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How To Improve Game Systems In Valorant Espor

Two teams are working on the valorant esport systems. The first is the player social interaction team, which is responsible for the friend system, text and voice chat, and also monitors the behavior of the gamers. The second is the Competitive Development Team, responsible for competitive systems, MMR, and matchmaking. In this article series, we, the developers of both teams, will take a closer look at some of the most popular topics.

In your feedback, many of you wrote that the gamers lack transparency on our part. Yes, we talk about all the changes in VALORANT in the descriptions of the patches, but it seems to us that it is equally important to inform you separately about the results of the work done and about our plans.

This week we are launching a series of special informative articles written by developers from our teams. Each article will focus on a specific topic. Read them to learn more about the systems that are already in the game and how they affect it, as well as what we are currently working on or about to work on.

 List Of Topics For The New Cycle

In the articles in this series, we will discuss the issues that are of most interest to you.

  • AFK is about gamers who leave the game in the middle of a match.
  • Toxicity in the game – about deliberately feeding, shooting at your own, etc.
  • Toxicity in text or voice chat is about the very gamers who ruin the game for everyone.
  • Smurfs and sub-accounts are perhaps the hottest topics of discussion.
  • Finding Opponents / Match Fairness in Ranked Play.

As we have already said, the articles will be published in turn. The first one will focus on AFK in VALORANT and we’ll post it tomorrow.

Yes, and one more thing! We have never written articles like this before, so we welcome your feedback, comments, and suggestions. It is unlikely that we will be able to cover all the issues that concern the gamers, so if it seems to you that we have undeservedly bypassed some very important topics, please let us know.

The best way to share your opinion about the game is to write on social networks (Discord, Reddit, etc.). We all read! You can also write directly to the authors of the articles you are interested in from this series (we will leave links for communication!).

Questions About Valorant


Explain why two teams from some regions can participate in Masters: Reykjavik, and one from others?


In 2020, we planned to start hosting international esports tournaments as early as possible. At the same time, we had the opportunity to use the infrastructure of this event to host a local VALORANT tournament earlier than expected, but only for 10 teams. Due to this number cap, we plan to have teams from all seven regions where VALORANT plays in our first international tournament.

Then we had to rack our brains over how to allocate 3 seats. The plan was influenced by various factors: the number of gamers in the region, the popularity of broadcasts, the esports equipment, and the number of teams allowed for the regional VCT matches, a criterion in which the EMEA. As a result, we provided each of these three regions with an additional seat. We decided that as many teams as possible from different regions should participate in the tournament because it is much more interesting that way. But, maybe, in qualifying, the order of distribution of places will change.

We are also very happy for Latin America, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. Our tournaments are getting bigger, and very soon even more teams from these regions will be able to take part in international competitions. In general, we believe that all regions are good without exception. Over time, we plan to hold larger international tournaments so that gamers from all over the world can compete in them.


Who can commentate on matches in different regions?


We have repeatedly discussed the selection of commentators for regional broadcasts and the possibility of commenting on VCT matches of one region directly from another.

When VALORANT was making its first steps into esports, some broadcasters tried to attract commentators from other regions. But because they were too far away from the contestants and match organizers, this resulted in numerous audio delays as the signal made its way across the Atlantic Ocean and back before reaching the broadcast team.

Therefore, to avoid audio delays, after First Strike, we decided to attract commentators who are geographically closer to the broadcast organizers and the venue of the match. Broadcasts of Masters: Reykjavik will be conducted in English, but with the participation of representatives from different regions. It’s like on broadcasts of League of Legends matches – our commentators are geographically not too far from each other.

– Senior International Broadcast Manager, Riot Games


How are Masters points awarded this year?


In determining the order in which teams will compete in this year’s Champions, the most important thing for us was to ensure a highly competitive tournament, so we relied on several factors. First, teams are eligible to participate in Champions if they have consistently shown good results throughout the year. Secondly, the relevance of these results is important. A team’s victory shortly before the Champions is a more convincing indicator of success than a victory a few months before. Finally, we took into account that the Masters’ competitions are going international and that it will become more difficult to win matches.

This is how we arrived at the current Master’s scoring system. At Masters: Reykjavík, teams will earn more points than at regional Masters matches, and even more at Challengers stage 3 (the winners of which automatically qualify for Champions). We think this is a viable option.

Additionally, points will also count toward qualifying for the Inter-Regional Last Chance Qualifiers, which will determine the final Champions roster.


Can any region advance to the Champions Stage?


As new gamers to the VALORANT community, we are welcoming new locations to the esports scene as well. For example, tournaments such as Strike Arabia, are not included in the VCT, but give gamers the opportunity to be eligible for “Last Chance” matches in the EMEA region (and therefore to the Champions stage). Other regions will also not be left without attention. Large-scale and spectacular Last Chance matches will take place this year, and many teams from all over the world will participate in them.

– Kasra Yaphrudi


When will trainers appear in VALORANT?


I officially announce: that trainers will appear in the game with the release of patch 2.08! VALORANT is an esports discipline, so we agree that there should be coaches in the game, and we will be happy to provide them with various analytical tools soon.

We know how important the interaction is in eSports, and we already have some ideas about this. Shortly we will discuss all the details with the gamers (in particular, with team leaders) and coaches.

The most basic features for trainers will appear, but we will gradually improve them. We plan to develop these features based on the experience of VCT members.

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