Anonytun Vpn 2.3 Apk Download

Anonytun vpn 2.3 is one of the best vpn to download, it comes with a working http headers better than droid vpn.

 Setting up anonytun is very easy, as the app user interface is easy to navigate.

What is Anonytun

 Anonytun is derived from the word ” Anonymous ” which means for every connection you make using anonytun vpn , your real IP address cannot be seen, apart from anonymity, anonytun gives you the opportunity to browse free on various service providers network, such as glo, etisalat, MTN etc.


 The custom TCP/Http headers of anonytun makes it dynamic from any other VPN out there for Android.

Before You Read Further
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 Features Of Anonytun

 – Neat user interface

 – Stealth Settings

 – Custom Headers

 – Http Connection Protocol

 – TCP connection protocol

 – SSL Connection Protocol

 – Connection port

 – Protocol Tunning to maximise stability in connection

 – Parent Proxy

 – Advance SSL settings.

What’s New In Anonytun 2.3

*  added tuning option for http connection protocol ( for advanced users )

* other bug fixes.

Download (2.3)

Download anonytun 2.3 ➡ AnonyTun V2.3.apk

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