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Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.3.2 Apk Obb (Real Names)

Download Football Manager 2022 Mobile Apk Obb (FM 2022) with licence issues fixed, various teams Save Data file available to provide real players names, face pack and kits update, real team names also fixed.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile enables you to manage or start a football career by establishing a Football club, choose from various virtual football team, compete in five leagues and reach to the top of the league by winning most of your football matches.

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Ability to buy and sell players within the game to another club for in-game virtual money is possible in the Football Manager 2022 for Android, as you can sell players who have dropped in ratings.

You can also use store items that enables you to unlock some restricted features of FM 2022 Mobile, all this can be unlocked for free without making any purchase.

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Agents are available in Football Manager 2022 for Android, this agents helps  you to look for good players who is willing to join your soccer club, similar feature can also be found in Dream League Soccer available on this website.

From now on you can load up to five nations when you want to start your managerial football career, which in turn gives the ability to unlock large pool of players such as wonder kids.

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Football Manager 2022 Mobile Apk Obb - FM 22

Features Of Football Manager 2022 Mobile For Android 

Below are the latest features of Football Manger 2022 Mobile for Android:

  • More than 60 Leagues added from leading nations around the world.
  • Sign global superstars along side wonder kids to empower your team.
  • Be inspired with new tactical formation template available within the soccer management team.
  • Enjoy fully unlocked version of FM 2022 Mobile Apk for free without licensed issues.
  • Bundles store unlocked.
  • Get real player names and fixed team names.
  • Recent players transfers.

Download Football Manager 2022 Mobile Apk Obb Save Data files

Click on the working link below, which will take you to the page where you can download latest FM 2022 Mobile Apk obb files. further read steps on how to set up Football Manager 2022 Mobile on your Android device below.

Obb File

Obb FM 22 Mobile 13.3.2 rar (609 MB)

Apk App 

FM 2022 Mobile 13.3.2 Apk (20 MB)

To fix FM 2022 unable to start kindly remove Google account from your device then load the game again or open the game from Google play store. 

Jump To 

How To Install FM 2022 Mobile Apk Obb

FM 2022 Mobile Save Data File For Real Names

FM 2022 Mobile Face Pack File

How Unlock FM 2022 Mobile Store For In Game Editor

Advanced Method To Unlock FM 2022 Mobile Store + Editor

Zarchiver App To extract Rar Files

Download Zarchiver Pro Apk 

How To Install Football Manager Mobile Apk Obb

Follow the steps below in order to get Football Manager Mobile version working on your device.

Steps to install FM 2022 Apk Obb are: 

  1. Open installed Zarchiver App.
  2. Click on downloaded “FM 2022 obb rar file”.
  3. Options menu will come up.
  4. “Click Extract” from options menu list.
  5. Go to “Internal, Device or phone memory”.
  6. Click “Android folder”.
  7. While in Android folder “click Obb folder”.
  8. Now “click Extract icon” which looks like a arrow pointing downwards – Obb file will be extracted completely after the progress bar reaches 100%.
  9. Finally Install FM 2022 Apk and load the game with one of the Save Data files you downloaded below to get real player names.

FM 2022 Mobile Save Data Files To Get Real Player Names

Here are Club save data files to download and get Real Player Names below, follow steps to load it up in your Football Manager 2022 Mobile edition.

Android 11 users above will be asked to create a folder where they can load Save Data file from, so follow the on-screen instructions.

Steps on how to use FM 2022 Mobile Save Data File (For Android >> 4.4 to 10):

  1. Open installed Zarchiver Apk App.
  2. Click on downloaded save data file below.
  3. From options menu that comes up…
  4. Click “Extract”.
  5. Click on 0/Storage/emulated or something similar.
  6. Now click on Device Memory from the drop down menu.
  7. Scroll down a bit or look for Documents Folder and click it.
  8. Click Sport Interactive folder.
  9. Click Football Manager 2022 Manager folder.
  10. Click “Normal folder”.
  11. Finally click “games folder” and extract your downloaded save data file into the games folder.

If your documents folder is empty, you have to use documents folder than can be found in Android/data folder. That means you will have to go to Android folder in your device memory using Zarchiver app, then click Data Folder, now locate com.sega.soccer.manager folder, inside you will see documents folder to use, then follow Step 8 above downwards.  

Transfers Update Save Data ( Supports Version 13.2.0 above)

Arsenal FM 22 Save Data

Aston Villa FM 22 Save Data(Updated)

Atlectico Bilboa FM Save Data

AC Milan FM Save Data

AS Roma FM Save Data

AS Monaco Save Data

Ajax FC FM 22 Save Data

Atlectico Madrid FM 22 Save Data

Atalanta FM Save Data

Barcelona FM 22 Save Data

Besiktas FM Save Data

Benfica FM Save Data

Borrusia Dortmund FM 22 Save Data

Borrussia M’glabach FM Save Data

Boca Juniors FM Save Data

Bayern Munich FM Save Data

Bayer 04 Leverkusen FM 22 Save Data

Brighton FM Save Data

Celtic FM Save Data

Chelsea FM Save Data

CSKA Moscow FM 22 Save Data

Crystal Palace FM Save Data

Derby FM Save Data

Everton FM 22 Save Data

FC Porto FM Save Data

Fenerbahce FM Save Data

Fiorentina FM 22 Save Data(Fixed)

Fulham FM  Save Data

Galatasaray FM Save Data

Inter Milan FM Save Data

Juventus FM Save Data

Kaizer Chiefs FM 22 Save Data

Lazio FM Save Data

Legia FM Save Data

Leeds United FM Save Data

Leicester FM Save Data 

Liverpool FM Save Data

Leipzig FM Save Data

Lyon FM Save Data

Lille – LOSC FM Save Data

Manchester United FM Save Data

Manchester City FM Save Data

Napoli FM Save Data

Newcastle FM Save Data

Norwich City FM Save Data

Olympique Marseille FM Save Data

Paris FC FM Save Data

PSG Save Data

Real Sociedad FM Save Data

Real Madrid FM 22 Save Data

Schalke 04 FM Save Data

Spartak Moscow FM Save Data

Sporting CP FM 22 Save Data

Sunderland FM 22 Save Data

Southampton FM Save Data

Sutton United FM Save Data

Trabzonspor FM Save Data

Tottenham FM Save Data

Union SG FM Save

Valencia FM Save Data

Villarreal FM Save Data

Watford FM Save Data

Westbroom FM Data

West Ham FM 22 Save Data

Wisla Krakow FM Save Data

Wolves FM Save Data

Wolfsburg FM Save Data

Zenit FM Save Data

Unemployed Manager Save Data 

Unemployed Manager FM Save Data

National Teams Save Data 

Nigeria FM 22 National Save Data

Turkey National Save Data

South Africa FM 22 National Team Save Data

Brazil National Team FM 22 Save Data

Argentina National FM 22 Save Data

DR Congo National FM Save Data

Poland FM 22 National Save Data

England National Team Save Data

France National Team FM Save Data

Football Manager 2022 Mobile Face Pack Download

Below is the face pack file for Football Manager 2022 Mobile, it is large in size so you will need enough space in your device to use it. Note that it might slow down your FM 22 app because of it size ( not common and varies with device speed).

Kindly follow the steps to extract into the right folder below.

How to extract and use FM 2022 Mobile face pack: 

  1. Using installed Zarchiver Apk App.
  2. Open it and locate downloaded  FM 2022 Face Pack Rar file.
  3. Click on the rar file and options menu will come up.
  4. From options menu click “Extract”.
  5. Now click 0/storage/emulated at the top of Zarchiver app interface.
  6. From the drop down menu click “Device Memory”.
  7. Now locate Android folder and click it.
  8. Then click “Data Folder”.
  9. Now click extract icon that looks like arrow pointing downwards to begin extracting the face packs.
  10. Now go to your FM 22 mobile game app and click settings, further click View, Click Reload User Interface and scroll down to click Reload Skin. This will now bring up player faces.

