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10 Best Ways to Email to Fax

Faxing is one of those things that never gets old with time. Sticking with the famous saying of ‘Old is Gold’, the method of faxing has come all the way from the end of the 20th century. Fax lovers use faxing for transferring their documents, in spite of the many new ways that have been developed recently.

The method of faxing for transferring the documents is one of the mainstream methods to do so. Developed in the late 90s, the method of faxing is known for its effectiveness and security. And the people who have been using this method of faxing cannot just seem to let go.

But, in today’s time and age when everything is advanced, people cannot adjust with the old faxing techniques. The traditional faxing techniques involve the use of big faxing machinery and also include some unnecessary things like toner, paper and ink etc.

That is why people don’t use such old techniques for faxing their important documents. But instead, people nowadays use the new and digitized faxing ways that require less hassle and are way easier to use than the traditional faxing techniques. And one such way is email faxing.

Email Faxing

Email faxing is a new and advanced technique for faxing where email is used to send and receive faxes. You can use your regular email address to fax important documents. This method of faxing has taken the faxing world by storm. It is regularly being used everywhere to fax documents.

According to GoogleFaxFree, email faxing is one of the best ways to send and receive faxes. On GoogleFaxFree, you will find every piece of information about this amazing faxing technique and how it can be done.

But, any email does not include the faxing feature naturally. You cannot just send a fax via email directly. This is because faxes operate on analog signals while emails operate on digital signals. This makes it difficult to directly fax from email.

That is why, an online fax service is required in order to succeed with email faxing. Email is converted to fax and then sent to the other place by using this online fax service. Here we have listed some of the best 10 fax services for faxing via email.

Part 1: CocoFax

Starting with the number one online fax service, we have CocoFax for you. CocoFax tops the list of top online fax services because of the quality faxing services it provides. It is one of the best services known for its effectiveness all over the world.

GoogleFaxFree will tell you all about how to send a fax from email and the best ways to do email faxing. So, give it a visit and learn about all latest trends and different new ways in faxing.

CocoFax has some wonderful features that allow you to send and receive faxes easily. That is why it has also received praise from quite a lot of big media companies which include PCMag, Forbes and The New York Times, to name a few.

CocoFax has some effective techniques for email faxing and you can use any email like Gmail, Yahoo for this purpose. CocoFax will turn your email into a fax when sending it and the conversion takes only a couple of minutes. CocoFax does everything very smoothly.

With CocoFax, you can use any device to send or receive a fax through the internet. Your computer, laptop and tablets, all can turn into very effective fax machines. You can even use your mobile phone to transfer your documents over fax.

Moreover, CocoFax is also a very cost effective method to send and receive faxes. With the 30 day free trial, you get the first 30 days completely free of cost. This way you can easily try out the faxing features before actually paying for them.

Part 2: RingCentral

RingCentral is also one of the best fax services and permits clients to send 150 free faxes every month. You are also able to get faxes from a fax machine when you experience RingCentral. Its amazing features make it simple to deal with the entirety of your faxes.

It permits you to send and get faxes by means of the Internet or with any email account you have. It comprises choices that make faxing simple and no arrangement expense.

Part 3: FaxZero

FaxZero lets clients transfer some free faxes every day. They make it extremely basic for the client having less faxing needs which just requires the vital data expected to send the fax. They will notify you about the status of the fax via email and the turnaround time is extremely quick.

Part 4: Got Free Fax

Got free fax is a help with additional alternatives like sending faxes of documents having different extensions, as .odt and .rtf. There’s a constraint of 2 faxes a day and up to three pages.

Another helpful component Got Free faxes is that it stores your faxes for five days. In this way, in the event that you need to resend a fax that you transferred, you don’t need to re-transfer it.

Part 5: MyFax

If you need to send faxes to an international region, check out MyFax. It permits clients to send 100 free faxes every month and receive the double number of 200 faxes for nothing. It is viable with numerous sorts of documents and incorporates effectively with Microsoft Office and Outlook.

This fax administration offers different highlights including fax numbers, secret key insurance, auto-resend, and various approaches to get help too.

Part 6: Nextiva Fax

Next we have Nextiva Fax. They offer numerous highlights making faxing extremely simple as well. You can also send a great number of free faxes with this service.

It additionally gives expanded versatility of sending fax through its online gateway or your email account. One can, without much of a stretch, check the scent and get faxes too whenever wanted.

Part 7: HelloFax

HelloFax also permits you to send some free faxes after you join and affirm your free enrollment with them. With HelloFax, you can send records with numerous extensions like pdf and doc etc.

HelloFax is a good way if you want to fax just once or twice, because it is not as good as CocoFax or other top picks on this list.

Part 8: Send2Fax

With Send2Fax, you are also able to transfer pictures along with other documents through the means of fax. It is known for a straightforward method to send pictures. It is very easy to understand and permits 100 free faxes every month.

This simple to-utilize fax administration gives a splendid interface that is like utilizing an email account. Its usefulness permits you to send and get faxes easily.

Part 9: PamFax

PamFax is another decent fax service that comes on the list. With its simple interface, you can begin by sending some faxes free of cost from this faxing service. This profoundly secure webpage is most loved on the grounds that it allows many documents other than PDF or DOC documents.

Part 10: TrustFax

TrustFax offers different highlights, for example, nearby and complementary fax numbers alongside an advantageous online control board to deal with your fax document. This administration stores any sort of document you wish to fax, secure for 30 days. It likewise gives certified and responsive client care.


Here we have presented the 10 best ways to email to fax. Choose the ultimate best one CocoFax to have the best email faxing experience.


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