Mtn Imei 2017 Tweak: How Get Double Data Bonus

Everyone loves cheap things , that’s it ,it is mtn again , instead of spending 3500 naira to buy 5gb worth of data , you can now tweak this imei below for mtn double data offer  and get double of every data  you purchase on the network, at least this will reduce your cost of buying data every week , because this 5gb can last up to one and a half month, you can see how cheaper it is, read this post carefully to the end and know how it is been done.

Mtn imei tweak 5gb for 1500

First, make sure your android phone is rooted for you to enjoy this offer.

Tools Needed In Tweaking Imei

 – Download  >> Imei Analyzer.apk

 – Download >> Mtk Engineering Tool.apk

How To Tweak Imei For Mtn Sim Card

Carefully follow the steps below to tweak imei on your android phone .

• Open Imei Analyzer and tweak this imei:

    Replace the last two or three numbers with any random number of your choice and click analyze to get a working valid imei.

• If you get an error “invalid Imei” just keep on replacing the last three digit number ,with any random number that you could think of, till you get a valid imei.. check the image below for sample


• Copy the valid generated imei from imei analyzer

• Open mtk engineering mode app for android and click settings.

• futher click cds information, next you click radio information.

• Now click phone 1, if your mtn sim is inserted in sim 1 port of your android phone or phone 2, if your sim is in sim 2 port of your phone.

• You will see AT+ in a box , click on the box and type “e” (unquote) , it will bring up AT+Emgr” 1 “7′””, then type your imei in between the quotes, I.e AT+ Emgr” 1″7″351878953378″ (give space after At+).

• Press send ,then a message will be displayed “At+ command sent”

• Switch your android phone to Airplane Mode for one minute , then switch it off .

• A welcome message will be sent from mtn network , you shows that you have successfully change your imei. Next is how to get the 5gb for  1500 naira.

How To Get 5gb Data For 1500 Naira

•Load 500naira recharge card on your android phone dial *131# and reply with 1.

• Choose weekly subscription and subscribe to get double of your data subscription. I.e 1024 mb will be times two.

• Again load 1000 naira recharge card, dial *131# and reply with 1 , then choose monthly subscription of 1000 naira and you will be giving 1500mb times two ( 1.5gb X 2= 3gb ) plus the initial 2gb above making it a total of 5gb.

• To check your data balance on your mtn sim dial *131*4#.

Disclaimer: This is for those who are willing take the risk and change there phone imei ,pls make sure you backup your original imei that came with your phone in case of  any problem.


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