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GTA 5 Apk Obb Data Latest Download For Android

Download GTA 5 Android Apk Obb Data for free and play to enjoy the latest features that comes with the open world simulation game.

If you are wondering, It is now possible to get GTA 5 Android Apk on your smart phone device and it runs smoothly without any bug or lagging issues and that’s what you are going to do, in this post.

While I was growing up in my community i had the privilege to visit nearby game shop and see my friends playing one of their favourite GTA Vice City, which is the earlier version of gang star games from Rockstar, hopefully, you must have come across this popular game too.

After much deliberation by the rockstar company, they thought about developing GTA V and how they should add good features, that will get players to be interested in playing the game, luckily they tried their best and release the best version of GTA series ever created with improved graphics over GTA IV.

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Initially GTA 5 was available only on xbox, windows, Play Station 4 platform, even though the official version for Android is yet to be released, but some top game modders carefully developed GTA 5 Android Apk + data which everyone likes to download the full version on their smart phone and runs faster, with best controls to navigate the cities in the game.

Because of the quality graphics GTA V has, one might think he needs the best graphics card for his device, but no need of having such, GTA 5 Android  have been optimised to support all Android devices running on kit kat 4.1 upward, initially, you might think that the game can’t run smoothly on any mobile device, but that doubt has been cleared.

However there is also a similar game on this blog which is known as GTA 3 Apk Mod you can check it out if you wish.

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As i mentioned earlier, in this article you are going to know how to download GTA 5 apk obb including other related data files that gives you the ability to install the game successfully on your mobile device.

There’s no need to root your Android device in other to be able to play GTA 5 Android, the method of setting up this game is very simple for anyone that is willing to play his favorite GTA series aka Grand Theft Auto V.

After conducting research and to see how Android users are interested in this gangster game, Rockstar finally decided, to develop GTA 5 Android Apk full version, and now it is in beta mode, which runs smoothly on the mobile operating system.

GTA 5 Apk + obb
GTA 5 Apk + Obb

Despite the fact that it is still in beta mode, Android users still continue to give GTA 5 Android  good ratings i.e 5 stars ratings, because the features of the PC version, were included in the Android mobile version, so for now, you can play the game to the fullest as you want and it comes with quality graphics, because Rockstar use the best gaming engine to develop this game.

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Make sure you have a good Android device, with quality specifications or GPU such as Mali 400, snapdragon etc. Because this is not a mere game that runs on low quality Android phones, it need at least, minimum of 1 GB RAM with two cores upward.

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At this point, full GTA V Android Apk + Data + Obb all together are needed to get this game installed easily on your Android phone, which I will provide links for you to download, into your device.

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The total capacity of these files should be around 3.8 GB upwards, just make sure you have enough storage space in your Android phone.

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Game Play Requirements For GTA 5 Android Apk

As you already know, GTA 5 Android is not just a low quality game, that you can install on any Android operating system, you need to upgrade to the most recent operating system in other to enjoy smooth game play of GTA 5 Android on your device, I will advice you to get a high end Android phone with good specifications in terms of RAM, four cores CPU and high grade GPU, but the GTA 5 Android Apk and data that you will be downloading on this page supports all Android GPUs.

Features of GTA 5 Android Apk

You should be conversant with the features of GTA 5 if you have played the game on your PC initially, but if you have not, below are the features of the game which you should know:

  • Best quality graphics.
  • Easy game controllers.
  • Real life simulated game characters, cars and environment.
  • Best vehicle control and new driving techniques.
  • More level to level missions that are very addictive with easy to navigate in-game map.

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From time to time, more features are added to GTA 5 Android such as new vehicles and streets with map to navigate them, because every month, Rockstar usually release update to the game.

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I will advise you to always check back for updates on this blog, if possible you should bookmark this page for you to easily come back to see if there is any changes that have been made.

Download GTA 5 Android Apk Obb

Below are the links to download GTA 5 Android Apk Obb which are highly compressed to save internet data during download and truly hosted on Mediafire, all of the files are required to setup the game successfully. You can also watch game play video below to see how the game works.

GTA 5 requires a Android device with good RAM and Processor with higher frequency, this game works and you can see game play video, if you are having issues just know that is from your device, game was tested on a Snapdragon 660, you can also test it on higher mediatek Chip-set devices.

Use Droid Hardware Info App to check your device Architecture to see if it is X86 or ARM7 device so that you can download the appropriate file below.  Link >> Hardware Info App

Apk ARM7

GTA 5 Android ARM7 Apk (Size: 18MB)   

Obb ARM7

GTA 5 Android ARM7 Obb 

Jump To

How To Install GTA 5 Apk Obb ARM7 Files

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X86 Based Device Apk Obb file

GTA V x86 Apk

GTA 5 X86 OBB 

Jump To

How To Install GTA 5 Apk Obb x86 Files

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I believe that, the links above should  work for you perfectly, and they are the files needed to install GTA 5 Android, which includes the Apk, Obb file, remember you also need a high end Android phone to run this game smoothly.

How To Install GTA 5 Android Apk Obb ARM7 X86

You must have downloaded all the required files from the download section of this current page above which are the Apk obb, they are what you need to install GTA V Android entirely.

Use >> Zarchiver Apk App To extract rar file

After you have done that proceed to read the necessary steps that’s required to install the game below.


