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Psiphon 91 Handler Ui Apk Download.

 The Psiphon 91 handler ui  is one of the most Downloaded apk handler of all time, because of it best performance.

Many of you will find this Psiphon 91 app very useful for tunneling and encrypting your browsing with Android phones and tablets.

Psiphon 91 Handler Ui
Popular Features of Psiphon 91 Ui

– Custom Headers
– Remove Port 
– Host
– Proxy Server 
– Port
– Fast Servers

– More options. 
Download Link

 Psiphon 91 Handler Ui Settings
– Install and Open the app
– On the Handler menu edit proxy type : Real Host
–  Proxy Server put a URL like m.youtube.com and scroll down to save settings , if you don’t have a url to insert, just leave it empty.

– Click Tunnel whole device to allow Psiphon power all apps on your phone.

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  1. HOMELA says

    ….lets first see the benefits??

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