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Download kingroot apk for android 5.1

In this post I am going to share with you the simple method you need to root Android 5.1 .

 Every Android user loves to gain superuser access on his phone, to do that you need root access, rooting allows you to modify apps, games, use full functionality of a Vpn, in some android apps it is a must to have root access.

Kingroot apk Android 5.1.1

 To root Android 5.1 with kingroot apk, just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download root application here ➡ Kingroot 5.1.2.apk

Step 2: Install and open the kingroot app.

Step 3: Switch On your data connection, because it is needed when rooting your Android phone with kingroot.

Step  4: Click on the button “Try Root” , kingroot will start the process of rooting your device.

Step 5: Then Wait till you get the message your device is successfully rooted.

That’s all about rooting your Android phones, Note that you may void the warranty period imposed by your smart phone manufacturer , but you can still unroot your device using kingroot.

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