mode with premier league teams keep crashing, look into it

    And don’t change the background o, I mean the part where you select kick off, tournament, and d likes, it’s lit d way it is

    Thank you

    1. Timilehin says

      Especially when playing against Everton☹️

      1. RisTechy says

        Wait for updates..

  69. Coffie Cee Jay says

    I extracted the commentary after extracting the obb file but when I opened the game there was no commentary

  70. Coffie Cee Jay says

    The tournament mode keeps crashing

  71. Harry silv says

    Ristechy u are d best ur work are always amazing u never let us gamers down with ur FIFA game please keep d good work up..and please the manager mode after playing with Manchester United twice keep crashing even if u try stimulating it, it’s also crashing please work on it we love ur work please.

  72. Rizkhan says

    How to extract the latest commentary file? Please include steps in this page itself? When extracting it asks me to replace or skip file, please include steps to extract commentary?

  73. Promise says

    The person that said ristechy to make this game more harder is a fool ristechy please try and make this game more easier in the next update because a game can’t be in beginner’s and be that hard please try and make this game more easier

    1. Alpha says

      all keepers have turned into Manuel neuer

  74. Theo Solomon says

    Why….don’t have African Club I mean Orlando Pirate and Kaizer Chiefs

    1. RisTechy says

      Not yet added.

      1. Theo Solomon says


    2. Triks says

      There is kaizer Chiefs

  75. Triks says

    I wanted you to use the formations that are in ultimate team, for the main game too

    It looks better than the normal one

    Also if you play the only match available in ultimate team, they have where you could see match events, like goal scorers and the time they scored, yellow cards and all

    I don’t know if you can add that to the main game?

  76. Mukhtar aka DDON says

    Ristechy you should please do something about the difficulty level of the game, some of us already mastered it, come up with another challenge, We love the game!

    1. Alpha says


  77. 95 Tilinfinity says

    Why is Manager mode not working ..with the Tournament File?? I played one match Of the Manager Mode and the Game Froze.. maybe because of the Tournament file.am not sure .Please FIX THIS!!

    1. RisTechy says

      In this case i will have to release a separate manager mode file..

  78. Darmie says

    Is this new update like the previous one or different?? Coz I don’t really c any difference there

  79. Taylor says

    Please Manager mode is not working!!!!.
    Feels like a waste of data. Please fix this soon. Thanks.

    1. RisTechy says

      Use manager mode database only for manager mode and tournament database for tournament mode only.

  80. Adeoye Ayobami says

    Please my phone is android 6.0, will it work

    1. RisTechy says


  81. Oldschool says

    Ristechy, you really really doing a great job, kudos to you God will continue to strengthen you

  82. Oldschool says

    Please one more thing Fernandez of man utd have hair in real life but in ur game he skin his hair and why is it that manager mode is always crashing? Pls work on that, and I want to advise you and beg you please make this fifa2021 more fun I mean let us be Playing it with friends via bluetooth or hotspot connection like xender connection

    1. RisTechy says

      If you use tournament database manager mode won’t work, so choose between manager mode and tournament database.

  83. Oldschool says

    That downloaded link of fifa2021 apk+obb+data is not working, pls notify us when new updates is released

    1. RisTechy says

      Link is working please.

  84. Nana says

    Please the downloading isn’t working it always appears connection error.what should I do please?

    1. RisTechy says

      Check your network or use another browser.

  85. Jizzy says

    Why is my FIFA 21 saying download failed because you may have not purchased this game

    1. RisTechy says

      Kindly watch Installation video above or just extract the file into your phone internal memory or stop at internal memory and extract.

  86. Matip says

    i downloaded the game but when I was unzipping, the obb files didn’t unzip claiming it’s corrupt..is there a way I can get the obb file alone please..one which ain’t corrupt

    1. RisTechy says

      Your browser corrupted the file during download, which may be due to slow network.

  87. Matip says

    it hurts that I downloaded the same file thrice…can’t I just get like the obb zipped file alone… isn’t there a way u could just avail me the obb file..because I used both chrome and opera mini..same results

  88. Oladipupo says

    Must i download the second edition together with the first one

  89. Malik says

    Is working perfectly follow the instructions

  90. emmy says

    Plzz is de manager mode workin fyn nw…cus it use to crash wen i was still playin de former version….dnt knw if dey hve fixed it…or is it bcus m usin man u as my team….plzz wanna knw cus i dnt wanna waste my data again….cus i hve downloaded de former verson back den lyk 3tyms…..

    1. RisTechy says

      Second edition was updated recently.

  91. emmy says

    Waitooo why m i not seein dier rashford nd others….why m i seein old man united players lyk rooney ferdinand nd de rest…..why is it so oo plzz ah need explanationoo

  92. Emmanuel says

    Dat new edition y cnt u mk it to b multi-player, dat wil mk DE difference

  93. Bee jay says

    The game is awesome, lot of great soundtracks you inputed and I love everything about the game, just the problems with the Volta football and we can’t see highest goal scorers and other stats, pls try to add awards to d game… All in one, it’s a really fun game

  94. chukwuemeka felix says

    Have you updated players transfer this season

  95. Surrez says

    What’s the difference between first edition and second edition

  96. Godfred says

    Why if Im playing serie A manager mode it stops when I finished playing with Lazio and refuses to continue again

  97. Arnold says

    Now if u updated those files on mar 1, wc one is the latest file

  98. Nnanna says

    Can I download the commentary for the second edition??

  99. Ekpolo Komeno says

    Ahamed diallo still not in manu squad

  100. Ekpolo Komeno says

    Ahamed diallo is not among the manu squad

  101. Arnold says

    But Ristechy, y dont u always update one file, or atleast remove all the old files once u upload a new update. Now i want 2 download ur latest update but I dont even know whether its the first file or da second edition that u updated on 1st April.

  102. Adetoro Ibukun says

    Bro..why u no update FIFA 22 again na..

  103. Ekpolo Komeno says

    You should have just updated the players to their various club like Messi to psg and varane to manu and the others in the fifa 2022 because it playsmore better than the 360 rotation of a player

  104. Clinton says

    Please ristechy am playing the game both the manager mode and the competition doesn’t save ….it tells me that it cannot be saved that I should have space in my device meanwhile there is enough space in my device Please what’s the problem

    1. RisTechy says

      Free more space and try again.

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