Link To Download FM 22 Mobile Face Pack 

How To Unlock FM 22 Mobile Store And Get In Game Editor Plus Other Un-lockables

Follow the steps below to unlock Football Manager 2022 Mobile store and get in game editor and other items too for free.

What You Need 

  • Already installed FM 2022 Mobile Normal mod Apk above.
  • Latest FM 2022 Apk Which Can be Downloaded Above.
  • Latest Lucky Patcher App >> Download Latest Lucky Patcher Apk>>
  • Carefully follow the steps below.

Steps To Get Unlock FM 22 Mobile Store: 

  1. Install Lucky Patcher Apk App.
  2. Go your Android Phone Settings and click on Apps, then locate and allow all permissions for Lucky Patcher.Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  3. Now open Luck Patcher and click on the menu at the top left corner of the app. Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  4. Click on Switches. Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  5. Click Enable Google Billing Emulation and also enable “Proxy Server For of inapp purchases”. Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  6. Now locate FM 22 Mobile in Lucky Patcher and click on it. Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  7. Now click on “Menu of Patches”. Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  8. Then further click on “Apk Rebuilt and LVL emulation”.Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  9. Now Tick or click “Support patch for LVL and Inapp emulation” only from the options available, don not tick any other box please. Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  10. Scroll down and click “Rebuild The App” and wait till everything is successfully done. Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  11. Now click on the FM 2022 Mobile Apk Lucky Patcher mod and install it over the existing the first modded version above that you have already installed. Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  12. After installing open FM 22 App and go to store, then Click on “All Items Bundle” and a pop up will come up….(Read Step 13). Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  13. Then Tick the two boxes that you can see in the image below. Click “Yes” to unlock the store completely.
    Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
    Tick The Two Boxes And Click Yes.

    Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)

Advanced Method To Unlock FM 2022 Mobile Store (Video)

Follow steps in the video below and download the required files to unlock FM 2022 mobile store easily using X8 Sandbox with Jasi Patcher.

Files Needed: 

  1. X8 Sandbox Apk Latest Download Link >>> https://is.gd/x8_sandbox_apk
  2. X8 Helper Apk For Android 12 Download Link >>> https://is.gd/x8_helper
  3. Jasi Patcher Apk Alternative to Lucky Patcher Download Link >>> https://is.gd/jasi_patcher
  4. You have to enable enable Developer options on your Android device too.

Watch Tutorial Video

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          Game out!!!!!!

          1. Febriawan says

            Can u change man united manager name please ??
            Ralp Rangnick new united manager

          2. Cent says

            Can you do Brazlian clubs like Atletico Mineiro?

          3. RisTechy says

            Which league is that?

        2. Zickizad says

          Will it be played offline.

          1. RisTechy says


          2. N'déba Ange Fabrice Dro says

            When Can WE get the faces kit ?

          3. RisTechy says

            Will be added soon.

        3. Jeswin Johnson says

          I cannot download the player images, showing server error. How to fix the issue??

          1. RisTechy says

            Wait i will add it my self.

          2. Zickizad says

            Hello pls when will SM22 be out

        4. Bliss says

          Hi, I did as instructed with the lucky patcher to unlock store and In-game editor bt I launched it nd it no longer works. Show keeps stopping

        5. Scrappy says

          Monchegladbach save pls

      2. Jazzy says

        Pls how bout the logo packs… Will u drop it too? Or do we just get dat of 21

        1. Debarpan Saha says

          can you make me Indian national team save data ?

          1. RisTechy says

            Indian national team can not be found.

    2. Chucks says

      When is the link coming out

      1. RisTechy says


        1. Fady says

          Can you upload the patched apk , mine can’t open the store

          1. RisTechy says

            Make sure you have internet switched on before opening the store.

          2. Fady says

            Yeah , I’m on android 11 may be that’s the problem , as It worked on android without problems , ofc the internet switched on as I opened the store before patching without problems 🤷

      2. Josh says

        There’s an updated version how can we get it?

        1. RisTechy says


    3. Vikings says

      T game store won’t load after the patch talk more of clicking anything. Help please

  2. Rick says

    In how many hours?

    1. RisTechy says

      As soon as it is released in my region.

      1. Temple says

        Dortmund save game pls

      2. ace says

        thanks in advance.

  3. OOHcee says

    It out already in Nigeria….ristechy

    1. Caesar says


    2. Sergiy1991 says

      hello, please make a save file for Fiorentina (Italy)

      1. RisTechy says


  4. Rashiology says

    Please, release the link at 1:00am. I can’t wait to play it morrow.

    1. Blastoise says

      Love the work….but when are the save data files are coming?

  5. Kahuna says

    Damn, been waiting for you!

  6. Futbolll says

    Can you make a save data with these nations*
    England, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal/Netherlands

    1. RisTechy says


      1. Anthony says

        Hey, love your work. Being a fan for a long while now. Need your help with the save data, I can’t find the football manager 22 file in my document folder. But my FM21 file is still there. Can’t I have both at once or do I need to uninstall my FM21 for my FM22 save data to work?

        1. RisTechy says

          No, FM 22 is different.. documents folder sometimes can be found in Android/data folder then click com.sega.soccer.manager folder.

  7. Isbano says

    Hey bro. Once the game is released can you make me my own save file? Thanks a lot

  8. Benjamin says

    Please download

  9. Jazzy says

    Ristechy thanks for always providing dis beautiful games I appreciate

    Pls I wanna know..when u mod the games …does it affect d originality of the game like its difficulty?…or it remains the same as the manufactured game from the company

    1. RisTechy says


      1. Gabriel Bayode says

        Yes to which one?
        It affects the difficulty?

  10. Luis Rodriguez says

    it already went out worldwide

  11. Nic says

    Hi, game is released now, is it now available in your region?

    1. Zickizad says

      I can’t find manchester united saved data

    2. Scrappy says

      Bayer Leverkusen save please!

      1. RisTechy says


  12. Harkonii says

    You’re the surest plug so I can’t wait… But will the save files be with the app and obb too or we have to wait a little longer for that?

    1. RisTechy says

      Comes separate

  13. Abdulhaqq says

    How soon is d link will it be released before 12am

  14. Abdulhaqq says

    Will it be released before 12am

  15. Fafathian says

    Bolton wanderers please

  16. Laleye Taiwo says

    The game have been Realeased in playstore…11:22pm here in Nigeria..when will yours be out ristechy

  17. Sphesh says

    Is it online ?

    1. RisTechy says


  18. Mike says

    Please for Barcelona save, don’t forget to put Xavi as manager

  19. Fred Frank says

    When will it be available?

  20. james says

    We are in November 9 when is coming out

  21. james says

    We are in November 9 when is it coming out

  22. Kenn says

    It’s already out on play store bro…

  23. Angel says

    Waiting patiently… Who am I kidding can’t wait 🤪🤪🤪😩

  24. lil black says

    When rishy I almost deleted my fm 21
    I’ve be anticipating man

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    When are you posting it

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  28. Fawase says

    RisTechy when will u drop it

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  29. Fawase says

    Will this year’s FM come with a touch version for android

    1. RisTechy says


      1. Scrappy says

        Borrussia monchegladbach save pls

  30. Tommie says

    Please drop the link and save date file ASAP cuz today is my birthday and it would be the best birthday present if you can drop it

  31. Blaq says

    Please I’m starving to play this game, in how many hours should I revisit this site?

    1. RisTechy says


  32. Leo says

    When are the Obb and Save Files released?

