How To Browse With Psiphon Handler on PC

Many of you Have difficulties in Tethering VPN connection on Android To PC-Personal Computer in other to share data and be able to browse on PC, In this blog post i am going to show you the easiest way, on  how to tether via usb  cable when using VPN  connection on your android.


Requirement :
pdanet installed on your PC.
Pdanet Installed on your android Phone.

Where to get the above.

You Can Download Pdanet for PC >>HERE <<
And also Pdanet for android >>HERE <<


1. Enable USB Debugging on your android phone by going to settings

2.Install Pdanet on your PC

3.Install Pdanet on Your Android

4. Launch Pdanet on your PC and Carefully follow all Instructions and make sure you authorize your pc by ticking a small box and OK when a popup appear on your  android phone screen.

5.After the above step is complete launch Pdanet on your Android Phone and Activate USB tether amd connect a USB cable to your PC from Your android phone.., upon Connection a Pdanet icon will appear on the notification task bar of your windows Operating system, and then right click to connect (USB).
You can now browse with your PC by using data connection of your android


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