Tweakware 9mobile latest Free Browsing Settings

 Latest settings for 9mobile on tweakware vpn is back, after Etisalat was rebranded last month, and then changing its name to 9mobile.

  This tweak stopped working on various vpn apps for a while, but now a solution has been found.

Etisalat- 9mobile free browsing.

 In this settings we are going to use the Custom Tweak Settings of tweakware vpn pending till when tweakware tweak menu list is updated.

 Mean while, the servers on the vpn support this 9mobile cheat, and it does not disconnect frequently like other networks cheat.

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 I tested it on both free and premium servers of tweakware, it works faster, with no network problem or error in connection.

 I was careful not to stream any video with it, because, maximum daily data  usage is capped at 60mb.

Etisalat -9mobile tweakware free browsing cheat

 You can use it to visit any social media site, download any app you wish, even chat with it.

 Before I proceed to the main settings create a new APN  as follows or use default apn:

Name: Ristechy 9mobile

APN: 9mobile

Port: leave empty

Username & password: leave Empty and finally save.

9mobile Tweakware Vpn Settings For free browsing.

Follow the steps below carefully to set your app, for maximum performance.

  1. Download tweakware vpn>>> or Latest Reality VPN with no ads 
  2. Install and open the app.
  3. Goto settings at the top right corner.
  4. Locate and click custom tweaks
  5. While there, in step 4, click on select connection mode and chose HTTP.
  6. Come back and click server port, then type in number: 80, which is necessary.
  7. In the host header type this >>
  8. Select Header Line Type Should be single. 
  9. Tick Reverse Proxy.
  10. In Proxy Host, type this web address again >>>
  11. Again in the proxy port section type: 80
  12. Come back to the app main interface and click on tweak menu (by default you will see none) below list of sever, click on it a drop down list of tweaks will appear, locate and select custom. 
  13. Finally, look at the bottom of the tweakware vpn app and connect.
  14. Use free server for now or upgrade to premium which you might not even need.

Image Guide For Tweakware 9mobile Free Browsing Settings.

1. Select Connection Mode
Etisalat-9mobile Settings
2. Server Port
Etisalat-9mobile Settings tweakware
3. Host Header 
Etisalat-9mobile Settings tweakware
4. Select Header Line Type
Etisalat-9mobile Settings tweakware
5. Reverse Proxy
6. Proxy Host
Etisalat-9mobile Settings tweakware
7. Proxy Port. 
Etisalat-9mobile Settings tweakware

Final Words
 The new 9mobile free browsing cheat is OK for now, the problem is just the 60mb limit, however efforts are been made to make sure it works unlimited for everyone, always check back for more updates


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