    1. RisTechy says


  33. Fawase says

    When will you upload the save data

    1. RisTechy says

      Later today

  34. Harkonii says

    Please don’t leave out Leeds united later today 🙏🙏

  35. Agrippa moyo says

    Thank you so much for your work. I really appreciate it 👏👏👏

  36. Agrippa moyo says

    Create save data for me


  37. Blaq says

    Y’all already did a great job uploading the app and obb which I personally appreciate a lot but it’s almost useless without the save files. can you please hastily drop the save datas asap, ooh and by the way;why isn’t the store working yet?

  38. Blaq says

    Barçelona dave

  39. Ristechy's fan says

    Liverpool save please

  40. Akinwale says

    When will the save data be available

    1. Arisu says

      Add Borussia Monchengladbach save data pls.. this club’ is from Bundesliga. BTW, Wolfsburg savedata is corrupte because that savedata Need 1 more file

      1. RisTechy says

        Updated and fixed, save data added.

  41. Gabriel Bayode says

    Ristechy doing great with the speed of upload
    Can’t wait till the saves are out
    Well done Ristechy

  42. Mo says

    Hey, I followed your instructions but upon opening the app, a notification popped up, saying “unable to connect to playstore”
    What do I do. I’m signed into playstore already

    1. RisTechy says

      Switch off your internet data and install.

    2. Joseph Bockarie Lansana says

      Go to playstore and open the game from there. Search FM22 in playstore and click on the open icon and play

  43. Abdulhaqq says

    Save file please

  44. Pathikrit Sur says

    It is not working. Wasted 500mb of data. There is a message as soon as I open the game. Then no progress, it gets stuck in that screen…..

    1. Blaq says

      it actually works for others, although there is no save file yet but it’s working perfectly

    2. Laleye Taiwo says

      Showing a message (FM22 unable to start …unable to connect to playstore)…I switched my phone server to airplane and reinstall but still being same message just got stuck..please work on this🙏🙏🙏

  45. Mahad says

    ristechy is the game released in your region ? . is this game file working now?

  46. Pathikrit Sur says

    Same here. Guess we cannot play this game.

    1. Laleye Taiwo says

      You also have the same problem?

  47. Abdulhaqq says

    How do we get player photo

    1. Prosper says

      Bro the game play for your phone?

  48. muziefrmdao says

    hw do install the save data for real player names

  49. muziefrmdao says

    game not playing

  50. Nic says

    Hi RisTechy, why is the game store not working? And how do we get Editor?

    1. Joseph Bockarie Lansana says

      Go to playstore and open the game from there

  51. Godlikeking1 says

    Ristechy thanks it it working already started a save without real name anyway and for those it say unable to load or start use your internet connection to enter the game for the first time it will work

  52. Joseph Bockarie Lansana says

    I had the same issues with the game starting. what I did was, I went to playstore, searched for the game and it appeared I have already downloaded the game so I just clicked on the open icon and it worked right away. So instead of opening the game directly from you home screen, try doing it from the playstore app and it will worked. Just try and see cuz it worked for me

  53. Rick says

    Why the age of the players are younger or older than the real ones?

  54. muziefrmdao says

    where do u extract the save data file

  55. muziefrmdao says

    someone help plizzz!!!

  56. Angel says

    I hope am not being selfish but can you create a save state for me
    Manchester United

    1. muziefrmdao says

      how do you load the data save files on your Fm22

      1. AGRIPPA MOYO says

        To load save data..Once you open your game,it will ask you to create a new folder where you will save your data, it can be in phone memory or memory card,

  57. Fred Frank says

    Is the Game working fine? Like do we get the in-game editor after installing the game?

  58. Pathikrit Sur says

    RisTechy, please check the manchester city save. There is a problem loading the saves…. Thank you for the saves. Also, to answer Fred Frank, you will not get in game editor, for that you have to have lucky patcher and do the steps you did in fmm 2021….check it if you do not remember…

  59. Jazzy says

    How about the logo and face packs

  60. Mo says

    Amazulu FC save file

  61. Abdulhaqq says

    Player picture and logo please ristechy when r we expecting it

  62. Asmof says

    I need help with the installation of the game I’ve downloaded it twice and installed following the procedures still it keeps saying unable to start… It’s really frustrating

    1. RisTechy says

      Open from play store.

  63. Gareth says

    Hi Ristechy, Can you please put face packs for the game. Thank you anyways

    1. RisTechy says

      I will soon add face pack.

      1. Hatykuxordik says

        Wow thanks

  64. Dani says

    FM22 Mobile unable to start, unable to connect to Google Play Store, pelase ensure play store is functioning correcttly on your device and you are signed in…. please what’s the solution? thanks

    1. RisTechy says

      Launch the game from play store.

      1. Dani says

        Error installing player pictures: there was an error installing player pictures: server error. please what’s the solution? thanks

  65. Timmy says

    Pls do a rangers save in scotland

    1. RisTechy says

      It will be done.

  66. Chris says

    Fm 22 mobile unable to start connect to play store

  67. Ayo says

    Should I click on new game

    1. RisTechy says


  68. ave says

    please make a save data for unemployed zinedine zidane, and when any update for real face? thanks before

    1. RisTechy says

      Coming soon.

  69. Emmanuel says

    When can we expect the editor for FM 22 to be out?

    1. RisTechy says

      When available.

  70. Rudy Tjandra says

    the obb file still version 13.0.2 version? is it compatible with APk version 13.0.3?

    1. RisTechy says

      Yes it is.

      1. LovePromise says

        The new version is not working.

        1. RisTechy says

          Obb fixed.

  71. Casper says

    Brighton Save Data please !

    1. RisTechy says

      It will be added.

    2. Yemaany says

      I can’t seem to extract the Saved data to the fm22 games folder in documents, it wasn’t created automatically. Kindly assist

      1. RisTechy says

        You have to add it the default data folder of football manager by going to Android folder then click data folder, now locate com.sega.soccer.manager inside it you will see data folder.

  72. Lucky patcher says

    How do we get the editor and other store purchases? Lucky patcher doesn’t seem to be working this time.

    1. RisTechy says

      It wont work for now.

      1. Charles says

        When will it start working

        1. RisTechy says

          Which one?

  73. Adewale says

    The benfica save data is not right

    1. RisTechy says

      What’s the error please?

  74. Adewale says

    Please add sporting Lisbon save data God bless

    1. RisTechy says

      It will be added.

  75. Ziad m4m4 says

    I want to save the file of Al-Ahly of Egypt

    1. RisTechy says

      Egyptian League not added in FM 22.

  76. Moz says

    The real names save is not working

    1. RisTechy says

      You didn’t put it in the right working folder.

  77. Andra says

    Asia team save data please Korea league or Australia league 🙏

  78. Jagger says

    Football Manager 2022 Touch, please!

    1. RisTechy says

      Coming soon.

      1. Rudy Tjandra says

        FM2022 Touch only available on Switch. No Android version.

  79. Billy says

    in advance thank you very much ristechy, I hope facepack will come soon

    1. RisTechy says

      Yes coming soon.

  80. Amir says

    Where is your facepack please be faster😠😠

    1. RisTechy says

      Coming soon.

    2. Trektop says

      Buy it if you want faster moron.

    3. Ares says

      Can you kindly add Indian National Team Save Please!!

      1. RisTechy says

        Indian national team not available in FM 22.

  81. Pathikrit Sur says

    Ristechy, there is an error in man city save. Kindly, update the save. Thanks in advance. Also, in game editor is working for me just like in fmm 21. Just remain online while using lucky patcher. Thank you Ristechy. For you, we can play paid games for free. Just kindly check the man city saves. Face pack also working for me. Remember EPL players face not available

    1. Amodu Quadri says

      Pathikrit Sur pls how did you do it that the in game editor is working

      1. Pathikrit Sur says

        Amodu quadri,Told you. Just follow the same steps as you did in fmm21, (and if you forgot the process go through the process; using lucky latcher) just remain online while doing the process. Also, in fmm22 I can activate challenges (like injury crisis, being invincible etc.) From the options menu, (forgive the names). For that you have to go to otions and then go to narratives. There you can trigger any narratives. This is a new feature…..

