Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit And 32 Bit Iso Download

 For you to get windows 7 is not easy this days, because, Microsoft wants you to provide a valid product key before you can download it from it official website. Don’t be discouraged, as there will be a link for you to download the Windows 7 ultimate edition Iso 64 bit or even the 32 Bit, Ristechy has carried out an extensive research to get the original edition of the operating system, which you can get for free without having to provide any product key.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

 Continue reading below to get the original and fresh copy of this iso converted from a DVD disk.

Free Download

Bit Type: 64

Date Released: Feb, 22/2011

Version: Service Pack 1 (SP1)

Size: 3.09GB


32 Bit

Date Released: Feb, 22/2011

Version: Service Pack 1(SP1)

Size: 2.38GB


Windows 7 Ultimate Review

  The ultimate edition is mainly used by business enthusiasts or those into professional jobs. It is also considered to be the most powerful and widely used operating system in the world, despite it successor windows 8.1, some users are still attached to this windows 7 ultimate, because if it flexibility while operating.

  The entertainment functionality of home premium edition was added in this ultimate edition, for you to play your media files with ease.

 XP mode was also added, to secure your files, you can also use the Bit locker function.
 It support more than 30 languages around the world which can be updated any time.

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Main Features Of Windows 7 Ultimate

 Home group makes it easier for you to share files, music, documents, videos, printers with other users on the same network.

 Jump list feature allows to have quick access to your files and applications without much stress.

Windows search, use this feature to quickly for files, folders and many more.

With Snap feature, you can snap two documents at the same time, one on the right side , while the other on the left, all on one screen of your computer.

Task Bar, you can quickly switch between many applications on your  PC.

XP Mode, which allows you to run virtual Windows XP operating system.

Easy Customization, you can add themes wallpaper of your choice

Windows aero desktop, experience transparent effects on your computer.

Bitlocker allows you to encrypt your files, documents.

Windows defender, with this you are protected from harmful virus, malware, spyware, and corrupt files with malware.

Firewall, which prevent hackers from gaining full access to your computer.

 You can also read about Windows 7 ultimate features from the Microsoft website, there you can find features that you are not conversant with.

Tips To Install Windows 7 Ultimate

 You can Install your Windows 7 ultimate by creating a bootable USB drive… Updates coming.

System Requirements For Windows 7 Ultimate

– 1GHz processor or higher

– Minimum RAM size needed is 1GB or higher.

– Hard disk space required is 14gb above.

– Graphic card  version required is DirectX 9 above.


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