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How To Make a Music Video

Try searching Taylor Swift’s All Too Well, Katy Perry’s Firework, and Ariana Grande’s God is a Woman on Youtube.

The first search result is usually the music video. Highly anticipated by fans, music videos are released by artists to elicit views, likes, comments, and engagement in general.

You don’t have to be popular or a well-established song artist to start making music videos.

As a matter of fact, budding artists will benefit considerably when they produce videos on top of their music releases.

Do you have a song you want to turn into a video? Make a music video today to reach more viewers and potential fans with Wave.video.

It includes an online video cropper that allows you to easily adjust the edges and content of your clip.

Types of Music Video

Before you set out to conquer the music industry with a breathtaking music video, you must first choose which type of content you want to produce.

There are different types of music videos, and each is perfect for a different genre and music style.

Live Performance Music Video

This type of video is common and easy to produce. As its name implies, a live performance video consists of a recording of artists while they are performing their songs and playing their instruments. It could be in a concert or studio set-up or anywhere else. Performance videos require high-quality noise cancellation to remove background noise and ensure clarity.  

How To Make a Music Video

Narrative Music Video

Another popular type of music video is a narrative video which tells a story relevant to the lyrics of the song. Here, the producer must have basic videography and cinematography skills to capture the themes and emotions of the song. The video usually consists of various scenes portraying the song lyrics.

Lyrics Music Video

A lyric video is another quick production as it only involves a background color, image, or pattern and the song lyrics. For this type of video, lyrics on the screen must be in time with the music. Nowadays, video creators have strayed from the traditional karaoke style and have made lyrics videos more creative and fun.

How to Create a Music Video With Wave.Video

Did you know that you can use Wave.Video to produce a high-quality song video? No matter what type of video you plan to make, Wave’s extensive range of video editing tools can realize your ideas. Follow the steps below to learn how to make a music video with Wave.video.

  1. Sign Into Your Wave.Video Account

Signing into your account has been made easier by Wave.Video. You can log in using your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter or via Google and Apple. By signing in, you won’t lose access to your creative projects and open them on any device.

  1. Record your Video

This second step is optional if you already have a video file that you can readily upload to the editing software. Otherwise, you can record your video on the spot using Wave.video maker. On the online video editor, click Create Video and choose video recording. You will have the option to choose between advanced or simple modes. Advanced video recording is perfect when you’re on a video call or want to try different layouts.

Alternatively, you can upload videos and images to Wave.video. You may also choose a background color if you’re planning to make a simple lyric music video.

  1. Start Editing

Now comes the fun part – it’s time to edit and enhance your video using Wave’s professional tools. You can do basic edits, such as trimming, cropping, resizing, and advanced edits, like adding sound effects, subtitles, and voice-overs. The following are some of the tools found in the free online editor.

  • Resize – There are four available options in video size, namely square, vertical, horizontal, and story. These dimensions come with guides on social media apps that use such video formats.
  • Include Stock Photos and Videos – Explore the extensive range of Wave’s stock library. You can include these images and videos in your music video to make it more creative and lively.
  • Resize Video – This tool allows you to zoom the video in or out to make it bigger or smaller than the background.
  • Adjust speed and volume – Make your videos faster or add a slow-mo effect with the speed adjustment. You can also increase or reduce volume using Wave.
  • Trim videos – Trim your video by dragging the beginning or end of the clip head. This allows you to shorten or chop off unnecessary snippets, consequently reducing the file size.
  • Crop, Flip, and Rotate – The online video cropper allows you to select the areas you want to include in your content by cropping. You can also modify the position of your video by flipping them vertically or horizontally or rotating them to the left or right.
  • Change layout – Wave.video provides basic and creative layouts for your video. You can turn your regularly shaped video into a collage, geometric shape, brush strokes, and more.
  • Add text and graphics – Include creative texts, stickers, GIFs, and media to your music video for added decorations and fun elements.
  1. Insert Music

Of course, a music video would not be called such without the music. Thus, you shouldn’t forget to add the audio track to your project. Select audio then upload the mp3 file containing the music. The music should appear on the audio track in the storyboard.

  1. Add Subtitles

Adding subtitles is ideal for better viewer engagement. It will allow your listeners to sing along as they watch your music video. If you have a text file for the subtitles, upload them directly to the video maker. Don’t worry if you do not have this file. Wave.video has made your life easier by allowing you to auto-generate captions.

All-in-One Online Video Editor

Wave.video is a free online video editing platform that allows you to produce valuable video content.

It has a broad range of specialist tools that will make you seem like a professional video producer.

From basic edits to advanced finetuning, there’s nothing you cannot do with Wave.video. You’ve learned how to make a music video; it’s time to put your knowledge to use and create one now.

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