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Champion of The Fields 2021 (COF) Apk + Obb Download

Download Champion Of The Fields 2021 0.101.1 Apk + Obb, which is another soccer game that can be played on all Android device.

Football games have become the most popular sporting event across the world with the rise of users searching for the best soccer games for there Android device.

Champion of The Fields is another unique soccer game for your mobile device, with best and quality graphics which let’s you enjoy real game play.

Players in Champion Of The Fields 2019 appear like other real players in the real world, they have ability to dribble and pass there opponents.

There are different leagues to select and play in the latest champions of field 2019, leagues such as champion League, Premier League etc.

You can also build your Ultimate Team with Champion of The Fields, recruit players to join your team, take your team to the top of the leagues.

There’s Player Vs Player(PvP) feature in COF  2021 Apk + obb, this means you can play against another player who is in another country live and direct.

You can show your team players talent buy scoring with different skills available in Champions of The Fields for Android Mobile.

[appbox googleplay com.netease.lyzdna]

All players available in the game are FIFAPro licensed which makes it to be free and available to use without any limitations and also have access to unlimited world class players around the world.

The control buttons are very easy to use, as they appear boldly on your device which makes it more easier to tap during game play.

Further more the control buttons have functionality such as Sprint, Through (Through Pass), Normal Passing, Shoot and then Analogue Control Button to move players round the football field similar to the ones in Fifa 19 Mobile Offline, PES 2019 Mobile, FIFA 19 Soccer online.

New stadium are available with breath taking graphics, green grass, crowd cheers just like in real life, logos and banners etc.

In summary Champion Of The Field 2021 Apk have close similarities with Super Soccer 2019 Apk, even though the Mod version is still in development.

Download Champion Of The Fields 2021 Apk + Obb Full Version

Follow the link below to download your favorite Champion Of The Field 2021 + Obb easily.

Game Play Mode: Online

Obb File

Champion Of The Fields 0.101.1 Apk   

Apk file

Champion Of The Fields 0.101.1 Apk   

You will need Zarchiver App or any other ZIP file extractor to extract the Obb ZIP file.

Download Zarchiver Pro Apk  

Note: This is a Online Game, Internet Data is required to run the game.

How To Install Champion Of The Fields Apk + Obb File

To install Champions Of The Fields is very easy just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Install ZArchiver App and open it to locate Obb COF 2021 rar file in downloads folder.
  2. Click on the COF Obb rar file.
  3. Options menu comes up, click “Extract” and Go to Device or phone or internal memory.
  4. You will see Android Folder, click on it.
  5. While in Android folder click obb folder.
  6. Now click Extract icon which looks a arrow pointing downwards to begin Extracting rar file into obb folder.
  7. Finally Install COF Latest Apk app, switch on Internet Connection and open Champion Of The Fields Football game.

Game Play And Installation Video

Skip to towards the end of the video to watch the steps to install Champion Of The Fields 2021.

  1. gomez says

    both of file is apk not obb? please check.

    1. RisTechy says

      Sorry about that please wait or check back, i am fixing it in a moment.

    2. RisTechy says

      Link fixed, thank you for pointing it out.

      1. Ibrahim Babatunde says

        Is the game offline?

        1. RisTechy says


    3. Ebuwizzy says

      Pls how do you minimize. country I selected China according to the hotspot shield VPN usage guidelines. my country is Nigeria I extracted the game successfully but after loading something’s it then says to enjoy better content CONFIRM after tapping CONFIRM it takes u to playstore and it says this app is not available in ur country. Upon all I selected japan

      1. RisTechy says

        Wait for update..

  2. Qwesi Selassie says

    Please online or offline please

    1. RisTechy says

      It is written above, where i state it is online game.

  3. Trideva chatterjee says

    Hey I used zarchiver and zarchiver pro to extract the obb file file but I failed several times………. can you guys help mee……..I am unable to extract the obb file

    1. RisTechy says

      You don’t have enough space. Make sure you have enough space.

    2. Nana Kwasi says

      Nice work guys

  4. Michael says

    When I get to the game it has Japanese text then it send me to the play store

    1. RisTechy says

      you didn’t put the data in the right folder likely.

  5. Shaaban says

    Why doesn’t ask me to download additional data on playstore

    1. RisTechy says

      Move all the obb file to internal memory.

  6. Arjun Raj says

    Showing test finished

    1. RisTechy says

      Yes, just wait for some time, we are waiting for global release. Click on the image above it will take you to play store and you will see that it is the latest version.

  7. Rick says

    Showing text finished then nothing

  8. Abiodun says

    Just saying text finished instead of going through.

    1. RisTechy says

      Sorry we are Waiting for global release.. if there is any update..i will post It above.

    2. RisTechy says

      You can now open the game Using hotspot shield VPN available for download on this website.

  9. Arjun Raj says

    The game is not loading

    1. RisTechy says

      Updated use a VPN read how To install above.

  10. Arjun Raj says

    Then also it is not loading

    1. RisTechy says

      Using the VPN?

  11. Arjun Raj says

    Which vpn

    1. RisTechy says

      Read how to install above.

  12. Arjun Raj says

    Using vpn also it is not loading

    1. RisTechy says

      Ok.. you cant enter the game at all?

  13. Arjun Raj says

    Hotspot shield vpn

  14. Arjun Raj says


    1. RisTechy says

      I think there (Net Ease) server is giving issues, you can try the official pes Mobile 2019 available on this website.

  15. Arjun Raj says

    I want to play champion of the fields

    1. RisTechy says

      Keep trying, because i was able to login to the game after connecting the VPN. Make sure you also have Google play games, or you play as a guest.

      On the other hand, i will try and get more solutions to play the game easily.

  16. Arjun Raj says

    Please provide me solutions

    1. RisTechy says

      When there is i will provide and update the post.

  17. Arjun Raj says


    1. Meteo says

      Bro I already have zarchiever so
      It need download again?

  18. Sheby05 says

    Hi,am Shaban just downloaded the game but when I open it to start the training it doesn’t finish loading can u help please I have been seeing videos of this game am disparately to play this game

    1. RisTechy says

      I will release update soon, i am trying to get the older version to see if it works. I will update you guys in a moment.

  19. Surrez says

    Why the game request for Update and I tried it playstore it said it not available in my country

    1. RisTechy says

      I will check for updates and post.

  20. Ibou says

    I leave in Sénégal,west Africa and this game is not available. Am installing the hotspot vpn ans am chosing Japan and is not going

    1. RisTechy says

      The one above is working it is the latest version, did you download from this website?

  21. Timothy says

    can I hack it to be offline?

    1. RisTechy says

      Not possible to make it offline.

  22. Daniel Batson says

    Hey guys, love what you’re doing here but I’m a bit stuck on downloading the COF apk from the link you provided. Whenever i try to download from your link,it only downloads a 2kb file. Please help, thank you.

    1. RisTechy says

      Please use UC browser to download.

  23. Adeoye Ayobami says

    It keep showing “delete resource file” something like that. What’ll I do

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