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FIFA 19 PPSSPP Iso Android Offline Latest Update

FIFA 19 PPSSPP Iso file latest update 600 MB  download with best graphics, new kits and players transfers, runs offline on Android device.

Get ready to select and play with your favorites team in the new FIFA 2019 PPSSPP emulator game for Android, play different levels and championship leagues by taking your team to the top of each league available in the game.

Players in the latest FIFA PPSSPP mod now have new kits such as Jersey, boots, hair, there faces look so real, even with new style of celebration.

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Skills of players is so amazing, beacause they are so responsive and full of energy to play every match till the end and they also have strong defence, attack, ball passing, heading and scoring techniques.

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Installing FIFA 19 PPSSPP is so easy for a newbie who just like soccer games, because i will include the step by step guide to install this game successfully on your device.

FIFA 19 PPSSPP iso offline Android

FIFA 19 Mod 14 PPSSPP emulator comes with alot of features such as the popular “FIFA Ultimate Team”, together with “My FIFA 19”, all this you can see them when you start playing the football game on your device for free.

Selecting between which team you should play is also easy for you to do, because the games is so fast and responsive when you navigate between several features available in it. In the background you can even see Christiano Ronaldo in Juventus FC Jersey.

Download FIFA 19 PPSSPP Iso File Android Offline

Get the new FIFA 19 PPSSPP files in this section, download all that are listed below, don’t skip anyone.

FIFA 19 PPSSPP Texture + Save Data + Iso (600 MB)   

Second Link V 0.86 Password: gamernafz1911

FIFA 19 PPSSPP Texture + Save Data – Mega Link   

PPSSPP-PSP Emulator Gold Apk Latest   

Pls ignore all warnings in the next page, the files is 100% save to download.

You don’t need Password to extract the files above after downloading.

All all other files such as save data and textures are included in the files above you just need Zarchiver Apk to extract them.

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How To Install FIFA 19 PPSSPP Android

To install this game is very easy just follow the steps below, also change Graphics mode to Buffered Rendering by going to PPSSPP Settings, to avoid black when launching FIFA 19 PPSSPP Iso.

FIFA 19 PPSSPP Graphics Mode
To Avoid Black Screen Change Graphics Mode To “Buffered Rendering”.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download the FIFA 19 PPSSPP file above.
  2. Download > Zarchiver Pro Apk on this site.
  3. Also download > PPSSPP – PSP emulator apk
  4. Locate where the folder you saved the file in step one above.
  5. Open Zarchiver pro to locate where you saved the file F19_Football_Game_PPSSPP….7z.
  6. Click on it, view all the files inside which includes “Textures” and “Savedata” still with ZArchiver pro.
  7. Begin to copy or Cut (moving) both “Textures” and “Savedata” into Internal/PSP or sdcard/PSP folder if you are using Android 5.0 below which allows you to move PPSSPP Gold Emulator into sdcard.
  8. Also Copy or Cut FIFA 19 – ristechy.com.iso into Sdcard if you have one on your device to save space.
  9. Finally open PPSSPP Gold apk and locate the folder you kept FIFA 19-ristechy.com.iso then click on it to start playing.

You can also watch the installation video below to better understand how the files is been installed.

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FIFA 19 PPSSPP Installation And Gameplay Video

The video you are about to watch below consists of steps to install the PPSSPP emulator FIFA soccer game on Android device, how to also select your favourite team, leagues, in general it also show case other features of FIFA 2019 PSP.

Watch Installation And Game Play Video 

  1. ebyte says

    The file is encrypted. What’s the password?

    1. RisTechy says

      Password for FIFA 19 PPSSPP:

      Read the post again, the password is immediately after the download links above or watch the video carefully you will also get the password there also.

      Thank you for Visiting

      1. Mrohnic says

        dose it have Textures and Savedata to make it Fifa 19, cus i don’t want to download d official Fifa 14 iso

  2. Uche Roland says

    Please help me it shows dark background

    1. RisTechy says

      Sorry about that, did you follow the steps on how to install it? or you can check back for updates soon.

  3. Dave says

    Can I play two or more games on the ppsspp

    1. RisTechy says

      yes you can.

  4. Dave says

    For some reason I can’t download the fifa iso file

  5. Dave says

    For some reason I can’t download the fifa iso file

    1. RisTechy says

      All links are working, use incognito tab in chrome browser to download the file.

  6. Dave says

    How do I download the file itself . It only gets to a certain extent and stops downloading. Please help. The pes was much easier to download than this

  7. Dave says

    How do I download the file itself . It only gets to a certain extent and stops downloading. Please help. The pes was much easier to download than this

  8. Roderick says

    Hey what are ram and memory space requirements

    1. RisTechy says

      1 GB Ram and 2gb free memory.

  9. Simba says

    Is this also for android

    1. RisTechy says

      Yes, but you need ppsspp emulator for Android to run the game.

  10. Khing says

    I the installation game play like the real game

    1. RisTechy says

      Yes, it is very real.

  11. Fantabulous says

    This game is too slow on my phone. Why?

    1. Fantabulous says

      And the pes 2019 is not like that at all

      1. RisTechy says

        Tune your ppsspp settings..

    2. RisTechy says

      when i played it, it wasn’t slow, check your ppsspp settings, e.g frame rate

  12. Tman says

    Data error the file is corrupt

    1. RisTechy says

      Your browser corrupted the file with incomplete download.. please use another browser download the file, or make sure you have enough storage space to extract the files.

      Other people are downloading without issues.

  13. Ben says

    Please i cant play the carreer mode and the any other mode, i can just play the kick off and exhibition match only, the game crash…

    1. RisTechy says

      Still waiting for updates from developer, please try and update your PPSSPP emulator to the latest version and follow the settings above.

  14. Samaradin says

    Can I Play only Download FIFA 19 PPSSPP Texture + Save Data + Iso (600 MB)   And Ppsspp Emulator

    1. RisTechy says


  15. Ishark Yasin says

    Pls I hav download it on my iPhone I can play it but is fifa 14, pls any help

    1. RisTechy says

      I am sorry please, the game is for Android users and it is offline while the one on play store is online…

  16. Ishark Yasin says

    De game is fifa 14 not 19

  17. Leon says

    I already have a Ppsspp Gold. I should proceed with downloading 1&2 right?

    1. RisTechy says


  18. Katlego says

    Is this file working because last time i checked it needed 2.6GB nou 655gb🚶‍♂️

    1. RisTechy says

      It is working.

  19. Freddy Tobosi says

    What is the password guys

    1. RisTechy says


  20. Tiyo says

    Its working perfectly but we need 2019..

    1. RisTechy says

      The save data is updated to 2019..

  21. Philip says

    Should i download the file And the mega file together

    1. RisTechy says

      One file only

  22. Tseun says

    Hey, after completing everything the installation and I launch the game. What am seeing is Fifa14. Why???

    1. RisTechy says

      Did you extract the save data and textures too? Please stay tuned i will soon update the game.. try and watch the installation video.

  23. Miguel says

    Why does the club outfit look old?
    Which one do you think is the best to download?
    FIFA 19 or Pes 2020.
    And which has the best graphics and gameplay.
    By the way, is Ronaldo celebration in FIFA just like real life?

  24. Binnis says


  25. Thabani says

    Have downloaded the game but it’s 2014 fifa not 19 what must l do to play 19 fifa

    1. RisTechy says

      Move the textures and save data to PSP folder.

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