Delete A Facebook Account Permanently

I don’t really know why you want to delete your Facebook account permanently, are you not safe operating that your Facebook account? or you are limited to use some features in your account? anyway there must be a reason why you want to leave Facebook.

NOTE: after you delete your Facebook account permanently, you won’t have access to your account anymore and it is going to take 90days for Facebook to completely remove your account, so it is better you download all your important images,


notes or generally you can download your data on Facebook (how to do so is included in the steps below).
To delete a facebook account permanently, below are the steps:
To delete Facebook Account:

1. Go to settings on Facebook and locate download a copy of your Facebook data before you delete your account, you can access the page here>> Facebook Settings

2.Login to your Facebook account
3.Click this link to delete Account (Delete Facebook Account  , then put your password and proceed.
That’s it, you have permanently delete your account.


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