      2. Mohammad Farman says

        Bro i did everything as said to get the in game editor. Once I modify the apk and Install it, the store doesn’t seem to open.
        It keeps on saying Checking for connection and then connection not found.
        Tried everything.

        1. RisTechy says

          Switch on your internet data.

        2. Anthony says

          The winter update sir, please when would it be out

          1. RisTechy says

            Already out.

  82. Adewale says

    Not the real benfica team I think it’s the lower league team

  83. Adewale says

    Thanks for adding sporting CP you are the best

  84. Abdulhaqq says

    Real player face

  85. Pathikrit Sur says

    The above one is better than here. There you can find all clubs. Unlike the uploader here there the person is much friendlier. I asked ristechy to repair the man city save. He did not bothered. Go to the above site. It is much better.

    1. Victor says

      You’re an ingrate, and so entitled mofo. Did you pay him?

    2. RisTechy says

      What’s the error in save file?

      1. Amodu Quadri says

        Pls when will the facepack and in game editor be available

        1. Richard says

          That’s what I would like to. In game editor

  86. Fido says

    Pls am unable to run the saved file.

    1. RisTechy says

      Wait for steps or check for football manager data folder in ANDROID FOLDER

  87. Akurugu stephen says

    Mortal kombat x is needed ristechy please

    1. RisTechy says

      It will be updated shortly.

  88. Adewale says

    New version is. Available please upload. Ristechy keep up the good work

  89. Elijah Chiumya says

    Am trying to play the game on my huawei p40 lite its requesting i get signed with google play. Is there any way i would by pass

    1. RisTechy says

      Read the steps above.

      1. Elijah Chiumya says

        I have done that but it requires google play services and huawei doesn’t support that

        1. RisTechy says

          Just click back button. It will skip the process.

  90. stifler says

    Can you help me? Always error while opening Store

    1. RisTechy says

      Logout of play store and load again.

  91. Jim Preston says

    Manchester City data don’t work

    1. RisTechy says

      Re-Uploaded, but works with version 13.0.4

  92. Angel says

    I’ve been visiting everyday but still haven’t seen the face packs how much longer 🥺🥺🥺

    1. RisTechy says

      I will add it soon, already uploaded, i want to write down the steps.

  93. Sthembiso says

    Hey guys, how can i load the save files, cause I’ve been trying and it’s not working?

    1. RisTechy says

      Go to Android folder then click data folder. Then locate com.sega.soccer.manager folder the click it to find documents folder.

  94. Daniel says

    Really, Really awesome work, man!
    I appreciate this your effort.
    Thank you.

  95. Pip says

    Face ,logo pack & free shopping like fm 21 plss

    1. RisTechy says

      Coming soon.

  96. Tomii says

    Do I need to download the obb again for the 13.0.4 update??
    Or it is still the same obb

  97. Manifest says

    Ristechy sir how do I purchase the in-game editor things it always says connecting to store

    1. RisTechy says

      Which version of Android are you using, and version of FM 22 also.? Because on Android 10 the store is working.. but you need to modify the app for in LVL emulation with lucky patcher to unlock the editor.

      1. Lee berrington says

        Ristech android 11 and when I have modified with lucky patcher the game doesn’t load

        1. RisTechy says

          It won’t load on Android 11.

      2. Manifest says

        I’m using android version 9 and the version of FM I’m using is the one you posted here

      3. 3mmm3 says

        Please add spanish lower league teams
        Thank you so mush for addin sutton united

  98. Amir says

    When do you put facepack?? Soon mean when??🥺🥺

  99. Amodu Quadri says

    When will the in game editor be available pls

  100. StasPleshan21 says

    11 Android
    In-Game Store doesn’t work. What can I do,or only wait?

    1. RisTechy says

      Wait while find solutions.

  101. Joshua says

    my in game editor is working, a bit tricky, I downloaded the apk file from a different site

    1. RisTechy says

      Can you show us how you did it?

      1. Joshua says

        The apk file you uploaded doesn’t work, when I patch it with Lucky Patcher it does not open, so i downloaded the apk
        file only from androidoyun.club, patched it, open the app, and went to the store, you have to online, select the ingame editor, while it is showing processing keep tapping the back button to close it, when it’s closes, go back to the store and you’ll see that it has been purchased successfully. Viola

        1. AnotherPlaya says

          How exactly did you patch it???.. ..Because I have used Reassembly Dex and Proxy Server (The first one says succeded)

          But when I open the store in game, it keeps saying connecting then it says error.


          1. RisTechy says

            Don’t use that, use LVL emulation.

        2. Moses says

          It worked
          Gracias muchas (tnks so much)

    2. Manifest says

      Show me how please

      1. melvin says

        Please add unclocked mod

    3. Micheal says

      What site please

      1. RisTechy says

        I will post the steps up there, it can now be unlocked easily.

    4. Micheal says

      How did you do it

      1. RisTechy says

        I will post the steps to do it, so far you have Android 10 below.

        1. Joshua says

          Works on lower versions too, I use an android 9, worked for me,

  102. Tk says

    Hw cn l install it on Huawei y9a it does not support Google play store

    1. RisTechy says

      It won’t work without Google play service, except you will search online on how to use Google play service on Huawei device.

  103. Gabriel says

    My lucky patcher doesn’t work it keeps showing connecting to store and then purchase failed
    The lucky patcher doesn’t pop up as it happened in fm 21

    1. RisTechy says

      Are you using the latest version of FM 22? You have to modify first with lucky patcher this time around. But doesn’t work on some models of Android device.

      1. Gabriel says

        Yes I downloaded the latest version and yet it doesn’t work
        How do I modify it pls

      2. Shalam Makoko says

        How do you get in-game editor?

        1. RisTechy says

          Wait for updates.

  104. Nevermind says

    Hi ristechy, how do I the correct team names, set player pictures and team logos.

    1. RisTechy says

      I will upload the files.. soon.

    2. Dee says

      Ristechy I’ve got the player face but idk how to go about for the inapp purchase

      1. RisTechy says

        Wait for updates.

  105. Andra says

    Asia team save data please 🙏

  106. Manifest says

    Ristechy sir please make it work on android 9 😭

  107. Manifest says

    Ristechy sir please make it work on android 9

    1. berry says

      its working on android 9, am using s8+

      1. Manifest says

        How did you do it please

  108. Reegan Chapman says

    When will all player names be fixed

    1. RisTechy says

      You mean how to set it up?

  109. Khaled says

    Do I need to install the new obb?

    1. RisTechy says


  110. Julius says

    Pls Ristechy, Can you explain better how to input the save data I downloaded, I’ve been playing the game since two days ago, I just can’t understand the players name.

    Thank you very much for your effort Sir.

    1. RisTechy says

      The save data file is for you to get real player names.

  111. Gabriel says

    Pls ristechy make the in game editor work I really need it

  112. Fafathian says

    Please can you make save data bolton wanderers 🙂

  113. muziefrmdao says

    can we have the man city save data ristechy thank you

  114. TECHNO FM22 says

    Please ristechy manchester city file is corrupt please make a new one I beg bro please even though u won’t reply but as soon as u see this comment I beg of u son of God make a new man city savedata u would’ve helped me a lot bro thanks and keep up the good work bro.

    1. RisTechy says

      The file is working, use Chrome to download the file please.

