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WWE 2k20 PPSSPP – PSP Apk Iso Download For Android

Download WWE 2k20 Iso for PPSSPP – PSP Emulator Apk together with Texture and Save Data file that contains roster updates, can be played on Android device easily, without using external game controllers or console device.

WWE 2k20 PPSSPP – PSP Iso is a wrestling simulation game that works on PSP Emulator Apk app for Android device, where you can use your favorite WWE superstar to compete with a fellow WWE superstar who is an opponent to win a particular scheduled match starting with One on One mode etc.

The Tag Teams division in WWE 2k20 PPSSPP Iso is working smoothly without any lagging. In tag teams division there is two man tag team, three man tag teams and six man tag teams.

Real Pay Per View competition where also featured in WWE 2k20 PPSSPP – PSP Apk Iso, the most common ones are Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, TLC matches (Tables Ladders Chair), WrestleMania etc.

You can also choose Arenas under WWE Brand such as 205 live, NXT, Smack down arenas, without much issues, it depends on anyone that you like.

WWE 2k20 PPSSPP - PSP Iso Apk

Signature and finishers move of all wrestlers are up to date you can use them when fighting with your opponent by combining the right buttons to initiate each moves.

Wrestlers in WWE 2020 PPSSPP – PSP Apk Iso have real faces, real entrance scene and theme music just like how you watch the live show on TV or stream online.

Commentary in WWE 2020 PPSSPP – PSP Iso Save Data and textures is very loud and clear, which makes the wrestling game to look so realistic, like the way you see it sound in real life.

During a wrestling match you have the ability to grab and use table, chair, ladder or any other related item been used to hit a wrestler during a match.

Download WWE PPSSPP – PSP Iso Save Data And Textures

Ways in which you can download and set up WWE 2k20 iso for PPSSPP emulator has changed, Iso file has been decompiled into a Folder, PPSSPP – PSP Emulator App can still read and process the decompiled iso and the game will still run smoothly.

WWE 2k20 Iso Save Data And Texture

WWE 2k20 Iso Save Data Texture (500 MB)

Download WWE 2k20 With Many Super Stars

Note that this is a heavy file with original size of 3.02 GB now compressed to 2.23 GB, make sure you have enough space in your device, if possible directly download to SDcard, then extract into phone memory, then locate iso file in PSP folder and move to SDcard.

WWE 2k20 Iso Save Data Texture (2.23 GB)


Files Required to Setup WWE PPSSPP

Zarchiver App Apk To Extract

PPSSPP Emulator Apk  

How To Install WWE 2k20 PPSSPP – PSP Iso Save Data Texture Files

Method to install WWE 2k20 PPSSPP – PSP Iso save data and texture files have changed, but i have made it easier to for you to install this games easily without facing any problem, just simply follow every steps written down below or watch installation video.

Steps to install WWE 2k20 PPSSPP – PSP are:

  1. Install or open Zarchiver App.
  2. Use it to locate WWE 2k20 PPSSPP Rar file, click on click on the rar file. How To Install WWE 2k20 PPSSPP Iso Step 2
  3. Options menu will come up and click extract. How To Install WWE 2k20 PPSSPP Iso Step 3
  4. Click on the name of your download folder at the top of Zarchiver app interface. How To Install WWE 2k20 PPSSPP Iso Step 4
  5. Now a drop down menu will appear, Click device memory. How To Install WWE 2k20 PPSSPP Iso Step 5
  6. Click extract icon like the image below – that is you are extracting into phone memory. How To Install WWE 2k20 PPSSPP Iso Step 6
  7. While your are about to extract, you will be asked to insert password which is BESTINTHEMOD, add it and click ok to continue extracting the file. How To Install WWE 2k20 PPSSPP Iso
  8. After successfully extracting the files without any error, go to PSP folder and delete this folders in other to refresh PPSSPP emulator. How To Install WWE 2k20 PPSSPP Iso
  9. The Iso file can be located in phone memory after you extract, it is in a folder like in the image below, you can also move it to Sdcard if you wish to.How To Install WWE 2k20 PPSSPP Iso
  10. Now open PPSSPP Emulator App, use it to navigate to phone memory in Games Tab, observe the image below.How To Install WWE 2k20 PPSSPP Iso Step 3
  11. While in the phone memory using ppsspp emulator, scroll down you will see WWE 2k20 iso icon, click it to start playing.How To Install WWE 2k20 PPSSPP Iso

WWE PPSSPP  – PSP Iso file is now in a PSP folder under GAME, the emulator can still read it in that format, you can move it to SDcard in other to save space in your phone memory if you wish to do so.

Features Of WWE 2k20 PPSSPP – PSP Iso

Here are some of the highlighted Features of WWE PPSSPP – PSP 2020 version by the Architect 01.

Features are:

    • One on One.
    • Entrance scenes
    • 6-Man Tag Team.
    • Fatal-4-Way match.
    • Triple Treat.
    • Handicap match.
    • Survivor Series.
    • Royal Rumble.
    • Story lines – road to WrestleMania.
  • Hell in a cell.
  • Steel cage match.
  • Entertaining background music.
  • Women division added and it is working.

