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Psiphon 86 Handler Ui Apk Download

 Download Psiphon 86 handler ui Apk is a Android VPN application can be used to establish WiFi or data connection over, sometimes to browse free or hide your real IP address.

 The Psiphon 86 has a easy to navigate user interface with various options to setup configurations and use a certain type of settings that works with various network providers. 
 Upon launching the app you will see a handler user interface with a vertical list of configuration options such as real proxy server, port, proxy server to use or setup. 

Download Psiphon 86 Handler Ui 
 Below is the link to get the app:

Popular Psiphon 86 Handler Ui Settings

 Below is how to setup Psiphon 86 handler or any other Psiphon handler app for Android phone, just follow the steps below: 
Psiphon 86 handler ui

  1. Scroll down to tick “Remove Port”
  2. In “Proxy Type” section you can choose among the most used types, such as HTTP, Reverse Proxy, Real Host or Dual Real Host.
  3. Custom Header should be in this form “X-Online-host: www.facebook.com” remember this is not always necessary, except it was provided from other source. 
  4. Real Proxy Type, you can choose between HTTP, SOCKs or Inject if provided by your source else you can leave it as default. 
  5. Real Proxy Server and port for example looks like and port: 8080.
  6. Click safe and accept connection request in next option text that appears. 
  7. Also Thick “Tunnel Whole Device” and finally connect. 
Note: This is a mock up settings and cannot guarantee it is working.
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