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PES Lite 2020 500MB PPSSPP-PSP Iso Download (PS4 Camera)

Download PES Lite 2020 500 MB PPSSPP-PSP iso, Save Data and Textures , with new kits, transfer updates of players and Stadium.

PES 20 Lite PSP runs faster smoothly and very easy to control players without much stress with your Android device, it is the same Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 for PPSSPP-PSP full version that has been posted on this website.

Lovers of this Lite version will find this game very interesting, as players faces have been completely updated to look like the real players in the real world such as hazard, Messi, Salah of Liverpool.

Kit update which also enhanced the appearance of players, was also updated, especially new season kits by Real Madrid, Chelsea, Juventus, Liverpool, Arsenal.

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The Soccer pitch looks real with green grass, which makes player movement look so real,  also the PS4 camera that enhance how the pitch is been viewed during game play.

PES 2020 Lite PPSSPP-PSP Iso

Special Leagues such La Liga, Premier League, Serie A, are still much more present in the game with new teams added to each league and players jersey number updated.

Above all, the lite version of PES 20 runs completely offline you don’t need any internet connection to run the game or download any commentary.

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PES 2020 Lite as a soccer simulation game is very easy to install by anyone who follows the right steps written below and make sure you update your ppsspp-psp emulator for Android or PC.

Features Of PES 2020 PPSSPP-PSP Lite

Below are some of the highlighted Features PES 20 PSP contained in the iso, save data and Textures file you are about to download.

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The features are:

  • New and full player kits.
  • New Champions League Season.
  • Other leagues available like Spanish, Italian, English Leagues etc.
  • Ad-hoc for Multiplayer to connect with another device and play with your friends.
  • New background art and graphics for PES 20 Menu.
  • New Background Music to entertain you during replays or while making selections.
  • Ball and stadium where fully modified.

Download PES 2020 Lite PPSSPP-PSP Lite Iso Save Data Textures

Before you install PES 20 lite which also comes with English Commentary, make sure you update to the latest PSP-PPSSPP Emulator for Android so that it will support the Textures And Save Data files for the game.

PES 20 Lite Files

PES 2020 Lite PPSSPP-PSP Iso + SaveData + Textures  

Use Zarchvier App To Extract

Download Zarchvier Pro Apk   

Use Latest PSP Emulator To Run The Game

Download Latest PPSSPP-PSP Emulator Apk

How To Install PES 20 PPSSPP Lite PS4 Camera

To install the PS4 Camera version of this PES 20 lite is very easy, you just need to follow the simple steps below and make sure you have enough space on your device.

PES 2020 Lite Iso PPSSPP-PSP
PES 20 lite PSP Folder With Iso Save Data Textures

Follow the steps to install or set up below:

  1. Make sure Zarchiver app is already installed on your device.
  2. Open Zarchiver app, use it to locate the downloaded Zip file above.
  3. Now extract the Zip file into device memory, which will automatically Overwrite into default PSP folder.
  4. Textures and Save Data files will automatically go into PSP folder after successful decompression of the Zip file above.
  5. If you have SD card and wish to save more space you can Cut (Move) or Copy the GAME folder Which contains the iso file, in PSP folder to your SD Card.
  6. To load and play the game Iso file of PES lite, go to PSP folder using PPSSPP Emulator to load the PES 20 lite or GAME folder you moved to SD card by clicking the icon associated with the PES 2020 Lite.

Game Play Screenshot Of PES 20 Lite Android PSP Emulator

Below are the screenshot of PES 20 lite game play to show you how the game looks like.

PES 2020 Lite PPSSPP-PSP iso PES 2020 Lite PPSSPP-PSP iso


  1. Edet Kingsley says

    Great..but is this the mod version of pes 15 or pes 18..

    1. RisTechy says

      18-19 same with the full version with commentary.

      1. Edet Kingsley says

        Thank you, then it means there is no different btw dis one and the full version or is there any?

        1. RisTechy says

          There is, but it was made from the full version, you can see the difference in file size.

  2. Micky says

    Pes 2020 ps4 camera is not playing on my PSP slim,But its playing on my phone, what can I do?

    1. RisTechy says

      Not optimized for PSP console, but works on PSP emulator.

  3. Amaize says

    I hope there’s no password and if so, what’s d code?

    1. RisTechy says

      No password on all files here, i try as much as possible not to bring files with password here.. I don’t like password too.

  4. Oluwaniyi says

    I’m yet to try this but the other one was a wow, so make sense and there’s been some changes in the players movement and some other things, and the difficulty has increased too thanks a lot. Buh the players transfer is wrong like Wolverhampton consist of players from wolves and sweansea and lot more, I hope it’s fixed here. And pls if there’s anything you can do concerning the cursur I really need it for my manager mode, I can’t recognize players of teams I’m not used to and can’t judge their performance. And thanksss a lot for the stadiums. I lovie especially anfield so real. Thanks again

    1. RisTechy says

      It will be improved.

  5. Antepim vastic says

    Am about to use this but I think I am going to enjoy it and I beg you guys I really need the cursor pls do something about it

    1. RisTechy says

      Download the full version with normal camera on this website.

  6. Prophexa says

    Why is not updated this game to new pes 2020 ?? There are some player still show but already leave to that team why ?

    1. RisTechy says

      You can download the updated pes 2020 save data from the full version post.

  7. Ezinwa says

    I’m unable to open the game

    1. RisTechy says

      Send me screenshots on my Facebook page for further assistance

  8. Chandana says

    Please tell me this game support ppsspp emulator.thanks but I like download this game frist i need to know.

    1. RisTechy says

      Hmm, then what happened to the title of the game that States ppsspp – PSP emulator with a link to download ppsspp emulator again.. please always read the post carefully, because next time i won’t reply this type of question.

  9. Caleb says

    Please is there the lite mode without PS4 camera

    1. RisTechy says


  10. Kwame says

    I’m not able to get past the black screen even though I change the PPSSPP language to Espanol

  11. Brian kariuki says

    Is it online or offline

    1. RisTechy says


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