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PES 2020 Apk Obb 4.6.2 Download (eFootball) For Android

Download PES 2020 Apk Obb 4.6.2 for Android with latest kits, full player transfers updates, new faces and more.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 for mobile device – eFootball is gradually rolling out for, with the latest patch for the new football seasons, we have seen current transfers going on in the real world, same thing is going to happen in the Pro Evolution Soccer simulation game.

To install this popular soccer simulation game PES 2020 Apk Obb is very easy, all you need to do is extract the obb Rar file into Android/obb folder, then install PES 20 apk and start playing.

PES 2020 Mobile Description

Experience the award winning gameplay and match excitement from console on mobile!
PES 2020’s latest console match engine has been ported seamlessly to mobile devices, meaning that the power of football is finally something you can hold in the palm of your hand.

From the 8,000+ player animations, to the team characteristic playstyles, and even the thrill of taking on your opponent–everything is the same!

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Compete with friends and battle against the world with PES 2020!
Play against friends and users all over the world in a variety of ways with PES 2020 Android!

Battle it out face to face against a friend in “Local Match” mode for an intense 1v1 experience, or gather a group of friends to create your own tournament with “Local League” mode.

New League Licenses added
Official licenses of 12 new leagues from around the world have been implemented in-game.

From Europe, the Russian league makes its debut as a PES-exclusive, as well as leagues from Belgium, Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, and Turkey. New South American leagues have also been implemented, with Argentinian and Chilean leagues added.

PES Mobile 2020 Efootball Apk Obb

New Legend Players
Exclusive Legend players like Beckham, Zico, Romario, and world renowned legends like Cruyff, Nedved, Gullit, Maldini, and Kahn will continue to appear in PES 2020.

New Legends will also be added throughout the season, allowing you to play with the best players, past and present!

Limited-edition “Featured Players” coming to PES 2020
Players that performed well in the previous weekend’s matches will be available as “Featured Players”.

“Featured Players” will have boosted stats based on their match performance, with some even receiving new skills.

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New Live Update Feature
PES 2020 will always be aligned with the real world thanks to the new Live Update feature. Info on the latest transfers and individual player performance from real-life matches will be reflected in-game on a weekly basis.

Download eFootball PES 2020 Apk Obb For Android Mobile

Below is the link that will take you to the download page to easily download PES 2020 Mobile Apk Obb.

Apk App

Obb File 

Mode: Online

How To Install PES 2020 Apk Obb eFootball

Download and Use:  Zarchiver Pro Apk to extract.

Steps to install eFootball PES 2020 Apk Obb are:

  1. Using Zarchiver app,
  2. Click on Obb eFootball PES 2020 Rar file.
  3. Click Extract in the option menu that pops up.
  4. Go to phone memory.
  5. Click Android folder.
  6. Now click Obb folder while.
  7. Click extract icon which looks like a arrow pointing downwards.
  8. Obb file will be completely extracted after reaching 100%.
  9. Finally install eFootball PES 2020 Apk you downloaded above and open.

Note That: This PES 2020 Mobile apk obb runs fully online, make sure you have enough space to extract the obb file by going to Android folder then click obb folder and extract.

Game Play Video

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  1. zied says

    is it online !?

    1. RisTechy says


    2. Mat says

      Did you update to new version?

      1. RisTechy says


  2. Hema says

    I can play this game offline??

    1. RisTechy says

      Only works offline..

      1. Alhamin says

        Plz ristechy sir can I get the Fifa 19 apk version 1 on my Gmail account
        Please sir cos the new season of the game isn’t compatible with my phone ram

        1. RisTechy says

          Not possible please.

        2. ali says

          need update please

          1. RisTechy says

            kindly download the 2021 edition by searching this website using the searchg button above.

    2. Michael Appiah says

      Please if u can play it offline then I need your help

      1. Muhammad says

        Pls when ‘re u gonna post the new version of PES Mobile 2020 that is coming up on Thursday 30th July, 2020

        1. RisTechy says

          Already uploaded.

    3. Samuel says

      Does it have commentary my last download didn’t

      1. RisTechy says

        It has this is the official version of the game.

