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Why People Use GB WhatsApp

Do you want to use GBWhatsApp? And curious about why people are using GBWhatsApp? What are the reasons behind using GB? Should you use it or not? Here is the detailed answer to all your questions.

What is GBWhatsApp?

GB Whatsapp is the most popular WhatsApp mod, which is launched in 2014 and it became very popular with the passage of time. And now millions of people are using it.

WhatsApp GB is one of the most secure and used WhatsApp alternatives. It comes with many features that are not available on the official whatsapp. With the help of GB Whatsapp apk, you can read deleted messages and statuses too and you can also download the status of your friends using GB.

You can also freeze and hide your online status in this WhatsApp mod. Multiple themes and flight mode is also available in this WhatsApp, which makes you a pro social media user. You can change the entire look of your WhatsApp. Download From Here

GB WhatsApp Android

Reasons why people are using GBWhatsApp?

There are many reasons why people are using GB but I am going to show you some popular and logical reasons why people are using it?

More Privacy 

There is no doubt that GBWhatsapp offers your more security and privacy than the official whatsapp. In the GBwhatsapp you can lock the conversations, and the entire app. You can also hide the messages of the people you don’t want to show others.

In the modded WhatsApp, you can freeze your last seen while being online. No one will know that you are online, your last seen will be paused with the help of this feature.

Blue ticks after reply is also one of the awesome features of GBWhatsApp. With the help of this feature, your friends will only see blue ticks whenever you reply them.

You can read chat and they will know that you haven’t yet due to this feature. So, this feature can be life saving for you. You can ignore the messages without any problem due to this premium feature.

Anti Message and Status Delete

The second and one of the most useful features of the GBWhatsApp is anti message and status delete feature. With the help of this feature, you can view all the deleted messages and statuses of your friends. In the Official WhatsApp, you are unable to read deleted messages and statuses of your friends. So, in this way GbWhatsapp is far better than the official WhatsApp. And that’s why people love GBWhatsapp.

Download Status, Copy Captions and Bio

GBWhatsApp also offers you features of downloading status, copying captions and bios with a single click, which is unavailable in the official WhatsaApp.

In the modified WhatsApp, you can download all the statuses of your WhatsApp friends by a single click on the download button given in the right bottom.

With this feature, you can download status into the gallery of your phone and can use it later. You can also copy the bio and caption of your friends by just a single click on the caption or bio.

It will be copied and you can paste it to anywhere. So, GbWhatsapp can save a lot of your time. And that’s why people are using GBWhatsapp.


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