Garena Free Fire Mod Apk Obb 1.24.3 Download

Download latest Garena Free Fire Mod Apk and Obb file version 1.24.3 with new increase in damages and aim your enemy as quick as possible.

Garena Free Fire Mod is a game similar to PUBG for Android device, in the game you are to continue running around, looking for enemies to kill and collect there ammunitions.

It is also an online multiplayer game, which serve as the best alternative to PUBG Mobile, not only that, it requires a small amount of storage space to install on your Android phone and runs faster without lagging, so you can see that, even though you have 1 GB RAM enabled device, Garena Free Fire is highly recommended for you.

Another major reason why Garena Free Fire Mod Apk came into existence is that, PUBG can not be played on any any Android phone with low quality specifications such as CPU, RAM, and other features that are not supported by the game.

How Garena Free Fire is played, is very simple, you wil be taken to the battlefield together with your team of fellow shooters in a helicopter, you will later land into the battlefields using parachutes while the helicopter hangs around in the air.

After landing, start shooting at your enemies with your sophisticated weapons such as grenades, RPG, AK 47 and other weapons and items will be unlocked as you progress in the game.

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In addition, Garena Free Fire Mod has a lot of players from around the world that come online from time to time, where together with them you will challenge each other by becoming each others enemy and anyone that is been shot down in the game, losses, while the winner still shoot other players till he becomes the last man standing in the battlefield, then finally wins the battle at that moment.

In this post i will show you how to install the latest version version of Garena Free Fire Mod Apk that comes with unlimited diamonds together with the obb file, also list out the current features and new features added recently.

Features Of Garena Free Fire Mod Apk

In this section is where you will get to know the features of Garena Free Fire Mod Apk.

The features are:

  • Original Survival Shooter Game: Search for weapons, stay in the play zone, loot your enemies and become the last man standing. Along the way, go for airdrops while avoiding airstrikes to gain that little edge against other players.
  • Ten minutes to survive among 50 other players, can you survive the heat?
  • Create squads of up to 4 players and establish communication with your squad at the very first moment. Command your friends to victory and be the last team standing.
  • Easy to use controls and smooth graphics promises the best survival experience you will find on mobile.

What’s New In Garena Free Fire Mod 1.24.3

Below are the some of the new features added in Garena Free Fire Mod Apk for Android.

The features are:

  • Aim follow to reduce.
  • Best danage assault rifles.
  • Improvements in headshot accuracy.
  • Double damage with short gun.
  • Increase in burst damage.
  • Improvements in head damage.
  • Aiming Ai improved
  • No more lags.
  • Increase in bullet damage.
  • Recoil reduced.
  • Shooting Accuracy improved.
  • No damaged reduced.
  • Full Anti ban.
  • Fast Recovery.
  • Facebook login and Vk working.
  • Quick firing of weapons.
  • Unlimited Diamonds

Download Garena Free Fire Mod 1.24.3 Apk And Obb File

Click the button below to take you to the next download page where you can access Garena Free Fire Mod Apk and Obb file.

Garena Free Fire Mod 1.24.3 Apk

Obb Garena Free Fire Mod


  • Garena Free Fire Screenshot
  • Garena Free Fire Screenshot

How To Install Garena Free Fire Mod On Android Device

To install Garena Free Fire Mod is very easy, just follow the simple steps below to get started.

The steps to install are:

  1. At this point you must have save Garena Free Fire Mod Apk and Obb file on you device, now install the APK app, don’t open yet.
  2. As for the Obb file copy or cut the file into Android/Obb folder using ZArchiver Pro Apk or any achieve file extractor, if you don’t have Obb folder in your file manager, just create one immediately.
  3. Finally, you can open the latest Garena Free Fire Mod Apk, remember to switch ON youe internet connection, because it is a online game.

Try to come back for more updates of the latest Garena Free Fire Mod Apk.

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