  3. Chris valdez says

    On pc?

    1. RisTechy says


  4. Olakunle says

    it asking me to download the resources after downloading it on your website and paste the file in the normal place

  5. Olakunle says

    How to install?

  6. Kel says

    Can this pes 2020 be played off. I mean if it’s offline.

    1. RisTechy says

      The game is online.

      1. Fernandez says

        Hmm hw will extract it

        1. RisTechy says

          View the file using Zarchiver and locate jp.konami.pesam folder hold on it and copy to Android/obb folder.

          1. Robert says

            Is that all please

          2. RisTechy says


  7. suyaa says

    bro need a confirm
    can i play offline?

    1. RisTechy says

      No.. works online.

  8. Mirro says

    And how to install this game

    1. RisTechy says

      Extract obb into Android/obb folder and install apk

  9. RisTechy says

    Send screenshots on my Facebook page.

  10. RisTechy says

    You don’t need to extract move it to Android/obb folder, that’s all.. it has been extracted already.

  11. Nasir says

    I move it but still showing file not found (resources)

  12. Nasir says

    Pls Ristechy send me the full details on how to install the pes 2020

    1. RisTechy says

      Send screenshots on my Facebook page

    2. Ouattara Youssouf says

      Pourquoi il faut être en ligne pour jouer ? Vous devriez créer un autre format qui devrait se jouer sans.

      1. RisTechy says

        C’est comme ça que ça marche.

        1. Eymourz says

          Why is the graphics so poor like this
          Very different from the video I watched here

          1. RisTechy says

            Does your device support graphics Available in the game, graphics display varies from device to device.. some colors display differently for every device..

  13. Prince says

    Network problem how do l fix it

    1. RisTechy says

      Restart your phone and start the game again.

  14. Perez says

    Should I move it to phone or SD card folder?

    1. RisTechy says


    2. Good says

      Hey if I have an SD card an I use it as my main do I extract it also in internal


      1. RisTechy says

        Yes you can try it.

  15. Increase Goodspeed says

    Would it help with my players looking like sticks and their heads popping out?

    1. RisTechy says


    2. Junior says

      I can’t play,I’ve downloaded PES 2020 ISO data saver and its telling me to decompress the rar file

      1. RisTechy says

        My problem is you guys don’t like to follow instructions, is not about downloading the file alone.

  16. RisTechy says

    Updated, check out for the password above

  17. RisTechy says

    Updated, check out for the password above

  18. RisTechy says

    Updated, check out for the password above

  19. Solomon says

    I install the apk and legend patch but is demanding me to download additional files what should I do

  20. James nkhoma says

    Is it offline,how to install?

  21. Jackson says

    Ris Techy is this game played both offline and online??? or only online?????

  22. Nasir says

    Ristechy what’s the password

    1. RisTechy says

      Check it up there

  23. basheer says

    can i play it in android 5.1

    1. RisTechy says


      1. Manny says

        Ristechy, please you can play online and offline

        1. RisTechy says

          Online only.

        2. RisTechy says

          Online online only.

  24. Manny says

    If a new update come we will do what

    1. RisTechy says

      You download the files again.

  25. Manny says

    Good game

  26. Gaël Vinou says

    I can’t play because it says *I don’t purchase this game* how can I do ?

    1. RisTechy says

      You didn’t extract the obb file completely. Extract the obb file into Android/Obb folder inside internal memory of your device.

  27. Nasir says

    What’s the solution to mark the computer players, the game is difficult in in campaign level 2. I’ve tried press key and the running key but it’s same thing

  28. Nasir says

    Is there any way to play the game offline

    1. RisTechy says

      Only works online.

    2. Gangguan Jiwa says

      Apakah bisa menggunakan file obb ini untuk aplikasi efootball pes 2020 milik saya

      1. RisTechy says


  29. Nasir says

    Ristechy i heard that the full game mode is coming october, please how true is that.

  30. Oluwafemi says

    I have done mine, but when opening it keeps saying it has stopped

    1. RisTechy says

      File not completely extracted or support issues, reinstall the game again.