  115. AnotherPlaya says

    When I try the fix it doesn’t work it keeps telling me “Sign in to your Google account”

    I have patched the game using “LVL and In app” by lucky patcher but the game doesn’t open

    1. AnotherPlaya says

      I am using Android 11

  116. Abdulhaqq says

    Ristechy …player face pack we have been waiting too long 😣

  117. Menekporo Emmanuel says

    The Sport Interactive folder manager 22 is not showing after installation

    1. RisTechy says

      Read what i wrote in red above.

  118. 3mmm3 says

    Can you add some national leage south or north teams saved data?

    1. RisTechy says

      Which country is that?.

      1. 3mmm3 says


  119. Justin says

    Please is it just me or the shop doesn’t open because of the hack or it my phones problem

    1. RisTechy says

      The store should open if you are using version 13.0.4 restart your device and try again.

      1. Justin says

        Thanks for the face packs

        For the shop my phone is android 11

  120. Gyimah Theophilus says

    Please I have problem
    The prayers face don’t show

  121. Vivek says

    Are the player faces available yet?

    1. RisTechy says

      Will be added soon.

  122. Shubisss says

    Hii, In-Game editor isn’t working. I’ve tried everything from lucky patcher to different apks. Do you have a solution for this?
    Thank you.

    1. RisTechy says

      Solution available, i will post it soon.

      1. shubam parajuli says

        Thank you so much for this and facepack too. You’re amazing 😛. Still can’t wait for In-Game editor.
        Thank youuuuuu

  123. Abdulhaqq says

    Players face is not interesting playing the game without club logo nd player faces

    1. Hasel says

      That isn’t… it is really nice when a player scores and his face is shown…. not like all that plan Black face and I like seeing clubs real logos

  124. Bunmi says

    Obb file download link not opening

    1. RisTechy says

      It is working use Chrome or UC browser to check it out.

  125. Hasel says

    Wow… the face pack is really big

  126. Fitz says

    Thanks for the facepack ristechy 😊, you are the best!

  127. TECHNO FM22 says

    Face pack finally out!!! 😎😎😎

  128. Hasel says

    Why is it only face pack, what about the club and all leagues logo… I was thinking this face was included the logos too

    1. RisTechy says

      Logo packs coming soon. The files are heavy in size, this time they will come separately.

    2. TK says

      Hey hw can l get tge previous versions apk

  129. Hasel says

    I was thinking this face pack files had both the club logos in it too… please provide the logo file too. And also the face pack included most of the top managers

    1. Tylerthecreator says

      Fk bodo glimt save data please!!🙏🙏

      1. RisTechy says

        Specify there country.

  130. Ope says

    Salzburg save data please

    1. RisTechy says

      Specify country..

      1. Ope says


  131. Gameman says

    My is still saying unable to start and I’ve tried what you wrote in red up there but still giving me same error message. “unable to start”login to your Google account.

    1. RisTechy says

      Download the latest apk app above and try..

  132. Vexia says

    Please add Real Sociedad save data.

    1. RisTechy says


      1. Vexia says

        ty RisTechy.
        Waiting for the logo packs 🙂

  133. Tylerthecreator says

    Fk bodo glimt country is Norway 🇳🇴
    Please add save data🙏

    1. Tylerthecreator says

      Manager name: Michael King
      Nation: 🇺🇸
      Age: 43 yrs old
      Thank youu!!🙏🙏

  134. Tomii says

    Does this pack contain the kits and logos??.. Or it’s just a facepack only??

    1. Blabla says

      Facepack only

  135. Gabriel says

    Pls when will u post the solution to the in game editor

    1. Pip says

      Game editor pls

      1. Pip says

        i modd with luckypat but cant open app

        1. Pip says


          after i try many time, i can buy all store with lp.

          Create moddied apk – for in app nd level emu – ceklst proxy, support patch, update patch(green colour)

          1. Pip says

            dont forget to acept all app permision(luckypat)

            .sry for bad english

  136. google tl says

    I don’t know where to put my comment, so I’m posting it here

    I wish I could change the Tottenham manager to Conte.

    1. RisTechy says

      Is he the new manager.

      1. muziefrmdao says


      2. google tl says

        Nunu was sacked a few weeks ago and the new manager is Conte.
        Is it possible?

  137. Tsaw says

    can you create a documents folder.. My docs folder doesn’t have the sports interactive file

    1. RisTechy says

      You can find it in Android/data folder. Then click com.sega.soccer.manager

    2. Miguel Costa says

      Good morning.
      I have a problem.
      I play the game with save data folder FC Porto. I play for a while and then I save the game. After that i quit the game. Until now ok.
      After that i load the game previously saved and the game start at first day. Aparentelly not save the game…
      You now why?
      Thank you all.
      Good work

  138. AnotherPlaya says

    Can you add a Lille save file

    1. AnotherPlaya says

      LOSC in the French league

      1. AnotherPlaya says

        Please add

  139. Vivek says

    Not able to use the live game editor, when will that be available?

  140. Ali says

    please can you add Rb salzburg save file

    1. RisTechy says

      Specify there country, Austria is not available in FM 22 or send screenshots.

    2. Febriawan says

      Can u change man united manager name please ??
      Ralp Rangnick new united manager

  141. StasPleshan21 says

    I cant get the editor
    I follow the steps,but nothing happens

    1. Vivek says


  142. Scrappy says

    The store is not working, it’s showing error code 205 .
    What should I do?

    1. Eneko says


      1. GWangHoon says

        same too

  143. Akurugu stephen says

    Mortal kombat x is needed please ristechy sharp please

  144. Aditya says

    The solution for in game editor is not working please do something about it

    1. RisTechy says

      Wait for updates.

      1. Angel says

        Ok the updated one will have the in game editor right???

  145. Gabriel says

    The in game editor still isn’t working even after following the steps there

  146. Ope says

    Am i the only one having problems with the facepacks? After extracting to sport interactive/fm/normal/graphics
    I launch the game, reload the skin then it hangs on the reloading skin page.
    Any fix to this?

  147. Abdulhaqq says

    When is the club logo coming out

  148. Gareth says

    Hey ristechy, when will the kit and logos files be there to download

  149. Gabriel says

    After following the steps for the in game editor the app failed to install

  150. Salah says

    Ingame Editor is not working help

    1. RisTechy says

      Follow the steps above to unlock please.

      1. James says

        I’m on Android 12 and cannot get lucky Patcher to work following all the instructions above in red. Does this not work with Android 12 RisTechy?

        1. RisTechy says

          Update to latest lucky patcher it should work.

  151. GWangHoon says

    Still 205 error . . .

    after lucky patcher mod installed play fm22 in store click alert “205 error”

    1. Eneko says

      Ristechy…Could be a problem with android 11 or chinese Miui interface?

      1. GWangHoon says

        my phone is samsung galaxy s20+ and android 11.

        luckypatcher unlockables modded apk upload plz.

  152. Khaled says

    Now the game doesn’t want to start

    1. Gabriel says

      The app refused to install in mine

      1. Khal says

        follow all the instruction..after rebuild when try to install it says installation failed…got the latest lucky patcher

        1. RisTechy says

          restart your phone and install again. you must have enough space in your device. or rebuild the app again.

        2. Tylerthecreator says

          Norwich city save data please ristehcy please

  153. Abdulhaqq says

    Will dere be club logo soon

  154. Adewale says

    Should we download both obb and apk for u just uploaded

  155. Prince Sistus says

    Why am I getting this error (unable to connect to playstore, please unsure playstore is functioning correctly on your device and you are sign in, use of emulator may cause this error disable them if running) after patching with lucky patcher

    1. RisTechy says

      Is your play store working?

  156. Paschal says

    Ristechy, how long does it take to Initialize new game? I’m using android 9 and it hasn’t been able to initialize new game. I just select my 5 nations and it continues showing initializing new game.

