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Top 5 Music Streaming Apps For Android

Listing to music gives you peace and you can relax from your daily work or stress for some time. You can listen to music on TV, laptops, mobiles. Nowadays many people prefer to listen to music on the mobile.

There are some music streaming apps for android mobiles.
These music apps are for free by selecting the app as per your choice and by downloading it you can enjoy your playlist of your favorite hero or singer or movie on your mobile.

Listing to music became a part of the daily life cycle for many people.
Some people listen to music while doing the gym and some people listen to it while working.

These music apps are updating there service and features with more options and making the app very simple to operate and find the songs of your favorite.

Here there are top 5 music streaming apps for android:

  • Deezer
  • Spotify
  • Google play music/ YouTube music
  • iHeart radio
  • Jango radio
  • LiveXlive

For android mobile, the Deezer music app is the best app for free music. In this Deezer music app for discovering a new artist or playlist, there is a Deezer’s FLOW feature. This Deezer music app shows the songs by considering your taste of songs. Deezer music app has a premium version.

This premium version comes features like offline listening, higher quality audio and also android auto support is also available. The features of the Deezer music app are personal soundtrack features, stations, recommendations, including playlists, and FLOW. 43 million songs are streaming in the Deezer music app. There is a best for money that is Hi-Fi streaming option with the quality of 16-bit FLAC.


Spotify is the best music streaming apps which comes with free and premium subscription. In the Spotify Premium Version, you will be able to play unlimited music without any interruption and can play music while you are offline. While in the free version, you will have to hear ads, pop-ups and a limited number of song skips.

Top Music Streaming Apps

Spotify gives a month free trial, you can sign up for the trail and listen to unlimited music without any interruption and you can continue for the next month by paying $9.9 for the next month. If you don’t want to continue, simply cancel the trial before it ends


Among all the music apps the popular option is Google play music/YouTube music. This Google plays music/YouTube music has hallmark features that are for personal streaming you can upload 50,000 songs of your own choice. For combining the online service and the current collection of yours, this Google plays music/YouTube music is the best option.

You can listen to various playlists of your choice and the feature to stream your music is offered by Google play music/youtube music’s free version. The features of Google play music/YouTube music are music stations, playlists, YouTube premium, and genre playlist selection. The YouTube premium is paid version, this version has a feature that is no background listening and no ads on YouTube.

The Google play music/YouTube music has a paid version, this version has more features. The podcasts are included in the services of Google play music/YouTube music for paid and free users. In a few days, Google’s new YouTube Music will be available in the place of Google play music. This new app is yet to update.


In music apps, the most popular app is iHeart radio. This iHeart radio is a radio app. Based on your taste of songs you can listen to a variety of stations. Talk radio, things like podcasts, comedy shows, and seasonal radio stations are also available in this iHeart radio music app.

In iHeart radio news and sports are also available for you. AM and FM radio stations are included in iHeart radio, these stations support the data streaming. The application of iHeart radio is modern and versatile with material design UI. iHeart radio music app supports the android wear support, chrome cast support, and android auto.


There are many music apps, Jango radio music app is the app which is a wildcard in music apps. From independent artists to big names all variety of music is available in the Jango radio music app.

The services of the Jango radio music app provide the songs of the artists who pay for their plays in the app. In the Jango radio music app on the services, there are no ads. This Jango radio app is the best app for discovering some suitable songs for you.


LiveXLive radio music app started in 2019. Slacker Radio app was replaced by a LiveXLive radio app. This LiveXLive radio music app has a premium version, with this premium version you can enjoy the music app with more additional features.

The free version of the LiveXLive app is good enough for listing music and works well. The app doesn’t support the Google Play subscription, It uses the billing through credit card or carrier billing.

Final Note
Few of the apps mentioned in the article have a free trial, so I would suggest you to before going for a paid subscription, get their trail first. Enjoy until the end of

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