  31. Helao says

    Can you please make a game of FIFA 20 with the real celebrations of players and real life faces please

    1. RisTechy says

      There’s FIFA 2020 offline Mod available on this website which you can download.

  32. Helao says

    There’s only FIFA 20 mod fifa14

  33. Ben says

    So you mean it can be played when you turn on the mobile data

    1. RisTechy says

      Online only

  34. Naniclem says

    Hope is PS4 camera?

    1. RisTechy says


  35. Olanrewaju says

    Can it work on 5.0 and 1gb ram

    1. RisTechy says


  36. KINGZED says

    Hello can’t I get FTS 20

    1. RisTechy says

      Search the website it is available.. games section

  37. LazyAndBeyond says

    Hey I tried Installing it on my sd card right away
    It worked but when I start it if requires an update and says not enough storage even tho I have 10gb left on sd card

    1. RisTechy says

      You can only install on phone memory.

    2. Adi purnomo says

      where is the Data file? There is nothing data file inside your rar file

      1. RisTechy says

        Is obb file.. view the file.. you will see jp.konami… folder.

  38. Exides says

    Im from indonesia. Can i play this game from my server?

  39. Sphamandla says

    Hi RisTechy can I play in version 7.0 and it will be high Quality or not plz tell me.

    1. RisTechy says

      Yes, it will work, high quality.

  40. Qq says

    is this the same as in the play store ?

    1. RisTechy says

      Yes.. 4.0.1

  41. King amos ab says

    Do these game need extraction if so how do i do it please help me

    1. RisTechy says

      Send message on my Facebook page..

  42. Hussam.haj says

    I extract it on obb folder but I cannot find the apk file to install it?

    1. RisTechy says

      Download it above, try and read the download section carefully.

  43. Adegbulu Frank says

    When is the offline mode coming out? FIFA 20 is killing it in that department, pes should do theirs.

  44. Nasir says

    Please the offline of this game

    1. RisTechy says

      Not available

  45. emeka says

    What nonsence when I tried to download it it reached 89% and stopped

    1. RisTechy says

      Your network provider should be the one handling that, others have download the files without mentioning what nonsense, when downloading heavy files use opera mini browser without data saver.

  46. Harry silv says

    It’s asking me to download resource again after installing it and extracting the obb to it android obb folder….

    1. RisTechy says

      Likely obb support issues.. just download within the app, sorry about that.

  47. Nasir says

    How can i play offline

  48. Michael Appiah says

    Best of all Ristechy your site is one of the best sites. But can this game be hacked?

    1. RisTechy says

      Can not be hacked.

      1. Michael Appiah says

        But can you mod it and get unlimited coins and gp, cause if I check out on YouTube people have modded the game

  49. Renzel says

    I downloaded and extracted the obb file to Android/obb but when i click the game icon to play it say The action could not be completed due to an error. Please try again.
    CODE: C_ETRH_0012_QYNZ-0000

    1. RisTechy says

      Try again.. switch on your internet data before loading or restart your phone.

      1. Renzel says

        Total waste of data.. still not working, not happy at all bro.

  50. dfssd says

    is this moded?

    1. RisTechy says

      Not modded.

  51. Yaya says

    Hello Ristechy. I use an Android 4.4.4. KitKat. I’ve downloaded the OBB data file and extracted everything. But when I try installing the APK, it doesn’t install. Please can you help me work around that?? And if it can’t be installed on my Android 4.4.4, which version of PES 2020 will I be able to install on my Android??

    1. RisTechy says

      Android 6.0 above supported..

  52. Benjamin Fenu says

    Can i use a gamepad to play?

  53. Mackenley says

    Ristechy can u update the PES 2020 please. I wanna have a real animation of the stadium, Update some faces, kits and some stadium. Please

    1. RisTechy says

      I guess that’s ppsspp..

  54. Daniel says

    I downloaded the file and extracted it in the specified folder but when I open the game they say the ressources could not be found.

    1. RisTechy says

      Stop at obb folder and extract, make sure obb fipe was successfully decompressed.

