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Google Pixel Launcher Apk

Download Google pixel launcher apk for Android latest version for free and customize your device to look like the new Google Pixel.

The official Google pixel launcher has new features which everyone wants to get for his non Google pixel device, i believe that’s why you stumbled on this post.

In this post you will be able to download and install Google Pixel launcher and run it on Android lollipop device above, just for you to know, this is a ported version of the launcher and it doesn’t require you to root your Android phone before you can use it.

It is not everyone that have the time or finances, may be even get insurance cover, to purchase the new Google pixel device, but since you want to enjoy it features, a Reddit user  named Amir Zaidi was able to develop the mod version that works for Android 5.0 above by testing and  adding features of the official version

Download Google pixel Launcher Apk  For Any Android Device

After you download it Install it like a normal apk app and then options menu will come up promoting you to select default launcher which can be downloaded from the link below:

Google pixel launcher apk >>>

Features of Google Pixel Launcher

Amir ported all features of Google pixel launcher but he tried and more features which are listed below:

  • Simple app suggestion – which works based on how frequently you use a particular app.
  • Round icons of Android Nougat 7.0 can be used if supported.
  • Supports icon packs and calendar icons that changes with date.
  • App filter can hide app icons from the app drawer.
  • Screen size grids turns to 6 x 6 if screen is low in DPI.
  • Open and close notification from anywhere on the screen.
  • Centered screen pop ups.
  • Themes where developed to look like the official Google pixel launcher and support various OEMS.
  • You can resize all app list when opening keyboard.
  • Padding – this can be used underneath the search widget on device without the touch screen navigation bar.
  • Disabled adaptive icons for pre Android Oreo apps.

Screenshot of Google Pixel Launcher Apk

The images below show how good it is to have google pixel launcher that is been wanted by Android users around the world, Just take a look the screenshot:

Google pixel launcher apkGoogle pixel launcher apk

If you have any issues regarding this pixel launcher feel free to contact me or drop your comments below.

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