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The Most Costly Dota 2 Types of Equipment For Tournaments

The esports industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the global economy. Thanks to technological progress over the past decade, the audience of the main cyber disciplines has increased several times.


And topping the list is Valve’s legendary MOBA called Dota 2. It’s played daily by millions of users from Alaska to Cape Town. And the most prestigious Dota championship – The International – strikes the minds of commentators, experts, and other people closely associated with traditional sports with its scope and size of prize funds.

The Dota 2 virtual item market is also growing rapidly. Today, the Steam Community Market features tens of thousands of different cosmetic modifications for Dota 2 tournaments. It is noteworthy that the Community itself makes a significant contribution to expanding the range of equipment. At the moment, each user can create a skin for their favorite Dota 2 character in the Steam Workshop. If other users vote for an amateur item, then there is a high chance that the item will go straight into the game.

As a reminder, Dota 2 types of equipment do not affect the performance or increase the skills of your character. They are just design modifications of the standard type of heroes. In other words, Dota 2 skins make your character unique and allow you to stand out during the match. There are several ways to get Dota 2 equipment. As a rule, after each match, a skin or a set can drop out to the player. However, it is impossible to get the author’s modifications of Arcana or Legendary quality through a drop.

The Most Costly Dota 2 Types of Equipment For Tournaments

The price of Dota 2 equipment varies from a few cents to several thousand US dollars. In this guide, we will tell you how quite cheap equipment has become in demand, and today they are boldly included in the rundown of the most costly Dota 2 skins. In addition, you will learn the name of the most costly equipment in Dota. And of course, we will tell you how you can make money on fluctuations in Dota 2 in-game equipment.

Why Is Some Equipment In Dota 2 So Costly?

It would seem, where could it be easier? Just play your favorite MOBA and get free equipment for it. But it was not there! A drop or item drop system does not guarantee that you will get the coveted Dota 2 item. The thing is that Dota 2 equipment has a predetermined type of rarity. It directly or indirectly affects the market value of skins. However, under no circumstances does the rarity type determine the outcome of the gameplay.

Each rarity type has its color theme, as well as visual and sound effects. Thus, the player understands how rare the Dota 2 skin is. This is in short. And now let’s look at the types of item rarity in Dota 2:

  • common item (Common)
  • uncommon item
  • rare item (Rare)
  • mythical
  • legendary
  • immortal
  • secret (Arcana),
  • ancient (Ancient).

In addition, seasonal equipment is now included as rarity types, which, as a rule, fall into the game during special events (“Rise of Darkness”, “Cold Riding”, “New Bloom”, etc.). Answering the above question, it should be noted that the Dota 2 item market is dominated by the same economic principles as any other. It is the correlation between supply and demand that determines the market value of the equipment.

 The Rundown Of The Most Costly Dota 2 Pieces Of Equipment

We should now take a gander at which equipment as of now accessible for purchase deserves the title “the most costly thing in Dota 2”.

Legacy Ethereal Flames Wardog

So, lock in close! This ethereal blazing pink conflict canine sold for $38,000. The tactical canine is a messenger, a remarkable thing for moving equipment from the stage. The remarkable variety mix occurred because of a bug with the dark couriers. Today, getting a battling canine with the impact of an ethereal fire is difficult. They say that there are just five of them for the game.

Desert Sands Baby Roshan

Desert Sand Baby Roshan is the Immortal unique case messenger. It was simply accessible to The International 2017 Battle Pass owners during the DeepWater Special Campaign. Today the market worth of Desert Sands Baby Roshan is around $1700-1800 for each thing. There are numerous other Roshan Babies on top of the most costly Dota 2 equipment. For instance, Roche with a prismatic stone will set you back $1,380. The base cost for Gingerbread Baby Roshan from the colder time of the year 2019 activity is around $1200.

Ax of Phractos

This weighty damaging Ax of Fraktos is the embodiment of may. It was manufactured by the smiths of Ulmarein; the searing intensity still burns on its sharp edge. It showed up in the play in 2013 and, contrasted with fresher ones, is not especially impressive. There are two Ax of Phractos equipment accessible on the Steam Market today. You should pay a thousand bucks for this thing.

Stalker’s Set

This set was unique and of Uncommon quality. Be that as it may, the developers chose to pull it from creation because of countless negative reviews. As a result of this decision, all Stalker sets left in the hands of users were assigned the more extraordinary Immortal sort. The cost for a single thing is between $250 to $450. While for the entire set you want to pay from 700 to 900 $.

Mantle Of The Benefactor

This Robe is a spell stealing shroud in Dota 2. The robe has a special impact: it makes the legend shine and transmits sparkles. This thing is presently worth $1300.

Shattered Greatsword

This goliath sword of Mythic unique case with sparkling impact was available in 2015. The cheapest one will cost $1,000. In any case.

Genuine Gilded Edge

This Mythic thing came into existence with the APEX M800 console in 2015. The console was just accessible at a shop in 2015 and immediately sold out. For the person – Slark. Cost $500 and above.

Corrupted Dragonclaw Hook

Hook from the left paw of a dark mythical serpent. The main piece of the monster that survived the experience with Pudge’s insatiable yearning. This Immortal quality meat hook is accessible in the market starting at $550.

How Did They Become So Costly?

Compared to other Valve Corporation games, Dota 2 has a slightly different logic for the circulation of in-game equipment on the market. The fact is that several unique skins have a prescribed statute of limitations. You probably already guessed that we are talking about seasonal equipment. Moreover, we are talking about Dota 2 equipment that was once dropped, but today is available only for money (Immortal rarity type). They can only be obtained through exchange on trading floors.

Sometimes, to get a specific item in Dota 2, just having a lot of caches is not enough. You need to wait patiently, and monitor the market in the hope that one day the cherished Arcana item will pop up on some site. Therefore, third-party marketplaces are a good alternative to the Steam Community Market, where the assortment is somewhat different. Skinwallet belongs to such services. On the site, you can also sell unnecessary virtual accessories for your characters at the best prices for real money.

Final Verdict

Dota 2, the most costly equipment in the history of Dota 2, was sold for $38,000. However, if you are the son of an oligarch and don’t know what to do with the loot, then on trading platforms, including Skinwallet, you will find without much effort a lot of other inadequately costly equipment for Dota 2 heroes. But seriously, getting valuable skin is real. A beginner will need at least a year to do this. Dota 2 is a complex and multifaceted game. In this guide, we have only partially touched upon the essence of the functioning of its in-game economy. Do not forget to look at our blog, we will continue to publish useful guides on the topic of Dota 2. Good luck to everyone!

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