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First Touch Soccer 2023 (FTS 23) Mod Apk Obb Data Download

Download First Touch Soccer 2023 Apk Obb Data, comes with updated player transfers, new season kits, updated player faces, improved stadium, fixed player ratings, improved overall graphics and more.

First Touch Soccer 2023 Mod allows you to start your own football managerial carrier whereby you can lead your team to the top of the season, with other game modes available for you to play.

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FTS 2023 mod Apk is developed by First Touch games and it can be fully played offline, freely available off Google play store without any purchase.

The 2023 edition of FTS for Android comes with a unique background, improved with material design and better fonts to clearly see options within the game.

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There are so many football clubs available within First Touch 2023, you can choose your favourite soccer team to start your managerial carrier with.

Upon opening FTS 2023 during the day, you can play daily match challenge with random teams generated by game system everyday.

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Team kits and logos where updated during the development of First Touch Soccer 2023 edition, as you can see improved graphics in every team appearance. First Touch Soccer 2023 Mod Apk

Player faces where giving a makeup update too, as you can see that the faces of most players is realistic like in the real world of football.

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Ability to customise players faces, kits, logos to your own tastes is available in FTS 2023, you can also upgrade stadium to accommodate more fans.

When downloading FTS 2023 Mod Data file, you have the options to choose the one that comes with unlimited amount of coins known has hacks or the one without hacks or unlimited money.

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Other features available within FTS 2023 Mod are, tournament, training, start player match etc. New background music have been added too.

Download First Touch Soccer 2023 Mod Apk Obb Data Offline

Obb data files are important when installing FTS 2023 Mod for Android device, even though the iOS version is still in development, kindly download the required files below which are constantly being updated from time to time.

After downloading, kindly follow the steps to install FTS 2023 after the downloads section.

Data File (Important to download) 

Data FTS 2023 Mod Zip (120 MB)

Obb File (Also Required) 

Obb FTS 2023 Mod Zip (130 MB)

Apk App 

FTS 2023 Mod Apk (70 MB)

Use :- Zarchiver  Pro Apk to extract rar or zip files 

Download Zarchiver Pro Apk

How To Install First Touch Soccer 2023 Mod Apk Obb Data Files

Carefully follow the steps below, if you really want to successfully install FTS 2023 Mod Apk on your Android device without any issues.

Watch Installation Video 

Steps To Install FTS 2023 Mod Apk Obb Data files:

  1. Install Zarchiver Pro apk app and give all required permissions. How To Install FTS 2023 - First Touch Soccer
  2. Open zarchiver app and locate downloaded Data FTS 2023 Rar file. How To Install FTS 2023 - First Touch Soccer
  3. Click on the FTS 23 data file like in the image below, from options menu that appears, click “Extract”. How To Install FTS 2023 - First Touch Soccer
  4. Now again, click on the name of the folder you downloaded or save  your FTS file into at the top of zarchiver app interface. How To Install FTS 2023 - First Touch Soccer
  5. From the drop down menu that appears click “Device Memory”. How To Install FTS 2023 - First Touch Soccer
  6. Locate Android Folder and click on it. How To Install FTS 2023 - First Touch Soccer
  7. Click Data Folder. How To Install FTS 2023 - First Touch Soccer
  8. Click Extract Icon like in the image below. How To Install FTS 2023 - First Touch Soccer
  9. Next is to extract Obb FTS 2023 Rar file, click on it and then click “Extract” from options menu.
  10. From step 5 above, go to “Device Memory”
  11. Click “Android folder”.
  12. Now click “Obb Folder” and click Extract icon to extract FTS Obb rar file there.
  13. Finally Install FTS 2023 Mod Apk App.
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  1. Oluwafemi says

    Not working on my camon 18.
    After install it says.
    This app are make for old version.
    It keep asking to download additional file from Google.
    And even when I try download the file from store .
    It keep saying downloading pause due to network.
    Pls help

    1. RisTechy says

      You didn’t extract the obb data files correctly.

      1. Max says

        Where I have to extract it

        1. RisTechy says

          Read steps to install above.

  2. wealth says

    it keeps giving error.. while extracting…. and funniest part is.. it wont extract into the obb and data folders…. pls help

    1. RisTechy says

      What’s the error?

  3. Beauttah says

    Okay is the game real Ristechy

  4. Gbenga says

    It worked but I would love to inform you that Declan Rice and Marcus Bettineli are all missing from West Ham and Chelsea respectively. I couldn’t find Armando Broja at Southampton again. I tried searching but it brought no result.

    Also the game looks shrinked than FTS22. Nice graphics though(more bold). I would love if I could also be able to loan out players like the way I loan in players.

    It is very hard to see most writings..aside from that, you’ve always impressed me. I keep updating my FTS..but this FTS23 is less appreciative than FTS22.

    1. RisTechy says

      It will be updated from time to time.

  5. Lwazie says

    Wow what a great game of football. This FTS is more challenging teams are on fire here. Great work Ristechy keep bringing this games 🔥🔥👌

  6. Sadick Precious says

    Help me pls I have installed well but its saying the version is outdated and I need to conduct the server

    1. RisTechy says

      You didn’t extract the obb file.

  7. Chika says

    It’s old players that are on the game, and theres no unlimited coins sef

    1. RisTechy says

      Extract data file please.

  8. Olamide says

    Can the fts 23 work with the fts 22 still installed

    1. RisTechy says


  9. Slim says

    great game but i think the updates should be rechecked,firmino is still in schalke 04 the transfer market is filled with old players, AS Roma as a team is filled with the old squad please kindly check the updates please thank you

  10. Makhosandile says

    Is this offline game?

    1. RisTechy says


  11. Gamer says

    The Manger Mode is not working and if i click on it ,the game just stops working and it comes out.

    1. RisTechy says

      Updated.. kindly check please. Links fixed.

  12. slim says

    Great update, however the player ratings is too poor, the colour is too much as well it’s making the game look too unreal, one last thing is trophy stand, you can do well to change it from premier league please, it’s kind of funny after winning the french ligue 1 the trophy will be presented to the team on a english premier league stand.

  13. slim says

    can you please check the updates because it’s not working

  14. Chimmz says

    This game is good and more challenging but
    Try to make real faces

  15. Slim says

    nice update but the player ratings are too poor and please Allow the players that are still active to be in their respective clubs, Each time lingard gets the ball what you will hear is Gundogan, same thing with Bruno fernendez each time he gets the ball what you will hear is Moutinho

  16. Israel says

    Why is game saying is meant for old version phone

    1. RisTechy says

      Click ok and continue.

  17. Esmer'el says

    Is not working, after the installation and decompression, it is taking me out of the game when I try to open.

    1. RisTechy says

      Extract the data file in another folder then copy it back to Android/data folder

  18. De KhumZa says

    Where Can I Get A New FTS 24 Mob ?

    1. RisTechy says

      Coming soon.

  19. Michael says

    The game is not playing
    It’s keep showing me loading

    1. RisTechy says

      Take time and follow the steps above please

  20. Andy Fidel says

    The game is on fire🔥 BUT!!!! 1the commentator doesn’t recognize the name of the most players….. So please check on that. 2 the face of players are very fake…. So check on tha pure graphics. 3 two jezy does not fit, u should Add atleast Third kirt for UEFA…….

  21. Tatenda says

    Nice game

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