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5 Tools That Will Assist You in Quick Essay Writing

The American journalist Eugene Devlan (Gene Fowler) once said that:

“Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.”

But to be honest, Gene Fowler was lying because writing is a challenging task. Every day, writers have to come up with a new set of words to produce unique content. To overcome this issue, I have enlisted 5 tools that will assist you in quick essay writing. So, if you want to increase your essay writing productivity, let’s get to my recommendations.

Tools To writing quick

5 Tools that will Assist You in Quick Essay Writing:

I will discuss my top five recommendations in this essay writing tools outline. From mind mapping tools to word processors, I will cover everything here. So, let’s get to the list.


1. Mind Mapping and Organizing Tools:

When it comes to writing an essay or any other piece of writing, the first step (after the research) is creating an outline and organizing your thoughts. So, there are several tools available for this purpose. But I have picked “Coggle” and “Storyline Creator” for mind mapping and “Evernote” and “Mendeley” for organizing the information while writing an essay.

Each of the aforementioned tools has expertise in a particular area. Therefore, I will discuss the strengths of each application to help you understand which one is better for you.

         Mind Mapping Tools Comparison:


Coggle Storyline Creator
Coggle is a mind mapping tool that organizes the thoughts you want to write about in your essay Storyline Creator is another mind mapping tool, but it is time-based. Hence, this tool will be valuable for mind mapping while writing fictional essays and stories
It is completely free It provides a demo for free
Users can use it to brainstorm thoughts for different writing genres Due to its time-based functionality, it is suitable for fictional writing only

        Information Organizing Tools Comparison:


Evernote Mendeley
Evernote is one of the most popular data organizing tools for writing essays or any other piece of writing Mendeley is a digital reference manager that allows users to access published articles from a centralized repository, write citations and bibliographies
Several content creators start their video or blog ideas from Evernote because of its ease of use If you are a graduate student or somebody who has to manage a lot of research during essay writing, Mendeley will be a suitable fit for you
It provides a free trial There is no information about the free trial of Mendeley
This tool has a fast and reliable syncing mechanism
It gets clunky when dealing with extensive libraries


2. Twinword Writer:

The second tool that will assist you in fast and interactive essay writing activities is Twinword Writer. If you are having trouble finding the suitable words to complete your sentence while writing essays, you can try this tool.


Twinword Writer is an intuitive web-based tool that uses artificial intelligence to sense the pause of a user while typing. It analyzes the writing context and opens a drop-down menu of suggestions (according to the context) to complete the sentence.

Hence, this tool is ideal for users facing writer’s block. But that’s not it because it also contains a tone analyzer, which detects the tone of your writing and gives you instant feedback. So, it has some other benefits as well.


This tool is a subscription-based service. But you can use its free trial to determine whether it meets your requirements or not. If you are thinking of purchasing its premium plan, you should know that Twinword comes with some other tools as well: “Twinword Ideas” and “Twinword API.

·  Twinword Ideas – is an advanced LSI keyword researcher than Google Keyword Planner because it doesn’t suggest irrelevant keywords. This way, users won’t have to filter out irrelevant keywords manually.

·  Twinword API – assists the developers in adding the functionality of analyzing and understanding the human texts in applications. It uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to build the Text Analysis API.

Twinword Writer is an effective solution to writer’s block Twinword Writer doesn’t come as a stand-alone tool
It provides a free trial. So, users will know whether it is worth using or not before purchasing its premium plan Due to its other tools, its pricing plan seems a bit expensive
Its premium plan comes with a bunch of other tools
Twinword Writer is a browser-based word processor that provides instant results


3.  Article Rewriter:

The third option in the “5 tools that will assist you in quick essay writing” guide is Article Rewriter Tool. Bloggers and content writers consider this tool amongst the best tool that helps with essays for free.

The article rewriting is the oldest technique in the book of quickly writing an essay. Like other article rewriters, it helps the bloggers, content creators, and developers to rewrite the uploaded content and make it 100% unique.

You will have to copy-paste the text for rewriting. Once the tool has rewritten the entered text, it will highlight the changed text with a colored underline. This way, users will easily know the difference between the previous and newly rewritten text.

The article rewriter is free to rewrite the content. You can rewrite the sentences or the complete article. There is no word limit for rewriting the content via this article rewriter.

The rewritten article you will get will be plagiarism free. This tool will always take care of your privacy. Hence it will not sell your information to any third party. It will not save it in its database too. Your information is completely secure.


It is completely free captcha filling
There is no word limit
This tool supports other languages too than English. Thus, the language barrier won’t be an issue with this tool


4.     Brain.fm:

The fourth tool that will be helpful to improve essay online is Brainfm. It is a smartphone and web application that plays music to help you ‘Focus, ‘Relax,’ ‘Sleep’ and ‘Meditate. Unlike “Binaural beats” and “Lofi hip hop, this is a scientific tool that uses artificial intelligence to increase focus and concentration on work. So, if you like to work on essays with music playing in the background, you can try this one.

Brain.fm is a legit focus and concentration increasing service as the company provides a few research papers to prove its legitimacy. So, the users can read the research paper collection to know the working phenomena of this tool.

Although this is another subscription-based music service that you can play in the background while writing essays, it gives a free 3-day trial. Hence, you can try its 3-day trial to check whether it proves beneficial for you or not.


As I’ve already mentioned, it is different from the free music you will find on the internet. So, Brain.fm uses the help of human composers and AI to create strong neural phase-locking in the brain. That is why this application is more effective than Spotify and binaural beats.

It provides a free 3-day trial. So, users will know whether it is worth using or not before purchasing the paid plan of Brain.fm If music distracts you, it will not work for you
Brain.fm uses scientifically proven methods to create effective neural phase-locking in the brain, which helps in increasing focus Some calming and focus tracks involve ringing sensations that exhaust the brain. However, you can skip those tracks
Users can use the services of this tool on their smartphones and laptops
If you download the required music, it will work without an internet connection


5.     Paraphrasing Tool:


The last tool is for those who have finished their essay but are worried about its plagiarism. So, if you are in a similar situation, you can use the Free Paraphrasing Tool of editpad.org. This tool is a dedicated paraphrasing tool. That is why I have included it on this list.

If you are dealing with a lengthy essay, you will have to paste the content in multiple chunks. Plus, there is an option available to upload the document file to paraphrase the content. Hence, the ways of inputting the content are by copying-pasting and uploading.

The mechanics of this free paraphrasing tool are adequate because it indicates the replaced words with bold letters. The content will be plagiarism free after paraphrasing through this tool. You can download the report of your content.


It is a dedicated paraphrasing tool You can upload 1000 words per cycle for paraphrasing
Plagiarsim free content


Final Verdict:

Rather than looking for essay help online, I recommend using free essay writing tools because doing work by yourself gives a sense of satisfaction. So, if a user follows all the five-discussed tools, he can easily create a unique essay from scratch.


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