Unlimited Glo N0.0kb Free Browsing On AnonyTun VPN

While you are still enjoying Glo N0.0kb unlimited free browsing with other vpn apps, one major problem that seems to be affecting the Glo cheat is frequent disconnection, even though many tech enthusiasts brought up different solution to address the bug, we are yet to gain the full speed and reliability of the free browsing tweak with this particular network.

Anonytun Vpn Settings

 So today I am going to introduce you to another virtual private network  application for Android called “Anonytun” which is synonymous with anonymity. Some of you might have seen the app being suggested to be downloaded on this blog or Google play store, or you might even complain to your friend and say ” this tweakware is not connecting well on my side ” then he will suggest this app I mentioned for you.

 My Observation Of Anonytun Vpn

  The vpn is a tunneling application , which uses http headers to established connection by adding a functioning Proxy Server address. So I decided to add glo working proxy server , below is the highlight and observation of anonytun performance:

1. It Has a inbuilt server combined in to single one to accommodate unlimited amount of users without any interference or outage.

2. The servers can be used to browse and download unlimitedly without any daily limits on like other Vpn apps that gives you 350mb to use daily.

3. On the vpn, When you experience a disconnection issue, the app is programmed to reconnect faster within a blink of an eye such that you won’t even experience anything has happened.

4. What I observed is that, when you open the app for the first time, it connects faster.

5. The user interface is so simple that even a newbie can navigate see the features of the app without asking many questions.

6. The Orange colored buttons and layout , with a white background makes the app looks more appealing which grabs the users attention.

Before I go further, let me show you Anonytun Vpn Settings for Glo 0.0kb unlimited free browsing.

 Basic requirements

 – A Glo Sim card with nothing on the main balance.

– Make sure you are in a location with full network coverage.

– Install Anonytun Vpn, (Read further for steps).

 Access Point Name (APN)

  Use one of this APN Settings below, the best and most used is the first one.

Name: Glosecure

APN: glosecure

Username: leave Empty

Password: leave Empty

Proxy: Leave it blank

Port: Leave it blank

   Second Apn Settings

Name: Gloflat

APN: gloflat

Username: flat

Password: flat

Proxy: Empty

Port: Empty

1. Download  – Anonytun Vpn.apk Or  Google play

2. Make sure you allow installation of apps from unknown sources on your phone by going to Settings >Security

3. Open the Vpn and wait a little for it to load, you will see a message “Anonytun is ready to connect” click the button to continue.

4. Locate stealth Settings at top right menu click on it and enable it by switching it ON .

Anonytun vpn glo Settings

5. Change the connection protocol to HTTP and port to 80

Anonytun vpn glo Settings

6. If you understand Protocol Tunning and know how to use it, you can tune it to maximise speed on the Vpn or just Skip it and continue.

Anonytun vpn glo Settings
Protocol Tuning Icon

Anonytun vpn glo Settings

7. Enable Custom TCP/HTTP Headers by toggling the button like in the image below

Anonytun vpn glo Settings

8. Click on the button to edit custom TCP/HTTP Headers.

Anonytun vpn glo Settings

9. In the HTTP Headers panel configure it as follows:

– URL/Host: redirect.glo.com

– Request Method: Post

– Injection Method: Normal

– Extra Headers : Tick User-Agent

Anonytun vpn glo Settings

10. Click on generate button ,a option box will appear, then  save.

Anonytun vpn glo Settings

11. Scroll down to finally save the entire Settings

Anonytun vpn glo Settings

Video Tutorial  For Glo Free Browsing Settings On Anonytun Vpn

Advantage of Anonytun Vpn Over Others

– No need of any e-mail registration it is completely free

– It is one of the fastest tunneling app, with unlimited bandwidth usage, no much frequent disconnection.

–  Very Simple to connect when you open the vpn.

– Security is guaranteed with anonytun vpn, all your information are secured.

– No Rooting is required.

Common Functions Anonytun Vpn Can Perform

* Stream your favourite videos

* Watch and download movies

* Use it to access Google play store

* Download Heavy files, with high speed such as games, music etc.

* Hide your IP address

Solution To Anonytun Frequent Disconnection.

 In case you experience frequent disconnection on anonytun vpn on Glo network , you can downgrade to the old version, which is version 1.3 , then use the same Settings above to continue browsing free.

 Download The 1.3 Apk Here

Final Words

 Continue to enjoy the above Settings on your phones, which I believe is one of the best that I have provided, if you have any difficulties pls drop your comments below.



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