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First Touch Soccer 2024 (FTS 24) Mod Apk Obb Data Download

Download First Touch Soccer 2024 Mod Apk Obb and Data files, which comes with new real players faces, full club transfers, new football clubs, season kits update of boots and jerseys, new pitch grasses, improved gameplay buttons.

First Touch Soccer 2024 Mod for Android enables you to manage your own virtual football club from season to season, pass through many divisions to win and lift the trophy at the finals stage of the season. 

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In the managerial aspect of FTS 2024 Mod game for Android, you can see the numbers of players that are available for you to manage and coach. 

First Touch Soccer 2024 (FTS 24) Mod Apk Obb Data Download

FTS 2024 for Android can be played fully offline without the use of internet data, also you can download it for free off Google play store, iOS edition is still in development and will be added when ready. 

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2024 edition of First Touch Soccer has new themed background with proper navigation to easily use the features of the game i.e the fonts size in the game is clear enough to see.

If you want to start a new manager mode with another team or club in FTS 2024 mod, there are over 50 playable clubs from around the world in which you can choose from. 

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During the development of the FTS 2024 edition, the need for players to have real faces, which makes the game to be more realistic was considered, when checking to see the players, you see that they have real faces. 

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Ability to add your own customised kits in First Touch Soccer 2024 mod was added, you can download your favourite FTS kits and upload them to the game easily.

In FTS 2024 Mod Apk, you have the options to use two types of data files, that’s the one that cones with unlimited amount of Money or the one without unlimited amount of money or coins.

Virtual unlimited money or coins in First Touch Soccer 2024 mod offline, can be used to manage selected club in the game, it helps in buying and selling of top rated players.

Other playable features available in FTS 2024 Mod for Android are: Tournament, Manager Mode, Daily Match, Start Player Match, Training Mode and many more. Background music which where also updated can be heard in the game main menu.

Download First Touch Soccer 2024 Mod Apk Obb Data Offline

Obb, Apk and Data files for FTS 2024 Mod are very important which can be used to get latest players transfers and kits update for the game.

Make sure you download all three files below and further follow steps to setup or install them correctly.

 Data File (For Latest Transfers update) 

Data FTS 2024 Mod Zip(177 MB)

Obb Files (Makes The Game Work Successfully) 

Obb FTS 2024 Mod Zip (137 MB)

Apk App For FTS

FTS 2024 Mod Apk (85 MB)

Use Latest Zarchiver App To Extract FTS 2024 Obb And Data Files 

Download Zarchiver Pro Apk Here >>>

How To Install First Touch Soccer Soccer 2024 Mod Apk Obb And Data Files

Below are the steps to extract latest version of First Touch Soccer 2024 Apk, Obb and data files correctly, this steps applies to even Android 12.

Android 13 users will further have there own steps added soon. Please carefully read steps for you to understand. 

Time needed: 5 minutes

Steps To Install FTS 2024 Apk Obb Data files are:

  1. Step One

    Install Zarchiver app you downloaded above.

  2. Step Two

    When you open Zarchiver app you will be asked to give permissions, just like in the image below click ok.

  3. Step Three

    Allow or enable Zarchiver app to access all files in your file manager or phone storage (Some device have different interface for giving permissions, so yours might be different from this image below.)

  4. Step Four

    Click on the downloaded FTS 2024 Data file, Options Menu will come up just like in Step Five below.

  5. Step Five

    Click “Extract Here” from the options menu that comes up, just like in the image below.

  6. Step Six

    Below is the extracted Data file for FTS 2024, click and hold on the file, another options menu will come up just like in “Step Seven”.

  7. Step Seven

    After clicking and holding on the Extracted FTS 24 data file, from the options menu that comes up, Click on “Copy” and read Step Eight below.

  8. Step Eight

    Click on the title of the folder you are in at the top of zarchiver app interface, like mine is Downloads where i put downloaded FTS files.

