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Overwatch: Why The First Tournaments After The Release Could Set The Course

Overwatch tournaments with a test is Blizzard’s first shooter, Overwatch, has been available to everyone since May 24th. At the weekend, the two first tournaments will take place directly after the release.

 Mix Moba And Shooter

Overwatch currently has 21 different heroes, and this number will no doubt increase in the future.

In Blizzard’s latest creation, however, these are controlled from the first-person perspective, which is why the game is regarded as a shooter. Thus, Overwatch brings together the fundamental elements of today’s most successful eSports titles, which include CS:GO, LoL, and Dota 2.

 Abstract Style Is Both A Blessing And A Curse

However, this does not automatically make a title suitable for eSports. Other factors that are essential for a successful stand as an eSports title can massively determine the path.

Several maps and game modes open to players in tournaments undoubtedly offer a wide variety. However, this can also be negative for the viewers who have never played the game or who generally do not deal with such games.

Overwatch: Why The First Tournaments After The Release Could Set The Course

Visually, Overwatch is futuristic and significantly different from others. It’s not a problem for die-hard viewers and connoisseurs of the title, but for many others, the game is very confusing and confusing from the viewer’s point of view – a point of criticism that also affects Dota 2 or LoL. Likewise, the best Spectator mode seems to be in its infancy.

How Organizers Can Help

With Blizzard, Overwatch has a developer willing to actively work on a title. Long-term support for the title is out of the question and it will very much depend on how the publisher will handle this in the future.

From Friday to Sunday Dennis “TaKe” Gehlen and his crew from TakeTV organize the event “TakeOver” at their own home in Krefeld. Eight teams, each with six players, compete in a double-elimination bracket for total prize money of US$ 5,000.

After some competitions were already able to record considerable viewer numbers during the beta phase, this can also be expected at the first Overwatch tournament on German soil after the game’s release.

Attention Is Present

There will also be a tournament hosted by audio giant Dolby on Saturday and Sunday in Santa Ana, USA. There will also be well-known names in eSports. Already in the beta phase, some well-known organizations secured an Overwatch team.

With Cloud9 and Team Liquid, two global players in eSports are competing with their Overwatch lineups. Luminosity Gaming and Team EnVyUs are also already involved in the new title, so the attention of the large organization is there. FC Schalke 04 said at the first press conference of the recently signed League of Legends team that expansion into Overwatch was being considered.

Whether Overwatch becomes a successful eSports title depends on many different factors. In addition to Blizzard’s commitment, it will also depend on how well tournament organizers can present their events and competitions in an audience-friendly way. TaKeTV could thus lay an unforgettable foundation stone in Krefeld from Friday.

A small Overwatch professional scene should have formed during the beta, because there are now around 500 Overwatch teams worldwide, including numerous well-known eSports organizations such as Cloud9 and Fnatic. Shortly after the release, the first tournaments with remarkable prize money took place and Overwatch quickly became Blizzard’s most-played title.

Overwatch Game Principle

The game is a pure multiplayer first-person shooter without a single-player mode. Unfortunately, behind the ingenious story that Blizzard came up with for its fourth fictional universe, there is no campaign to reenact it. However, Overwatch makes up for this with extensive maps and game modes. 14 different maps and four game modes provide enough variety for the players.

Overwatch differs from the classic first-person shooter in that there are different heroes with different abilities. These special skills make heroes stronger or weaker against others and give the game a light MOBA character. If we had to name a new game genre for Overwatch, it would probably be called “First Person MOBA” or “MOBA Shooter”.

Overwatch & Esports

The highest-paying Overwatch events, the Overwatch World Cup at BlizzCon and the Overwatch Open. The World Cup is of course organized by Blizzard itself, while the Open is organized by ELEAGUE and FACEIT. Both tournaments have around $300,000 ventures, which isn’t that much compared to the largest eSports events, but there’s one thing to keep in mind – it was only released in May 2016. There is still a lot of potential for growth in this eSports scene.

Overwatch esports

Game Modes And Maps

There are three game modes in Overwatch that are relevant for eSports, each of which is played on different maps and confronts the teams with different tasks. Professional Overwatch games are always played in 6v6 mode.

  • Control: In this game mode, teams compete to control specific points on the map.
  • Assault: There are two points on Assault maps that must be conquered by the teams. Point B cannot be conquered until Point A is already under control.
  • Escorts: The escort game mode is a bit reminiscent of CS:GO, there is an attacking and a defending team. The attackers have to deliver a bomb on a vehicle within a certain time while the defending team tries to prevent it. Reaching certain checkpoints gives the attackers additional time.


There are currently 28 heroes (as of July 2018) to choose from, each with four different skills. They can be roughly divided into four different roles.

Overwatch Heroes

  • Offensive: They hurt, but just a little. They rely on tanks and supporters.
  • Defensive: Differ from offensive heroes in that they deal slightly less herm but have more HP. They are good at securing zones and can use skills to prevent incoming herm.
  • Tanks: Tanks are mostly misused as front liners to take the bulk of incoming herm. They have a lot of HP, but usually don’t dish out that much.
  • Support: Typical supports are in Overwatch Medics (healers). They don’t go far and mostly stay in the background to support their team.


Skins are cosmetic modifications to heroes that do not affect gameplay. These are only optical transformations of the heroes’ weapons or clothing. Some of the skins can only be unlocked in-game, but most must be purchased with credits – the in-game currency in Overwatch. Credits can only be gained from Loot Boxes, which can either be unlocked in-game or if that’s not fast enough, bought. Unfortunately, there is no way to buy credits directly yet.

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