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Pro Evolution Soccer: Pes 2017 Android Apk + OBB 1.1.1

  As you all know Pes 2017 for Android is one of the best and latest football game, just as in the real world , play matches in high quality graphics with real ball touches.

 The award winning konami pes game has a real commentary sound to ensure that you enjoy the game as if you are in a real stadium, in the background commentary  you can here the voice of John Champion and Jim Beglin.

Pes 2017 Android Apk

 The players appear just as you know them in any real life football matches even with the style of how they move, there reactions, goal celebrations, appearance, boots and Jersey.

 Goal keepers now dive in real motions, saving intended to be goals from there opponents, they can even point out a ball with there last Artificial Intelligence breath. Important passes, fouls can be replayed, to get the real picture of what happened before, even replayed in a slow moving motion.

 No wonder it took konami to  release the game despite the fact, the beta version was released in 2016 and later it stop working till this year 2017. At least this game is now on the same ground with FIFA 17 Game  for Android and it is also available on PC.

 When you launch the game you can see the buttons large in size, round in circle. The buttons carry out different functions such as, Dash button which can be use to make a player run faster, Pass for passing football between players, Shoot, if you want to perform a normal shoot or score your opponent use the shoot button, Through or Through Pass, can be used to make a ball pass ahead before a player reaches a particular position to grab the ball.

 Features Of Pes 2017 Apk

Swipe To Pass

 In the game you choose between on screen touch control  or D-Pad as this can be done in the advanced Settings of the game.
 Club Partnership

 Recruit large amount of football stars from top teams in Europe, South America,Asia.
 How do you feel when you play with your favourite football stars like messi, Luiz swarez, Neymar, Andres Iniesta, Gerard pique even christiano Ronaldo.
UEFA League Championship

 Experience the real “UEFA Champions League ” in which you will be competing with top teams in Europe.
 Build Your Own Winning Eleven Team

 Use Agents,Scout Auction to look for players with good tactics and unique balance to build a great football team.
Real Time Player Vs Player – PvP

 Play with other real players from around world and challenge them in “online match” or “local match”. 

 This is a online, the only thing you need is data/ WiFi connection to play the game.

Difference In Title

 If you select Japanese as your default language , you will see “winning eleven 2017” as your game title while if you select another language like English, the title will remain “Pes 2017”.

Video Gameplay For Pes 2017

 In App Purchase
 The game is free to play, but you can always login daily to receive club coins for free or purchase it if you wish to.

100 myClub Coins

300 myClub Coins

1,050 myClub Coins (1,000 paid myClub Coins + 50 free myClub Coins)

2,150 myClub Coins (2,000 paid myClub Coins + 150 free myClub Coins)

3,300 myClub Coins (3,000 paid myClub Coins + 300 free myClub Coins)

5,800 myClub Coins (5,000 paid myClub Coins + 800 free myClub Coins)

12,000 myClub Coins (10,000 paid myClub Coins + 2,000 free myClub Coins)

PES 2017 Game Info

PES2017- Pro Evolution Soccer


Download Size

5,000,000 + downloads

Date Updated
Jul 7, 2017


Android 4.0+upward
(Online Game)


PES 2017 Apk>>

PES 2017 OBB>>

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