Steps to Install GTA V Apk are:

  1. locate and click on GTA V obb rar file with Zarchiver app.
  2. Click “Extract” from the option menu that comes up.
  3. Navigate to Phone or Device memory.
  4. Click Android folder while in phone memory.
  5. Now click Obb folder while in android folder.
  6. Finally click extract icon which looks like a arrow pointing downwards.
  7. Obb file with be successfully decompressed.
  8. Install GTA 5 Apk and start playing.

(if there is no Obb folder in your phone storage, you need to create one inside Android folder).

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How To Run Full Original PC GTA 5 On Android

Check the in-game screenshot below to have a feel of what it is like to play GTA 5 Android Watch Game Play video below to see how it works.

Video Game Play Of GTA 5 Android

There will be a need for you to be assured that GTA 5 Android works without any issues, that’s why in this section i have a YouTube video for you to watch the gameplay video of GTA 5 Android after installing the Apk , Obb  correctly. And no any other blog on the internet has shown you a video proof that GTA 5 Android works, but here is a video proof for you to watch below:


GTA 5 Android Info

[table id=7 /]

Screenshot Of GTA 5 Android

GTA 5 Android Apk Obb Data

GTA 5 Android Apk Obb Data

GTA 5 Android Apk Obb Data

How To Play Full Real GTA 5 On Android

If you really want to play full and real version of GTA 5 on Android device, you will need a high speed internet network, that means you will need a 4G powered Android device, the mobile device must also have 1 – 2gb ram above with better processor, like 1.5ghz – 2 ghz speed frequency.

What i mean is, you will be Playing full GTA 5 Apk via Cloud Gaming method, this will give you full access the to Grand Theft Auto 5 on Android as if you are playing with a PC, on-screen control is also available in the game.

The app you are going to use is called Gloud Games apk which is also available on Google Play Store, after installing it create your own personal free account on Gloud Games then follow the steps mentioned in the video below.

Download Gloud Games For Android And Watch Tutorial Video Below

Gloud Games Apk  

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      1. Using Zarchiver app, paste into Android/Obb folder. You will see the default Android folder in your internal storage using file manager or zarchiver.

      1. Please I don’t understand , swipe down to where,, can u help me with the video please, can u show me how to do that

          1. Thanks but why is it that the file and data am downloading is different from the original one, please which one is original, hope it won’t affect??

          2. Thanks but why is it that the file and data am downloading is different from the original one, please which one is original, hope it won’t affect the game???
            Please don’t say my question is too much I just wanna know more about the game before I download it

  1. I was not able to unzip both the OBB and data and I used ex file explorers and I downloaded it to the fullest it was complete, please what can I do now????

    1. You don’t have enough memory on your phone, if you have PC move the file there and extract it on your PC then copy them into the folders i recommended above.

  2. And please what kind of file manager did you use, what is the name of the explorer you used to extract the gta5, please I can just let my Mb go like this

  3. my android version is 6.0. I tried installing the apk file and am getting ‘app is not installed’

  4. Ive really mean this game but the problem i have is that it says apk cant install on my infinix note 5
    Would love to get an apk that can install
    Please help me

  5. Same issue
    When i use my san andreas apk to open the game it opens but closes as soon as i try to load new game

    1. Which version of Android are you using, if you install on sdcard it will be slow,but if you phone allows installation of apps on sdcard you can proceed to install.

  6. It seems most of us are having issues with this game from the apk not installing and also the game closing as soon as you open it.
    I will plead with the developers to look into the game and fix this issues for us.
    Thank you

  7. Hi i found a Data file for gta v that actually works well with no problem on my phone
    Please can you get in touch with me and check it out

  8. Hello please i downloaded the files and did everything as you said above but the app keeps crashing,,,it not opening

      1. I cant download Just come up this message we’re preparing your download please wait,i waited about 30 minutes and nothing.

    1. Extract Apk and install, for obb, extract by going to Android folder, then click on obb folder and extract, same thing data folder by going to Android folder then click on data folder and extract GTA 5 data file

  9. Obb link doesn’t work for me I have tried it more than 3 times with different browsers but it doesn’t finish download …..when am using chrome after about 1.2gb is download it will automatically stop and show a folder of 127kb

  10. Am really having a hard time with the obb file
    It doesn’t extract the way it should be.
    Am starting to think that was not really the file

  11. Hi i dowloaded but its starting and only showing me me the begining titles and then showing black screen so what should i do help me pkease

  12. Sir I really like this game And Thank you !
    But you said Obb has about 3 g and when i download it said 90 mb. What problem with it sir ?

  13. Hi
    I hope this ONE will not ask for human verification. Cause have download several GTA 5 that ask for it and I don’t know how to fixed it.

  14. this is amazing. game works perfectly, but can’t outrun police after looting the bank. died again and again and cheat method also did not work by swiping down or up.
    and I thought this was the full game offline playing in mobile.
    if there is any way instead of playing with netboom. kindly do share. also can’t understand your “how to play full in mobile..” video. you are copy pasting all the stuff in pc, than suddenly play game in mobile. hows that.

      1. thanks for reply.
        can you provide working “telltale the walking dead all season in once” for android. like the walking dead definitive series in pc. i have this definitive series in my pc, wish to play in mobile.

  15. buts its starting and only showing me the begining titles and then showing balck screen, so what should i do help me please.

  16. I downloaded the Droid Hardware Info app, but where can i find the Device Architecture if it is X86 or ARM7

  17. My boss pls and pls I need dragon ball legends even it not a cracked fill pls the game is not allow in my country in Nigeria so pls help am going to post this to all the time line games for u to know am serious pls and have never get disappointed with your games not even once so pls help

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