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PPSSPP Gold 1.17.1 Apk Latest Download

Download PPSSPP Gold Apk Latest version 1.17.1 for playing PSP games on Android phones and tablets.

The app was created by Henrik Rydgard who is based in Sweden for some various operating system, e.g Android, symbian, windows, blackberry, Android is the most popular one with over 10million downloads.

PPSSPP supports save state by using a phone storage, it enables you to store your current gameplay session, so that you will be able to resume playing your favourite PSP games easily without starting over again, this serve as a alternative to memory stick of PSP handled console, since you are now using the ported PSP on Android.

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To be able to use the complete features of multimedia on PPSSPP , the app uses ffmpeg software to decode audio sound.

Other enhancement that improve graphical qualities on the PPSSPP which beats the main gadgets are, higher screen resolution, Rendering mode, frame rate control, Features such as immersive mode, performance I.e vertex cache, texture scaling, texture filtering, with support for up to 36 multiple languages in the world.

To be able to enjoy the power of PPSSPP on your device, you will need a Android phone that’s quality specifications, with minimum of 1gb Ram, 1.3GHz processor, Quad core CPU and above, this will enable you to enjoy smooth game playing without any interference.

Note that the PPSSPP doesn’t come with loaded PSP games, but can be downloaded on the internet in iso and cso format for free while some can be purchased on the PlayStation official website.

When you download or purchased the game you can save it on your phone storage, sdcard or any external USB drive.

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 In the app too ,you will discover that there are two models of PPSSPP, which you can select by going to Settings > system > Scroll down to PSP settings, check the image below for proper guide.

Download latest PPSSPP Gold Apk For Android

In this section, click the link below to download latest version of PPSSPP Gold Apk for free into your device.

PPSSPP – PSP Gold 1.17.1 Apk (18 MB)

Older Version  

PPSSPP – PSP Gold 1.17.1 Apk (18 MB)

PPSSPP – PSP Gold 1.15.4 Apk (18 MB)

PPSSPP – PSP Gold 1.14.4 Apk (17 MB)

PPSSPP – PSP Gold 1.13.2 Apk (22 MB)

PPSSPP – PSP Gold 1.11.3 Apk

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Version Info
App Name
PPSSPP – PSP Gold Emulator

30 MB

Android 4.4.4 above

Root Required

Access to device storage

Henrik Rydgard

How To Install

Step 1: Locate and open the folder were the app is saved, find and click on it to start installing it.

PPSSPP - PSP Gold Apk Download
Step 2: After Successful Installation open the app.

PPSSPP - PSP Gold Apk Download

Step 3: Give permission , so that ppsspp app will access your phone storage to load any iso file.

PPSSPP - PSP Gold Apk Download

Step 4: Android Marshmallow upward requires you to give permission by allowing or denying the app.

PPSSPP - PSP Gold Apk Download
Step 5: Download and save any PSP iso games  file on your device using phone browsers like uc browser or uc browser mini, reason is because they download heavy files faster than any Android phone browser, iso file size are usually 500mb above .

You Can Download: >>> Best PSP Games For PPSSPP Gold Apk Here

Video Tutorial On How To Download PPSSPP Gold – PSP Emulator Apk

Final Words

You can all continue enjoying the ported gadget on our Android phones which is more portable.

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    1. Why won’t it show black when you guys don’t like following simple steps that you should change ppsspp emulator language for the game to work, except you guys want the old version.

  1. I’ve finished installing everything on PES 2020 but keep telling me it needs to download additional content and not running, can you help me?

  2. What could be the reason why the PsP app is not installing on my android? It’s only showing “App not installed”

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