Above are just some of the highlighted features, there still a lot of features available in the wrestling game for Android.

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  1. Bierhoff says

    I can’t play the game on Sony PlayStation portable

    1. RisTechy says

      PSP console not supported.

  2. David says

    Its true

  3. Aman says


  4. Kudzanai says

    The game is good and the graphics are so bright and it’s a good chance to pay back what my superstars’ enemies have done.

  5. Prince kundu says

    Thanks very much i tried to find this from many youtube channels but at last you supported me
    Plz tell some adventure and shooting and action games mix and best under 1 gb

    1. RisTechy says

      Check this homepage, you will find best ppsspp games to download.

  6. Koz koast says

    If the file is not rar how do I install it?

    1. RisTechy says

      Read the post.

  7. Tshenden jampa says

    Password not working

    1. RisTechy says

      Just copy it the way it is and paste.

  8. Yakubu Dauda says

    It shows me 2011 smack v raw how can I get the2k20 to display

    1. RisTechy says

      Delete PSP folder, update your ppsspp emulator and extract the file again.

      1. MosquitoDrone. says

        Done this on TECNO paviour 3 pro, still showing 2011 with commentry and when you choose a star, you get a different one on the 11. Plus its nothing like what’s on YouTube. E.g choose Rey Mysterious, you get Tyson Kidd. What am I missing. Updated PPSSPP EMULATOR, DELETED PSP folder and re extracted the file but same old same 2011. I’m missing something plus, I noticed on YouTube video, there’s a cheat folder in your PSP.

  9. AwonkeMajeke says

    Thanks man, it’s working and we Also gta5

    1. RisTechy says

      Coming soon, search this website for GTA 5 Apk obb.

  10. Prince says

    Pls should I download only only file or all what I see for the game I want?

    1. RisTechy says

      Watch installation video please it explains better.

  11. Steven says

    I download WWE 2020 I followed the installation process but when I open it I saw WWE 2011

    1. RisTechy says

      Update your ppsspp emulator, watch the steps in the installation video, make sure you delete PSP folder.

      1. Tiisetso says

        I did everything but it opens 2k11 again

        1. RisTechy says

          Delete PSP folder and extract again or watch installation video

  12. Mhiz Impact says

    I tried extracting it but it is saying operation completed with errors. It has refused to Extract ?

    1. RisTechy says

      You don’t have enough space.

  13. Paul Adediran says

    It keeps write error invalid password and also end operation end with error and I have up to 4gb space phone pls help

    1. RisTechy says

      Copy and paste the password above that’s all.

  14. Paul adediran says

    It still the same it writes corrupt archive at first then it writes data error and it keeps bringing up error invalid password till the end and then it ends with operation end with error pls what should I do

    1. RisTechy says

      File was corrupted during download..

  15. Paul adediran says

    I copied and pasted d password as u said

  16. Ren Brix Guemo says

    Thank you I follow the instructions and then I now play wwe 2k20 on ppsspp low graphics but thats okay?

  17. Simiso Ngema says

    When I press Start match button ; I can’t see the entrances and after skipping the exntrances instead of the match starting I only get a big WWE 2k20 sign on my screen and not the match . Can I be assisted as to how to fix that?

    1. RisTechy says

      set your ppsspp emulator please

  18. Bright says

    I just download the 2k20 but it’s showing 2011 and have download the ppsspp gold still it’s showing 2011, what can I do, for me to play 2k20

    1. RisTechy says

      Watch installation video and do as i did.

  19. Bright says

    Thanks sir, it has worked, but does it have multiplayer if he does how do I set that?

  20. Bright says

    Does 2k20 has multiplayer, wanna know because have not gotten any answer

  21. Emmanuel says

    My boss pls and pls I need dragon ball legends even it not a cracked fill pls the game is not allow in my country in Nigeria so pls help am going to post this to all the time line games for u to know am serious pls and have never get disappointed with your games not even once so pls help

  22. Agala sebastine says

    Pls Ris Techy can this game play smoothly in my 1gb ram phone

  23. Hassan says

    Which of the iso Files should we download now ..is it the 500mb own or 2.23gb own

    1. RisTechy says

      Choose one file to download.

  24. Emmanuel says

    Lol i download the 2gig file but they didn’t ask for password during extraction .And in the video it shows that the file is .7z, but urs is .rar of about 2gig why?

  25. Emmanuel says

    Answer my question ristechy!🤣. Why does the 2gb file turn into 900mb? ,In ur video?. And why didn’t they ask for password during extraction of the 2gb file after I downloaded it .And is it 2019 or 2020 ?. Lol the 500mb one is 2011?.Answer me .

  26. Emmanuel says

    Son of a bitch u can choose to ignore me, but u are as fake and useless as this game ,idiotic fool someone should waste his 2gb data to download ur rubbish game that is a waste like u and ur entire generation and u decide not to answer questions motherfucker who do u think u are 🤣 .U and ur entire generation will suffer for ever 🤣🤣. Nonsense if u think u can’t do this job why do it in the first place🤣

  27. Retha says

    Dammn this game is the real deal nice job Ristechy

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