  9. Step Nine

    From the drop down menu that appears click “Device Storage” and check step number ten.

  10. Step Ten

    Immediately click Android Folder like in the image below.

  11. Step Eleven

    Click “Data Folder” when you enter Android folder like in the image below.

  12. Step Twelve

    After entering Data folder, click Paste Icon, this is how it looks in the image below.

  13. Step Thirteen

    Then wait till FTS 24 data file is completely copied into Data folder, next step is how to Extract FTS 2024 Obb File.

  14. Step Fourteen

    To extract the obb file, click on it, options menu will come up (Check Step 15).

  15. Step Fifteen

    From options that comes up, click Extract and check the next step.

  16. Step Sixteen

    Immediately click the title of the folder at the top of Zarchiver app interface, for example mine is Downloads folder.

  17. Step Seventeen

    From the drop down menu that appears, click “Device Storage”.

  18. Step Eighteen

    Now click on “Android Folder”.

  19. Step Nineteen

    Click “Obb Folder” this time.

  20. Step Twenty

    Click “Extract Icon” after entering obb folder as show in step 19.

  21. Step Twenty-one

    Then wait till obb file is fully extracted like in the image below. Next is for you the to install the Apk App for FTS.

  22. Step Twenty-Two

    Click on FTS 2024 Apk App and begin to install it, if you encounter, installation blocked in some device click install Anyway, the Apk app is safe to install.

How To Install FTS 2024 Mod Apk On Android 13 (Coming Soon)

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  1. Why does FIFA2023 game download on Ristechy(this website) does work on my android version of 11? Or, should I wait maybe the FIFA2024?

  2. I recently downloaded the FTS2024 game which was updated on 13th July,2023 on my android 11, the game appears to be like a reality, everything is updated correctly and I followed all the steps!
    Ristechy you are doing a recommended job. I have been downloading FTS games since 2020.

  3. Please 🙏🙏🙏! When you update FTS2024 game next time, remember to increase the number of African national teams under the tournament section, please include Zambia, Mali, DRC, Zimbabwe, Gabon, Tanzania Burkina Faso, Angola, Botswana, Kenya and many more. In short, make it more competitive!

  4. FirstTouchSoccerBYRCGAME.FTS2020
    Is what I got after extraction the zip data file, I don’t know if it will work because it didn’t tally with the ftsrealedition.fts21 on the description above

  5. The game is good and we appreciate but some teams miss some players like Garnacho is missing in Manchester United. And National Teams and Tournaments needs more organization. Thanks though for keeping us entertained.

    1. Check your phone storage if it’s more than 2Gig rom available, if less delete something’s, and re-extract the game data nd obb then install the apk again.

  6. I have been downloading FTS since 2020. Ristechy, please 🙏 restructure FTS2024, continue making improvements under tournament page by increasing more African National Teams such as Zambia, Zimbabwe,Kenya, Botswana,Gabon and many more and quickly may you update the game soon .

  7. Ristechy please 🙏 restructure FTS2024,am still waiting for the updated game. You last updated the game on 03rd October,2023.

  8. Ristechy, you have been helping me with leisure time since 2020 that’s when I knew it. When I’m playing FTS game,I enjoy a lot!.
    I would not only congratulate you but also to work on a few things in FTS , especially the next update.
    -Trophy lifting and celebrations.( Try by all means to perfect them).
    -The stadium names and display.(Try by all means to perfect them as well).
    -Player’s faces(Make them as real as you can. e.g. There should be a difference between halaand’s face and Messi’s).
    -Addition of more national teams and leagues.(Especially African national teams e.g Zambia, Botswana,Kenya, Zimbabwe and many more)
    -Trophy images.
    -Player’s communication.
    -Real graphics.
    -Ball appearance.
    -The interface display.
    -The size of an overall game.( It has to be bigger so as to accommodate all new updates and adjustments.)

    Thank you ristechy!

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