  55. sohaib21 says

    there are two files in the OBB folder , extract them both ??

    1. RisTechy says

      Just move the folder they are in, into Android Obb folder.

  56. Allouan says

    J’ai téléchargé le jeu mais on me dit que mon pays où ma contré,n’est pas habilité à jouer le jeu,alors pour le faire je suis obligée d’activer mon VPN,que doije faire pour avoir accès sans utiliser mon vpn,je suis en Côte d’ivoire,merci et bonne soirée

    1. RisTechy says

      Je n’ai pas encore d’étapes à contourner, mais j’espère l’ajouter bientôt.

      1. Allouan says

        Merci Ris tu est le meilleur

  57. ery says

    it same like normal version on Google play

    1. RisTechy says


  58. Ian Ndereba says

    Does it work in Android 9

    1. RisTechy says


  59. Celcio says

    Bonjour Ristechy, j’ai téléchargé le dossier mais l’application ne marche pas. J’insiste pour installer mais ça écrit “application non installée”

    1. RisTechy says

      vous n’avez pas assez d’espace c’est pourquoi.

  60. Chotan says

    why I can’t download the game

    1. Morenney says

      Please bro. I will be very happy if you can help me out here. The game matches was so sluggish, very slow and it cracking like if you are watch CD player on your DVD set. I so much love everything about this game its just the problem of hooking and slowing. Please bro. Any solutions to it. Thanks

      1. RisTechy says

        I don’t know if your network is fast enough to enhance the game play.

  61. FANDLEY JR says

    The game can’t play I don’t know why please help me I did all that was to
    be done

    1. RisTechy says

      What’s the error please.

  62. Andhika says

    when extracting a corrupted archive how about this please help me ?!

  63. FANDLEY JR says

    The error is when ever I go to the game there is a circle like o I click on it then the game can not start I don’t know why I am talking about pes2020 which u have to extract the obb in to the Android obb

    1. RisTechy says

      Likely it is a device support issues.

  64. FANDLEY JR says

    Like how please help me I really want to play the game

    1. RisTechy says

      Your browser corrupted the file during download, you need opera Mini browser to download the file easily.

  65. FANDLEY JR says

    Now I click the circle then some thing came there and this is what that was there if this app is visible to you on the Google play.it means your country or region has been designated and access is officially allowed .Then I press OK another one came there , please note access from other region or countrys is prohibited .I press OK again then these two messages keep on coming I and I keep on press OK why is the problem

  66. FANDLEY JR says

    Can this game play in my country Liberia

  67. Jean Mapang says

    Bonjour Ristechy, j’ai installé le jeux, mais au moment de l’ouvrir je suis buté à un petit soucis: “FINALISATION DE L’ACTION IMPOSSIBLE À CAUSE D’UNE ERREUR. VEUILLER REESSAYER. CODE : C_ETRH_0012 …” C’est la même réponse à chaque fois.
    S’il vous plait aidez moi à résoudre ce problème

    1. RisTechy says

      Switch on internet data and load the game.

  68. Cannibal says

    New versión 9 january 2020 ??

    1. RisTechy says

      Yes updated, Thanks for the comments.

  69. Jean Mapang says

    Bonjour Ristechy, j’ai une question, est-il possible de choisir une équipe réelle et affronter une autre équipe réelle dans fifa mobile 2020? C’est à dire une interface classique avec des ligue réelles, des compétitions telles que champions league, europa league,etc?
    Parce que jusque-là je ne vois que division Rivals, world tour,… et c’est un peu décevant

    1. RisTechy says

      I don’t think it is possible.

  70. Telvin says

    Is it the new updated version January 9 2020?

  71. Nass naseer says

    hello i extracted the game to obb but when i enter the app pes2020 it keep on telling me this language (download failed because the resources could not be found) please what could be the problem

    1. RisTechy says

      You didn’t extract the obb file correctly.

    2. Self Rolemodel says

      I’m also encountering similar issue, but for your own, you have to on your data to download the resources

      1. RisTechy says

        You didn’t extract the obb file correctly.