    1. RisTechy says

      Your device is slow to handle the process.

  157. Hesham says

    It’s said purchase was not completed what should I do

    1. RisTechy says

      Exit and enter the store again.

  158. Emma says

    Please how can I extract the face pack on Android 11, I am unable to access the data folder

    1. RisTechy says

      Use Zarchiver app and give permissions

  159. Daniel Craig says

    the app verification doesn’t work after modded (rebuild LVL and reinstall)with Lucky Patcher for the ver 13.0.5. how can i fix this?

    1. RisTechy says

      Update to latest lucky patcher then rebuild the app by ticking the first and second option.

      1. Daniel Craig says

        thanks, it’s working now.

  160. Khal says

    thanks bro… store works perfect with new 13.05… u rock bro…now just patiently waiting for logo..lol

  161. Sodiq says

    The game save file isn’t working sir. .pls show steps

    1. RisTechy says

      Steps is already there.

    2. Andra says

      Save data Asia’n Team Please 🙏

  162. Gabriel says

    Tnks ristechy the in game editor works perfectly

  163. GWangHoon says

    lucky patcher 9.8.1 updated.
    and your step unlockables

    Click ‘Store’ to still ‘Failed to connect to the store. Error code: 205.
    Retry connection?

    message output.

    i dont understand my situation…..

    my phone samsung galaxy s20+ (G986N), android 11…

    help me please ristechy….

    1. GWangHoon says

      apk and obb 13.0.5 update completed…..

    2. Eneko says

      Same problem, error Code 205

      Followed all steps. Game it’s ok but store doesnt work.

      I have Xiaomi Poco F3. Android 11. Miui 12.5.4

  164. Aman Kanamadi says

    Hi bro please can you give Argentina national team save file of fm 22

    1. RisTechy says


  165. Man Utd says

    hi bro, i follow all the steps correctly on lucky patches but it doesnt work on the latest update 13.0.5 i try it again on 13.0.4 it works please make it available to the latest update thank you

    1. RisTechy says

      It works with 13.0.5, you have to thick two first options.

  166. AnotherPlaya says

    Can you add save file for Lille in France? (LOSC)

  167. Tylerthecreator says

    Add norwich city save file pleaseee

  168. Random Guy says

    Please make Stade Reims save data.thank you sir 🙏

    1. RisTechy says

      Which league?

  169. Tylerthecreator says

    Ristechy add norwich city game save

  170. StasPleshan21 says

    Don’t work the unlockables
    Error 205
    All steps are confirmed and checked
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro
    Android 11

  171. Tylerthecreator says

    Norwich city save file broo please

  172. Tylerthecreator says

    Hey please man add Norwich save

  173. Fajar says

    After I rebuiled the apps with lucky patcher, the store can’t connect. And then, Is there anyone have problem force out when end season at 9th July? Thank you Ristechy for making this

    1. Love says

      The 13.1.1 version is not playing. It saying I did not buy the game.
      What is the way to fix this.

      1. RisTechy says

        Download the latest Obb patch file.

  174. Abdulhaqq says

    Club logo

  175. Gabriel says

    Ristechy pls can u create an unemployed Coach save data with my name on it… Pls i would really appreciate

  176. Muzie Hope says

    leeds united save data please and thank you.

    1. RisTechy says


  177. Sbuda rsa says

    If you can add Atletic Bilbao plss add Villarreal 🥺🤲

    1. RisTechy says


  178. Funmilayo says

    Am using Android 8 before I patch it
    The store was working but after I patched it the store was not working again

    1. RisTechy says

      Use version 13.0.4 then.

      1. Funmilayo says

        I’m I going to open the store offline or online

  179. Scrappy says

    I would like a borrussia monchegladbach in bundesliga save.i would really appreciate it

    1. Tylerthecreator says

      Atalanta 🇮🇹save data please bro

  180. Fojiz says

    Your definitely goated for this Bro

  181. GWangHoon says

    luckypather patched apk upload please.

    All steps are confirmed and checked but store doesnt work.

    i dont understand this problem.

    help me

  182. Ojiah says

    Hello RisTechy, thanks for your good work. My game can not proceed beyond one season as it crashes once I proceed to next season. I use Oppo (android 11) how can I fix? Please reply, thanks in advance.

    1. RisTechy says

      Update coming.

    2. Min says

      I got the same problem as well,is urs fixed?

  183. Airil says

    My sport interactive not found…I already go to android/data still not found,can you help me with that?

    1. RisTechy says

      Create a save data first and look for the folders again.

  184. Reegan Chapman says

    Same here gives Me error when I try and use store

  185. Artana Kumara says

    Hi Ris, can I ask you to change unemployed save data reputation to be change to continental or at least national? Its hard to get jobs offer

    1. RisTechy says

      It will be changed.

      1. Artana Kumara says

        I think I found why people can’t complete your lucky patcher steps. Your fm apk doesn’t show green clover when I follow your step, then I try another source apk and it show green clover (it works)

        1. StasPleshan21 says

          Where you download an other apk. Can you send the file or link?

          1. Artana Kumara says

            Find joshua’s comment above for step.
            You can try androidoyun to download apk

  186. Fady says

    Did you find out a soluation for Android 11 ?

  187. Adewale says

    The game is not starting after new update

  188. Adewale says

    It will show download finished 0MB/0MB

  189. Adewale says

    The obb file is still 13.0.5 maybe that is the reason

  190. Joshua says

    Gotten the new update, patched it, I used only the support patch for in app emulation because the others made the app “unable to start, can’t connect to play store”, gotten the face pack (2022) and logo pack (2020 edition) working, everything is good, I’m back to using wolves game save.. Thank you Ristechy.

    1. Joshua says

      I got my apk file only elsewhere. androidoyun.club. The rest I got from here.

      1. Damn Daniel says

        But can you buy at store ?, The purchase always fail

      2. GWangHoon says

        Thanks joshua!!

        mingwanghoon@gmail.com <- your apk send please…

        i cant open store …. all steps confirm.. but this issue

        1. Joshua says

          Your Internet data must be turned on for first time at store

      3. StasPleshan21 says

        What will you choose fir inapp. Second box with long download,or 3 one with shorter download. Because I choose any of them,both is failed to connect to store

    2. Caleb says

      Please can you help me. I have downloaded and extracted the obb. But I don’t have the sports interactive folder(incomplete) so the game is not loading. Writing download paused. It’s frustrating

      1. RisTechy says

        Download the updated Obb file above

  191. TK says

    Every time I patch it, won’t open store how can l fix that

    1. GWangHoon says

      Ristechy is no reply can`t open store issue .

      1. Niko says

        After the update does not start. Writes 0/0 MB. What does it do?

        1. RisTechy says

          Please download new obb above. Sorry for the issue.

  192. Rx10 says

    Apk is 13.1.0 and obb is 13.0.5 so the game is not opening Please fix it!!

    1. RisTechy says


  193. Yasin Bulut says

    Hello RisTechy, thanks for your good work.
    Can you make Turkish league leader Trabzonspor save please ?

    1. RisTechy says


  194. Vikings says

    The obb file is not the same version as the app.. Update the obb to correspond with the app please

    1. RisTechy says


  195. Glovely says

    We are many, we weating the DRC 🇨🇩 national team save data, please do it for us.

    1. RisTechy says


      1. Glovely says

        Thank you for it.

        1. TK says

          Why won’t open store after u patch it please help

  196. Miguel Costa says

    Good morning.
    I have a problem.
    I play the game with save data folder FC Porto. I play for a while and then I save the game. After that i quit the game. Until now ok.
    After that i load the game previously saved and the game start at first day. Aparentelly not save the game…
    You now why?
    Thank you all.
    Good work

  197. Hasel says

    I’m trying to download apk file but it keeps saying no file. Please fix

    1. Hatykuxordik says

      Logo and kits not still loading after the installation of the new obb file and apk, pls help

  198. Fawase says

    After I patched the app, it doesn’t open, it just crashes out any time I try to open it, n it say Fm stops working, what is wrong

  199. King says

    Any first division team in Ghana league?

