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Soccer Manager 2019 1.2.6 Apk (SM 19) Download For Android

Download the latest Soccer Manager 2019 1.2.6 Apk also known as SM 19 for Android and take your team to the top.

Soccer Manager 2019 comes with the best upgrades that you have been waiting to see, such as players transfers, stadium upgrades, crowd chiers and more leagues have been added to give you more flexibility to switch between other leagues.

Overall speed of the game have been greatly improved, where you can see players running fast to score, make accurate passes and tackling.

The wide camera coverage makes you to see your fellow teammates and opponents clearly so that you can quickly attack, pass or score goals easily.

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At this point you might be wondering what are the real or new features of Soccer Manager 2019 for Android, in the next heading below i will list them all.

Soccer Manager 2019 Apk

Features Of Soccer Manager 2019 Apk

Bellow are the features of Soccer Manager 2019 accordingly to there official blog post.

The features are:

  • New immersive 3D match engine.
  • New playable leagues such as Germany and French divisions.
  • Promotion and relegation playoffs added to necessary leagues.
  • Continental competition qualifiers have been added.
  • New continental competition added for South America.
  • Improvements in job offers, with opportunity to apply for jobs.
  • Player contract added which includes contracts duration.
  • Improved board confidence and expectations.
  • Take control of your club budgets with more realistic finances.
  • Improvements in player transfer or AI transfer with real players value.
  • User interface improved.
  • Match day transformed which includes 3D players and animations. Soccer Manager 2019 Apk
  • Livescores and commentary improved including League tables.
  • Connect with social networks to share your success with friends.

Soccer Manager 2019 Apk Download

In this section, you will download Soccer Manager 2019 for Android, below is the link to take you the downloads page:

Soccer Manager 2019 1.2.6 Apk↓↓

Have you downloaded the game? so get ready to start your new managerial carrier in Soccer Manager 2019.


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