  72. Nass naseer says

    please help me with the steps to extract it correct

  73. Self Rolemodel says

    After I extracted it and installed the APK , anytime I try to open, a menu will appear saying ‘ downloading extra source failed because you do not purchase the app ‘ please what should I do

  74. rofiq says

    maaf passwordnya apa ga ngerti bahasa inggris?

    1. RisTechy says

      No password is needed.

  75. rofiq says

    Password obb nya apa ?

    1. RisTechy says


  76. rofiq says

    I want to ask something, is there Social Media?

  77. RisTechy says

    My website social media?

  78. Ahmad says

    Pls i have downloaded and extracted it as you instruct but when i open it, it start downloading obb data, starting from 24% 380 out of 1584, why

  79. RisTechy says

    That’s how it is sometimes..

  80. Zaharaddeen nuraddeen says

    Please tell me the correct answer . E-football Pes 2020 is it offline

    1. RisTechy says

      It is online as written above.

  81. Ibrahim says

    Does it have unlimited coins as it is patched already

    1. RisTechy says

      it doesn’t have.

    2. Agala sebastine says

      Please reply me

  82. Oualid says

    Thank you so much RisTechy , Best games website ever i have seen ♥️♥️?
    Keep it up,,

  83. Edrine says

    My pes 2020 4.4.1 apk says an error occurred while parsing the package before I can install it, how can i solve it

    1. RisTechy says

      Your device is likely not supported or download the apk with operamini

  84. zihad says

    when pes 2020 v4.2.0 coming

    1. RisTechy says

      Already uploaded.

  85. Saroj Rai says

    Is ther any chance of having real logos for some clubs in pes 2020… since I am a fan of man city but the logo is of old one…any suggestion from u bro…

    1. RisTechy says

      Except i will get the patch file that have the real logo.

    2. Stanley says

      this it updated

      1. RisTechy says


        1. Stanley says

          ok thanks

  86. Olawale says

    Sir I’m here because I love the way you hack game…
    Have downloaded diz game but all my players were no strong enough.
    Sir I want you to hack the game for more coins so that I can play online game comfortablely…

    1. RisTechy says

      Not possible..

  87. ghazzy says

    pls i cant locate the password

    1. RisTechy says

      File doesn’t have password please.

  88. Stanley says

    is it updated

  89. Stanley says

    sir I have been playing the game now it has just showed me the maintenance thing what should I do

    1. RisTechy says

      Open the game after sometime, konami is doing server maintenance.

  90. Zhad says

    When u upload v4.3.0

    1. RisTechy says

      uploaded. thanks for reporting.

  91. Zihad says

    V4.3.1 is coming

    1. RisTechy says

      Ready to update.

  92. Zihad says

    When will you upload v4.3.1

    1. RisTechy says

      updated, thanks.

  93. Airlygu_09 says

    Hello there.. please I want to know if the update file downloads the whole file size all the time or just a small portion to be added to the already editing file on my phone?? Thanks

    1. RisTechy says

      Just a portion. While in some device you don’t need to.

  94. Bami says

    It is not a comment but i like to give you a good comment i like your website i get fifa 20 dls 20 and now i wull download pes20

  95. Godisone says

    Hi ristechy i could install whole game perfectly and followed all the instructions but it doesn’t enter the game and just hangs on the main menu page and when i click on the page it shows a message that the game isn’t in your Google play and another message appears saying your region is restricted what can i do

    1. RisTechy says

      It’s not available for your region.

  96. Darkk says

    I have region problem if I chose another region can be solved

    1. RisTechy says

      Try it.

  97. Zihad says

    pes 2020 pc download available in your website

  98. QDomar says

    Hey your website has been good to me. So first thank you. My question is about updates. It is the second time needed to update. Last time I lost my progress in the game. How do I update probably with starting all the steps over? Thank you again

    1. RisTechy says

      Just delete obb and install apk.

  99. Isaac Brave Muriithi says

    Hey ristechy my obb isnt decompressing and am using zrarchiver

  100. Akintunde says

    Ristechy, I have extracted the obb file and copied it to android obb but when I open the application it says “download failed