    1. RisTechy says

      Ghana league not available on FM.

      1. King says

        Okay thanks

  200. Amey says

    It’s showing “Please sign in to your Google Play account and try again” error. Please help 🙏🏼

  201. Fawase says

    I follow all the process well, but after purchasing, it says purchase failed, what’s wrong

  202. DaNny says

    The face pack file says error after extraction to the data folder..why is that

    1. RisTechy says

      If Android 11 it will give error, you can extract in a separate folder and copy it to the data folder.

  203. Ristechy's fan says

    Thank you Ristechy for crystal Palace save, you are a good man ❤️
    God bless you

  204. Klix555 says

    Hey bliss…I had the exact problem but I had a quite impressive solution…
    First u you’ll need zarchiver…then locate “STORE_CHANNEL.xml” which can be found on Android/data/com.sega.soccer.manager/files/installed/application support /sports interactive/football manager 2022/ normal/preferences/v1/channel at last.. Open it using a txt viewer ..I’d recommend “html viewer” then rewrite all the “false” to “true” then save it using the suitable pdf reader u have..if you’re having 2nd thoughts u can copy the STORE_CHANNEL.xml u have to any folder just incase… give it a try it’s worth it 👌

    1. RisTechy says

      Thanks for this. This is a solution for?

    2. TK says

      Wat z this solution 4

  205. GWangHoon says

    i can`t luckyPatcher to mod apk….

    but transfer bug to use enjoy game.

    very thanks RisTechy.

  206. Fady says

    I found only solution for Android 11 , install the game on VMOS PRO Android 5.1

    1. Fady says

      Or 7.1

  207. Abdulhaqq says

    Ristechy Logo please

  208. Amey says

    Does it work for Android 12 ???

  209. Marshall says

    Ristechy can plz upload versions 13.1.1
    There’s a bug that slows down the game the latest update fixes it

    1. RisTechy says


      1. 3adel says

        “download failed because you may not have purchased this app”
        Help please

        1. RisTechy says

          Obb fixed

  210. Chucks says

    When will version 13.1.1 be released?

  211. Vivek says

    OGC nice save please

  212. Berry says

    Hello bro, the new version isn’t working, they tell its downloading something but it doesn’t load, I removed google from phone too still.

    1. Yosel says

      Unable to start bro

      1. RisTechy says

        Obb has been uploaded.

  213. Hasel says

    Hey, the game is opening… it keeps saying it wasn’t purchased and doesn’t open

  214. Is ma'ruf says

    looks like the obb file is wrong. After I match and try it with fm22 apk v13.1.0, I’m sure that it’s exactly the same

    1. RisTechy says

      I have uploaded another one.

  215. Misu says

    Ristechy,the update 13.1.1 cant open cause it detect the game wasnt from play store,what do i do?i didnt connect to google games

    1. RisTechy says

      Obb fixed.

  216. Abdoul Aleixe says

    It doesn’t function

    1. RisTechy says

      Obb fixed

  217. Abdoul Aleixe says

    On me demande de sélectionner un dossier où les données seront installées et après ça marche plus stp une réponse très rapide

  218. Gareth says

    Hey Ristechy I want to ask if the logo pack will be there as soon as possible

  219. Adewale Iyanda says

    Sport interactive not available on my fone and I followed ur steps still yet I can find the save data after I load the game

  220. Drey says

    Rishtechy please can FMMTOUCH22 not FMM22 play on my Samsung Galaxy s9plus……if yes please send me link

    1. RisTechy says

      Yes it can..

      1. Sergio says

        hello Ristechy … please add the save file Monaco (France) … Thank you)

        1. RisTechy says


  221. Leo says

    Hey, so I did all you said on the instructions but after installing the games refuses to pass the loading saved game pls help….I tried starting a new game also but after selecting the 5 countries it’s just hangs on installising new game..pls help

    1. RisTechy says

      Use save data file above please.

  222. XXd says

    I want to edit but I can’t. I’ve used lucky patcher many times in the right way, even the way I did it can’t work, please make an editable apk

    1. RisTechy says

      Ok it will be made.

  223. rinaldi says

    for real name, should i download all team save data or just my favorite team save data?? but i want all league is real name..
    thanks a lot for your works dude, you are the best..

    1. RisTechy says

      Choose your favourite save data file.

  224. Stanley says

    So hard for me to start playing

    I downloaded the Apk and obb file

    Extracted it and put it in my android and obb folder

    D game opened but wen I tried starting career it has been telling me initialising game for an hour nw

    1. RisTechy says

      Use save data files above.

  225. Abiodun says

    Done everything you asked for how to unlock the store and in game edit but mine is working

    1. Nikitos says

      Ristehi can save file Legia Warsaw (Poland)? thank you in advance!

      1. RisTechy says

        It will be added or already added.

  226. Hasel says

    Please I want you to create my personal save data please… make it an unemployed manager.

    First Name: Hasel Ogheneruroh
    Last name: Ominiabohs
    Nationality: Nigeria
    Age: 24 September 1977
    5 leagues: England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany
    Gold Coaching badges, world class manager
    4-1-2-3 formation

  227. SDb says

    Hello mate, first of all I appreciate your work, I wonder if you could make a Union Saint Gilloise save (Belgian first league). No worries if it’s not possible. Enjoy the rest of your day

    1. RisTechy says

      It has been added.

  228. Tylerthecreator says

    Stuttgart save data please(Bundesliga)
    Thank you 🙏 🙏 🙏

  229. 3adel says

    Hey ris techy can you please make Alahly SC and Egypt national team save data file

  230. Tylerthecreator says

    Stuttgart save data please

  231. Hamed says

    Please version 13.1.2

    1. RisTechy says


  232. Funmilayo says

    Can you make the app editable like 2021 please

  233. KING says

    Downloaded latest obb and apk. Extracted it to android obb folder. Obb file contains edit data but store isn’t opening. Edit data not working in the game. Followed the steps but still store isn’t opening. Patched it but says connect to Google account. Android 11. Any help?

  234. ryan says

    Hi,please I want you to create save data for me with respect.
    First Name: Antonio
    Last name: Conte
    Nationality: Italy
    5 leagues: England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany
    Gold Coaching badges, world class manager
    THANKS YOU FOR Your creation

    1. ryan says

      sorry forget about club .unemployed

  235. Glovely says

    Can u update a DRC 🇨🇩 national team save data? Please, just because Bakambu is to Marseille now… And u can update same transfer.

  236. Glovely says

    Can u update a DRC 🇨🇩 national team save data? Please.

  237. atma says

    I’ve tried using lp but the license error, please help

  238. Tylerthecreator says

    VFB Stuttgart save data please?? Bundesliga

  239. Tylerthecreator says

    Please Hoffenheim save file ristechy

  240. Glovely says

    Hello ristechy, I know I’m bothering you too much, but it’s just because I love your content, by the way, I previously asked you for Nat’s data 🇨🇩 but just that there aren’t many Congolese players, it’s that’s the problem, I checked all the data, I found that in championships like the 🇧🇪🇫🇷, there are a lot of Congolese, if you help me I would be the happiest man in the world. world.

    by the way I need data from the Congolese national team 🇨🇩.


    Team 🇨🇩 national team.
    Championship 🇫🇷🇧🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇪🇦.

    please i will come back every day to check if it is done.

    thanks in advance.

  241. Glovely says

    by the way I need data from the Congolese national team 🇨🇩.


