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How to Stream from Android Phone to PC? 5KPlayer Recommended

Streaming content from Android phone to TV is not a limit anymore for many devices, but it is another story for streaming from Android to PC. Many phones and consumer APPs now are built-in with streaming feature, but it only works for TV, to display the content on PC, you need a DLNA receiver. So, is there any method to achieve streaming from Android phone to PC? Of course, the answer is certainly yes.

Directly connecting phone and PC with a lightning cable to enable streaming is the last thing we want. The cable recognition failure by PC or insufficient and unstable power supply can lead to missing transmission signal which will cause streaming issues. And limited movement because of the cable also causes great inconvenience to us. Therefore, finding a software to stream Android to PC is a better choice.

5KPlayer is a free and secure multimedia player with DLNA feature to share video music between DLNA-compatible devices so that you can receive video music from Android phone & tablet, and send playing content to PC, Mac, smart TV, etc. With 5KPlayer installed, it turns your PC not only a streaming server but also a receiver.

Stream From Android To PC With 5kplayer

How to Stream from Android to PC with 5KPlayer?

5KPlayer is a DLNA renderer on PC to stream video music from Android phone, therefore, only your Android devices also with DLNA protocol standard support can be connected to PC via 5KPlayer. If you do not have DLNA server on your Android phone, download DLNA supported APPs like MediaMonkey, BubUPnP, etc. and you can enable your phone as a streaming server. Then, following the tutorial below step by step and you can easily work it out.

Step 1: Connect your Android phone and PC under the same network.

Step 2: Download and install 5KPlayer from its official site. It is 100% free and safe without any virus. Launch it on your PC.

Step 3: Click “DLNA AirPlay” on the user interface, then go to “DLNA client” option and click to turn on it. If you want to stream from PC to PC or PC to smart TV, just turn on “DLNA service” and 5KPlayer will act as a DLNA sender.

Step 4: Open the DLNA supported APP on your Android phone, select the video or music that you want to stream, and choose to send to 5KPlayer (select the name you set for 5KPlayer). Then you can watch video music from Android on your PC without hassle.

Notice: After selecting the content to be streamed from the Android phone, if you cannot search and connect to the Windows PC, please check whether the media streaming option setting on the PC is turned on, and also make sure that both the devices are using the same IP address.

Stream From Android To PC With 5kplayer

What else can 5KPlayer do for you?

Playing High-res Video Up to 4K

Except acting as a media streaming render and receiver, 5KPlayer is a professional and feature-rich media player. With its special Hardware Acceleration tech, it can easily process any HD, UHD video up to 4K without a glitch.

Convert Video to MP4 Format

Streaming from Android to PC, or PC to smart TV may encounter codec and format problem. If you have successfully connected the devices but failed to transfer video, you should consider whether it is a video format issue. 5KPlayer supports transferring any video format into MP4 format, and it could be compatible for more devices.

AirPlay from iOS to PC/Mac

5KPlayer combines DLNA and AirPlay features to build a connection between devices to achieve infinite multi-screen share. You do not need to switch to other AirPlay server to AirPlay iPhone, iPad to PC, Mac and record the operation on iPhone or iPad screen.

Save Online Video Music

This freeware is also featured in saving online content by URL. You can save liked movie video music from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and so on. And you can free stream content to the bigger screen to share with your family.

Final words:

If you are hunting for an all-in-one freeware to process streaming from Android to PC or meets all of video playback needs, take 5KPlayer into consideration. To know more features about 5KPlayer, you can download it from 5KPlayer official site and try it.


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