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10 Best Free Antivirus For Android Mobile

 While Android phones are becoming more popular, users are now been targeted with malware’s that can harm there devices.

 Installing the best Antivirus software or app for your Android is a necessity if you don’t want to be a victim of cyber attacks.

 There are different kinds of Antivirus apps available On and Off Google play store, it is your choice to choose the best one that is suitable for your device, however some of this Antivirus apps for Android have different features over each other, for example a particular Antivirus app may have “call blocking” feature while the other does not etc.

 While you read further about the best  free virus protection apps for Android phones, some of them usually scan every webpage that you surf on the internet or they schedule automatic scanning on timely basis to check for any Malware threats.

best free antivirus Android

 Some people still ask – do I need Antivirus for Android? The answer is simple, to some extent you need it, but recently Google introduced a in-built antivirus software in it play store which is called “Play Protect”, this feature, periodically scan all Apps that you installed from playstore or unknown sources to your device, in case those applications contain any virus. On the other hand you can still install third party Antivirus which I listed in this blog post and they have  more sophisticated features than “Play Protect”.

 Below are the list of top Antivirus Apps which have scored more than Five stars rating on the  AV-Test website.

 1. Avast Mobile Security

Here is the top features of the number one Antivirus on Google play which includes
Call Blocking
Anti Theft
 Avast security which is one of the leading provider in PC security has developed Antivirus app for Android phone users which has other features like call blocker, Firewall protection, Anti-theft to lock or wipe lost or stolen Android phone which is available in the free version of the app.

Avast Mobile security

 During the initial release of the app, you have to purchase the app, but now the free version has been developed, but comes with Ads to support it continious development, but the paid version is still available and has features like “In-App Locker” whereby you can use it to lock a particular app with four digit PIN and prevent people from accessing it.

2. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Is a good app in detecting malware with it aplomb engine.
Best Malware Detector
Helps you to block malicious sites

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

When it comes to reputation Kaspersky and Bitfinder are in head to head because of there popularity and usage.
The free version of the app have some special features with higher rate of detecting malware based on the test conducted by AV-test as of November 2017.
 Kaspersky also monitors any malicious link or website that you visit, preventing malware or virus attacks before for they are executed on you device.

3. AVG Antivirus For Android

AVG protects you from spyware, malicious apps, spam calls, Malware threats etc.
 AVG periodically scans for unwanted apps and virus, also warns you about apps other AVG users have reported to be a threat.

AVG Antivirus

 AVG also protects you from malicious sites while using browsers such as Chrome, Firefox etc
 It can hide some selected images from your gallery using pass code, if you have a rooted device, you will be able to use AVG Firewall, clear junk files and cache.

4. Trust Go Antivirus And Mobile Security

 Trust Go will be able to scan your device for Trojan, spyware, Malware and virus, it also check your device app security, system security if there’s any loop hole, futher more it checks for privacy issues on phone if there’s any.

Trust Go Antivirus

 All these things can be checked by tapping a large scan button that appears after launching the Antivirus app. Trust Go has the capability of checking which app is storing your username, passwords, bank details without your consent and it will alert you and block the From stealing your details.
 Apps from unknown sources too are checked to also stop them from stealing your personal details mentioned above.

5. Security Master

Formally know as CM security is one of the most popular Antivirus apps which was combined with other tools like VPN, App locker and device booster.

Security master

 Been a Antivirus app it also scans for threat like Trojans, spyware, Malware, virus, Security vulnerability etc.
 Not only does it regularly scan for virus and malware, there are other tools available on the app that makes you device stand out.

6. Avira Antivirus Security

 Just like any other Antivirus app Avira performs similar function of those apps – it also scans for spyware, ransomware, malware and virus, checks for threat in your device external storage and has a simple user interface for ease of usage.

Avira Antivirus Security

 In case you disconnect your device from a computer, Avira also rescan your device for any incoming virus.
 It also scans for virus one’s a day, if you are not satisfied you can perform a manual scan to remove adware, riskware to keep your device secured.

7. McAfee

McAfee is one of the popular brands in mobile security which has been available for a long period of time. The app comes with the following features such as Anti-theft, Anti-spyware and security locker.


 Also it can take pictures of anyone that steals your phone, save the location and savetys it to the cloud such that you can retrieve it via your email address.
 However to use main features of the app you will have to create a user account with McAfee.

8. Norton Security And Antivirus

 It also has its own negative and positive sides too. Think of how it will be if we list down everything here. It comes with some basic features which includes protection from malware attacks, spyware and other security vulnerabilities that affects Android users.

Norton Security

 Norton can save device location, give real time protection, Anti-theft feature etc. A user can subscribe to there yearly plans and join the full features of the Norton Security Antivirus.

9. Dr Web Security Space

 Considered to be one of the oldest antivirus app, Dr web can perform basic task such as full time scan, quick scan, memory optimisation with well detailed stats.

Dr web security

 Also protects you from ransomware, spyware, further more Anti-theft, call blocking, SMS filtering, parental controls, firewall features are included in the app.

10. Malwarebytes Security

 Being one of the most popular antivirus app on Windows, the mobile version of malwarebyte seems to be the best with more than 10 million installations on Google play store.


 It sophisticated virus database is been updated regularly to check for any trending threats. Also supports malware, spyware scanning, checks apps that tracks users location without permission. Malwarebyte can also scan your text messages, WhatsApp messages, Facebook for links that are malicious. Regular scanning can be done in the app too like any other antivirus app.

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