    Team 🇨🇩 national team.
    Championship 🇫🇷🇧🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇪🇦.

    please i will come back every day to check if it is done.

    thanks in advance.

    1. RisTechy says

      Congo has been added above.

  242. Cent says

    When would the winter update come out?

  243. Josh says

    Please we need the winter update save data

    1. Michael says

      Pls ristechy can you do Liverpool winter save file

    2. Ashhar Anis says

      When does the winter update save data comes out??

      1. RisTechy says


  244. Kemi says

    Upload the winter transfer window save data

    1. RisTechy says

      Coming soon

  245. Joshua says

    Nice work

  246. SRSH says

    Is it already update with january transfer?or it is still in progress?thanks….great work you have done👍

    1. RisTechy says

      As at this time update is going on underground.

  247. Decul says

    Update the Barca savedata because Barca sign so many player

    1. RisTechy says

      Update coming shortly, it will take a little time due to large number of save data update available.

  248. Nedim says

    Hello Ristechy,
    I’ve been downloading FMM from your site second year in a row and I’ve been pleased all the time, but this is my first time commenting. So, I would like if you could add AZ save data and PSV save data (Dutch league). Thanks in advance.

  249. Joshua says

    Took a while but I got it working, together with my editor and all, the lucky patcher option was a little tricky, had to select the first and second option to patch, every thing is fine now, have to start a new save. Going for Aston villa this tims

  250. Joshua says

    Please add winter update game save for any English team. Much thanks

    1. Richard says

      Can you update Fiorentina, Leipzig and Boca Juniors?

      1. RisTechy says

        Already adding them one by one. It will take some little time.

        1. Michael says

          Thanks boss 🙏 🙌 😘 👍 🤗 😎

  251. Michael says

    Sir the Liverpool save file is not working it will just take me out of the app Sir….

  252. Amir says

    When come save file winter update?

    1. RisTechy says

      Already uploaded.

      1. Justin says

        So presumably all the save files are now winter update sir?

        1. RisTechy says


  253. Lord ORLA says

    You said already uploaded
    Does that technically means all the save data are now winter transfer

    1. RisTechy says


  254. Justin says

    So presumably all the save files are now winter update sir?

  255. Joshua says

    Fiorentina save is bugged. ( Manager is Unemployed )

    1. RisTechy says

      It will be fixed..

    2. RisTechy says

      Fixed. Thanks for the feedback.

      1. Joshua says

        Thank you very much for all of your work. I really appreciate that. Have a nice life, dude.

  256. Laos says

    my comments are not published, save data team Bradford city 4 english division, leagues england, italy, france, aleman, spain pls

    1. RisTechy says

      It will be added.

  257. Glovely says

    hello ristechy, I just noticed that you deleted the data from Drcongo 🇨🇩, I deleted my data to update them…
    please I haven’t played my game for a few hours already, I’m in terrible pain.

    Team Nat🇨🇩

    thank you in advance, really help me because I’m waiting for that, my days are worth nothing without, FM22

  258. Glovely says

    hello ristechy, I just noticed that you deleted the data from Drcongo 🇨🇩, I deleted my data to update them…
    please I haven’t played my game for a few hours already, I’m in terrible pain.

    Team Nat🇨🇩
    championship, Spanish, England, Belgium, french, german

    thank you in advance, really help me because I’m waiting for that, my days are worth nothing without, FM22

    1. RisTechy says

      It will be added shortly.

  259. Glovely says

    hello ristechy, I just noticed that you deleted the data from Drcongo 🇨🇩, I deleted my data to update them…
    please I haven’t played my game for a few hours already, I’m in terrible pain.

    Team Nat🇨🇩
    championship, Spanish, England, Belgium, french, german

    thank you in advance.

  260. Florian says

    Hi. Can you add Eintracht Frankfurt save data please?

    1. RisTechy says

      Which league please.

      1. Florian says

        Bundesliga (Germany)

  261. tot plz says

    Tottenham save file start, no job

    1. RisTechy says


    2. Anthony says

      Newcastle updated please

  262. Anthony says

    Please when would update Barca and add the new transfers

    1. RisTechy says

      Already updated.

  263. Nedim says

    Hello Ristechy, can you make save data for OGC Nice (Ligue 1 – French First League)

  264. Chucks says

    Hello Ristechy, can you make save data for Toronto fc in USA (MLS) please i need it

  265. Oladimeji says

    Hello Ristechy, I download the Liverpool FC save data now, I extract It but to load it on the game It not working. It was telling me to update my application. What do I need to do

    1. RisTechy says

      Do as you where told update to the latest version of the game.

  266. Oluwatobiloba says

    The updated save data isn’t loading

    1. RisTechy says

      Which of them?

  267. Kahuna says

    I think personally that this game from this site has high difficulty more than the normal one on playstore

  268. Jimmy says

    New data files kick out from the app. Please fix it

    1. RisTechy says

      Uninstall and Reinstall the game please

  269. Tz says

    Hello Ristechy! I have the ‘changes.txt’ to fix competition names (eg UEFA Champions league, UEFA Europa league), it’s only 167kbs would be nice if you could add it on the site. How can I share it with you?

    1. RisTechy says

      Yes you can.

  270. Same says

    Please I am an Android 11 user, please do I put it in the folder that I created

    1. RisTechy says


  271. Manifest says

    It says I should sign into google account when i try to open it

  272. Marvee says

    To update the file,do I need to delete the former Obb then download this new one ??
    Please tell me cus I really need to explore the updated version ….Thank You

    1. RisTechy says


  273. Joshua says

    Please update the game saves to 13.0.3 version. I’ve installed it, everything worked fine including the editor. Ensure your Internet is turned on when opening the game for the first time to avoid the “unable to connect…” error

  274. Joshua says

    13.3.0 I mean

  275. Tomii says

    Pls, can you update the savedata files to the latest version.. Thnks

  276. mahdiPashaei says

    Helo ristechy ! Pls Add hull city save file 🙏
    Thanks for this amazing site .

  277. Oluwatosin says

    Hi Rsitechy, being playing your Fms since 2020 but imy having issues with the 2022. I firstly can’t find the sport interactive folder in the document folder. I can find com.sega.manger in data but it’s only displaying “file folder” in it and nothing more. I also tried opening the app even from play store and it is downloading and stuff . I will really be glad if this can be sorted out. If there’s anyone that can also help out privately, I will be glad to chat with the person

    1. Kal El says

      You can create the folder manually, it will work

    2. Leo says

      Download z archiver

  278. Leo says

    Please if i download this new update will my save file and unlockables reset?

  279. Leo says

    i know how to get the editor working….. Can’t explain here cause i need to teach you along the way as you do it….i usd redmi note 9… version 12… here’s my watsapp number if u’re interested +2348165977749

    1. RisTechy says

      Send the steps to my Facebook page inbox, so that i can share with your friends above.

      1. Leo says


  280. Ahmad says

    Please why is the game not opening in full screen?
    Am using UMIDIGI A11 version 11

    1. RisTechy says

      It is from the developers.

  281. Josh says

    Pls more then like feyenoord and psv on eredivise league

  282. Seyi says

    Does this game works on iPhones?

  283. Kingsley anozie says

    Please help its not showing the original name

  284. Hasel says

    Hello Ris, i recently installed the FMM22 now but it keeps saying unable to start. How do i fix it?

  285. Nelson says

    Ristechy. Don’t you have an ideal on the July/august transfer window update coming up.?. I really need that

    1. RisTechy says

      FM rarely update during Summer

      1. Ezatullah Farazi says

        Please upload the Football manager 2023 mobile.

  286. Cent says

    Hello, Ristechy! Will you do FM23 when it comes out?

  287. Aung says

    Will you do FM23 upload in this year?

    1. RisTechy says

      Already uploaded.

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