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How To Write a 2 Page Essay In 1 Hour Introduction

Essay writing is one of the most daunting tasks a college student might get. It takes a lot of time, and students face many challenges in the writing process. If you are someone in a similar situation, the tips below might help you write a two-page essay in an hour.

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Make Sure You Understand The Question

Before starting with the essay, try to read the question thoroughly. Students who just skim the question without giving it a proper read regret later on.

When they are halfway done with the essay, they realize that the question demanded a different kind of argument. As a result, they have to start all over. Understanding the question is also very important for several reasons.

You can quickly contact your professor to remove any ambiguity in the essay. If you don’t ponder over the essay prompt beforehand, the chances are that you run out of words towards the end.

Often students who are in a hurry don’t bother to read the question carefully because they feel that it’s a waste of time. They fail to understand that a better command over an essay prompt saves time in the long run.

Some students still have problems writing urgent essays. Even after understanding the question, they lack the creativity to produce something worthwhile for the professor. If you are in a similar situation, don’t worry; we got your back.

There are hundreds of writing companies in the online market that provide fast essay writing at cheap rates. An example of such a service is EduJungles. Being the top in the game, edujungles.com hires the best writers worldwide to produce high-quality essays for college students.

Define Your Point

Essays usually are arguments presented in a structured way. If you want to know the secret behind how to write an essay in one hour, try to define your point in the writing process.

If you write information with no link to the essay prompt, the context will be vague and difficult to understand. Know that the essay must be an aid to the scientific community. It must give a new set of opinions to a well-emerged problem in the world.

Try to create value for the reader so that you might receive a decent grade. Defining your point will not be a big problem if you understand the essay question. Notice the link between understanding the question and defining the point.

Having proper research before starting the essay is also very important. This will give you a strong command over the essay question, and defining your point won’t be that much difficult.

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Plan Beforehand

Planning is one of the most important features of a good essay. Let’s take the example of a building. To ensure that the structure is strong, the construction workers plan the entire building.

They put great effort into crafting the building’s blueprints and start the work after formulating a viable plan. The same is the case in essay writing. If you want an exemplary essay, plan your work according to the time.

Students who start writing before making a plan regret later on. Take a piece of paper and note down all the important arguments that you wish to present. This will help you get a clear picture of all the important points, and you won’t have to worry about the word count.

While writing an impressive essay, try to outline. Most common essays include an introduction, body, and conclusion.

  • The introduction is the first paragraph of your essay. This part of the essay must use strong vocabulary and use the thesis statement. If the first impression of the essay is catchy, the reader will be motivated to read further; otherwise, a boring essay won’t fetch you a decent grade.
  • The second part of the essay is the main body. This part contains all the important arguments that will give shape to your essay. Try to divide all your arguments into different paragraphs to reach clarity. Use strong but easy vocabulary to make the essay feasible to read and understand.
  • The last part of the essay is the conclusion. This paragraph must reignite your thesis statement. Make sure to not include any new arguments in the essay because a conclusion should only include the last remarks.

If you want to write an impressive essay, make sure that you follow a proper outline like above.

Write Well And Write Fast

Essay writing is not a complicated process. You have to focus on writing. Try to use useful vocabulary. Most students try to use fancy words to impress their professors. This is not advisable as using fancy words might harm the clarity of the document. Try to use simple but persuasive words. Your delivery is very important when it comes to writing essays. Use short sentences and don’t make the document too wordy.

Writing well is as important as writing fast. To write an essay in an hour, there must be a higher writing speed. Avoid any distractions and turn off your mobile phone. Social media is a big distraction that might affect your writing speed.

Use Simple Language

As said before, simple language is very important. Essays usually are very lengthy. Complicated and fancy words are difficult to understand, and the professor might not correctly understand your argument. Use idioms to catch the reader’s attention and make your essay one of a kind.

Essay Engagement is also very important when it comes to a good essay. Try to keep the professor motivated and use short and less wordy sentences. This will keep the engagement intact and lead to a perfect essay.


Writing a two-page essay in one hour is bound to have mistakes. After writing the document, recheck it thoroughly to identify and amend mistakes. No matter how professional the writer is, mistakes are inevitable. You might also ask a fellow friend to look at your essay to give it a new perspective while proofreading.

Add proper references and bibliography in the text to authenticate your results. Some students also use in-text citations. This is a good move because professors highly appreciate it if students correctly use citations.

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Writing a fast essay can be a problem for many college students. If you want to write fast, try writing well. Don’t overcrowd your mind with unnecessary thoughts and try to stay on track in the writing process. The tips mentioned above will help you a great deal in writing a good essay in less time.

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