Windows 10 Pro And Home Product Key: Get It For Activation

 Some of you downloading Windows 10 for free, will want to activate it after Installation, so that you will have confidence to gain access to all features of the operating system.

Windows 10 pro product key

 Even though everyone can now use all versions of this operating system (OS), on his or her computer, however, product key is still needed on windows 10 to show that you are the real owner of the software, whether the popular home and pro versions.

 However, if you upgrade and back up your desktop, laptop, tablet PC or even Apple Mac PC from a genuine version of Windows 7,8 and 8.1 your product key will be attached to the latest windows 10 operating system successfully without purchasing anyone.

 In case your key was not successfully verified from the older version of your operating system, you can use third party software like produkey.exe or “kms windows 10 activator”.

 Produkey is used to find your product key , if it can not be found on your PC for proper Activation. Microsoft uses it servers to check if you are using a genuine version of it product.

 Most times, while upgrading to windows 10 you will be asked to provide a valid product key, all you need to do is to skip it, but later you have to provide it, that’s why you are here to get one.

To check your product key activation status on windows 10, goto Settings > Updates and Security > Activation or use this shortcut (WindowsKey + I).

 From control panel also, you can check your activation status by going to  system and security > System.

 For example you change to a new PC and you want to activate your windows, you can contact Microsoft support center by calling them live, just make sure you have some information to provide to the agent attending to your problems.

 This is a example of how windows 10 pro, product key will look like on your PC,
 VK7FG-NPHVM-C47JM-9OPGT-3V67T while Windows 10 Home looks like TB9HD-98N9V-6WMQ6-BF7FG-H8Q00.

List Of Windows 10 Home And Pro Product Key

 The product key below works for 32bit and 64bit versions of windows











Or try this working keys to activate your windows 10



Windows 10 product key

 If you want to Install original version of Windows 10, you can download it directly from Microsoft official website easily as a single iso file, burn it into a DVD media disk or USB drive.

 Did you purchase windows product key from a retailers store like Amazon, Walmart and the rest, you can still use the key to activate your windows or find it using produkey, in case you forgot or lost it, because it is a genuine one you are having.

Download Produkey Product Key Finder For Windows 10

 Are you desperately looking for a product key on your PC, just  download Produkey finder here>>, the software is free, use it to find product key on  all versions of windows 10,  Install it directly on your PC, but make sure you disable antivirus on your computer, open the software, everything about your system will be displayed, copy the key and verify your version of windows, so simple.

How To Link Your Product Key To Microsoft Account On Windows 10

 If you change your PC to a new one and you are looking for how to activate it, good news!!, since Microsoft released windows 10 anniversary update users can now associate there licensed digital key to a particular Microsoft Account, which can be used on another computer, even in the windows 10 creators update it is possible to do so. Follow the steps below for guide:

Step 1: Goto Settings

Step 2: Click and open Accounts

Step 3: locate and open Your Info

Step 4: You will see Sign In With a Microsoft Account Instead, it is a link that will open in another page.

Step 5: On the page type your email address and password and click on sign in button.

Link license key to Windows Account

Step 6: If you wish to set a pin Set it or else skip to continue.

Step 7: Goto settings>>update and security>>Updates,  to verify your license key has been associated.

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Where To Buy Original Windows 10 Product Key Both Pro And Home

Amazon – Price is $189.99 for pro version

Microsoft Store – Price is  $199.99 for pro while the home is $119.99 


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