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XNSPY Spy App APK Download For Android

What is XNSPY?

The XNSPY Android spying app is consistently ranked among the most sophisticated smartphone monitoring apps. It strikes an effective balance between affordability, a list of features, and ease of use. In short, XNSPY is the right choice for you if you want the best bang for your buck. In this article, we will show you how to download the XNSPY APK file for Android. We will briefly identify the features of this app, list the price and compatibility choices, and provide a detailed overview of how to install and use XNSPY. Let’s not waste any time and get to the heart of the matter!

Here is what you can do with it

XNSPY has a broad range of advanced features available for use on Android devices. Let’s go through these features.

Call monitoring

Monitor all incoming and outgoing calls via the call log feature. Record conversations and listen in at your convenience.

  • SMS, IM, and social media tracking

View all SMS and other messages exchanged via instant messaging or social media apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Tinder, LINE, Kik, and many others.

  • GPS tracking

Track the phone’s location in real-time and view location history. Use the geofencing sub-feature to mark areas of special interest with a single click.

  • Multimedia file monitoring

View all videos, photos, and audio files saved on the Android device.

  • Internet activity tracking

Monitor all emails bookmarked pages and complete web browsing history.

  • Phone remote control

Remotely control the phone via the XNSPY control panel. Take screenshots, turn on the microphone to record surroundings, lock the phone, restart it, or even delete all saved data. You can also use this feature to view/block all installed apps and go through all saved contacts.

  • Unique instant alerts function

The unique instant alert function is a powerful feature only available with the XNSPY spy app. All you need to do is select a word, phrase, location, or a contact number and add it to the app’s watch list. XNSPY will then scan all data for a match and alert you immediately. This works for messages, contacts, internet activity, location, and others.

Additional features available with the app include a keylogger, a Wi-Fi logger, calendar access, and device use reports.

That seems like an impressive list of features. However, is it worth the cost? Is it compatible with your phone? Let’s find that out!


Most spying apps work on a subscription basis and this is true for XNSPY too. There are two versions offered by the app developers. The basic version costs USD 4.99 per month. However, it does not offer all the available features, and we do not think it is worth purchasing. On the other hand, the premium version offers all the aforementioned features and clocks in at USD 7.49 a month. As you can see, the price difference between the two is minimal, so purchasing the premium version sounds like a better deal.

Will XNSPY run on my phone?

XNSPY is available for both Android and iOS devices. It is compatible with all phones running on Android versions above 4.0. It is a broad range, so compatibility should not cause concern.

Here is how you can download the APK file for your phone.

Downloading XNSPY APK file for Android

Step 1: The APK file has to be downloaded via the official website of the app. Just visit the page and select the purchase option.

Step 2: Enter your contact details and make secure payments on a subscription version of your choice.

Step 3: Now check your email inbox. There will be an email from XNSPY. It will contain your XNSPY control panel username/password, installation instructions, and more importantly, a URL to download the APK file for the app.

Step 4: Open the URL on the phone you want to monitor. Take note that you need to physically access the Android phone to download the APK file and run the installation wizard. However, once the app is installed, no further access to the phone is required. The app also runs silently in the background and all the controlling is done remotely. The installation does not take more than a few minutes.

Step 5: Wait for a day so the app can transfer data from the phone to a different server.

Step 6: Log in to your XNSPY account with the username and password included in the email.

Step 7: Select the relevant Android phone from the “My Devices” tab.

Step 8: You have now selected the phone and are in full control of the app’s functionality. All controls can be exercised via the menu on the left. The app’s control panel can be accessed from any web browser, anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection.

That is a pretty easy way to download the APK file for XNSPY. However, just contact their live customer support if you feel confused.

File information

Size Not available
Android required+4.0.
Total installationsN/A
ModeOnline/ offline








Final thoughts

XNSPY Android spy app is among the best smartphone monitoring apps. While it lacks some important features such as web blocking or remote camera control, it offers a pretty comprehensive suite of functionality. To be honest, there was nothing else we could identify that was missing from the app. It is also the most affordable spy app, and you can check out other apps to confirm this too! Overall, the app left a great impression on us. To download the APK file for XNSPY, just head over to the website, select the subscription package, and use the provided URL to download it. With the above guide, you will be able to monitor the Android phone with ease!

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