Top 5 Proxy Sites In 2018

In this post, is the list of top 5 proxy sites in 2018. Over the years we have use proxy severs in unblocking our web activities or even access blocked websites for free without any limitations.

Top 5 proxy sites

Why we use proxy websites , is because sometimes the government will just decide on it own to stop the citizen from using  the internet or even stop you from surfing social media sites like Facebook,YouTube, twitter. And that’s when you and other internet users will be searching for best free proxy sites.

Other Reasons We Use Proxy Sites.

   • To download files with large content.

   • To bypass limitations imposed by website administrators

   • To hide your identity and pretend as if you are a user from a accepted country. for example some websites allow users from a particular country to access there website.

  • Internet Service Providers too have there own stumbling blocks too.

Top 5 Proxy Sites In 2017

1. Blewpass
 Do you want to unlock YouTube using a proxy site , blewpass is a proxy server that comes with JavaScript feature which enables you to stream on any of your favorite website that you visit. It has features where you can select a server, select IP location, you can also add custom proxy address  and port.

2. Zalmos
  Zalmos also comes with YouTube unblocking feature, you can also use it to access your favorite website in case your school , government or office is restricting you to browse the internet. Zalmos also has two free servers in Netherlands and France which can choose from. It works for Android, Windows, and any other device.

3. Kproxy.
    Kproxy is one of the popular proxy available online, which has a jaw dropping features like 10 public servers, a browser to download if you don’t want to use its  online proxy. Further more kproxy has browser extension for chrome and firefox which you can use in your pc .

4. Fastusaproxy
 Fastusaproxy has been around the web for a long period of time , though it does not have any special features like ones above, all you need to input your url and use fastusaproxy. Some proxy configuration like encrypt url, encrypt page, remove script, allow cookies can be found in the website.

5. Xitenow
 Xitenow is a very easy to use proxy server similar to USA proxy above, it unique appearance and features will make you to continue using it without much problems.


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