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8 Cool Things To Do On Android

Did you know that more than 75.9% of the world’s smartphones use Android? Arguably, Android is more affordable than iOS, which has increased to its popularity, especially in emerging economies. What’s more, Android smartphones are entirely customizable and versatile.

Depending on the android model and version you’re using, you can get a host of features that are quite amazing. Google keeps developing a plethora of abilities for Android. You might never know your Android phone has these tricks!

The number of cool things to do on Android is endless. Here are 8 Android phone tricks that you should check out.

1. Quick Change of Wireless Networks 

When using your smartphone, the need to swap between different wireless networks happens. If you want to make this change as fast as possible, you don’t need to go to the Settings then Wi-Fi. Swiping down your screen from the top will give you access to the Quick Settings menu.
Cool Things To Do With Android

Press your network connection’s name. You will get a list of other networks within the area. In a few seconds, you’ll have swapped to an eligible network of your choice.

2. Configure Your Phone’s Lock Screen 

Android phones have several offers for secure lock screens. If you have an android phone, you’ll be prompted to configure the lock screen during the initial setup. Often, the defaults are password, pattern, and PIN.

One of the recent developments is fingerprint security, which offers an easy and fast way to unlock your smartphone. On the system settings, you’ll get the Security menu, where you will have the option of controlling your lock screen.

Some Android devices have their lock screen menu on a separate location. Features like factory reset and Android Pay will help you when using a secure lock screen.

3. Lock Specific Parts

When someone borrows your phone to make a phone call, you might be worried that they will check other apps such as your album or WhatsApp. No need to fret if you have an Android device. One of the cool things to do on Android is locking out anyone using your phone from accessing some apps.

From the Settings button, go to Security, then to Screen Pinning. Turn it on and open the app(s) your friend wants to use. You’ll see a pin-like icon on the lower right section; tap it to activate the pin.

It will also help to clear cache on your Android phone if you’re concerned about your sensitive information getting to the wrong parties. With this era of data breaches, this move can allow you to use the app without worrying that someone using your phone can access the information you consider private.

4. Running Apps Side-by-Side

If you have the latest Android such as 7.0, you can run apps above each other or side-by-side. This is one of the best Android tips that will prove useful when you’re multitasking. You can be checking your social networking sites on one end while editing your photos on the other.

To activate this feature, click the Overview button and choose the apps you need on your screen. Hold each of the apps and drag them on either side of the display. You can have several apps, but their appearance will depend on the number of apps you’ve put on display.

5. Find Your Phone

A recent survey established that 69% of the mobile devices reported as missing were simply misplaced. In fact, about 28.1% of these cases are phones lost at home. People also tend to misplace their phones in the office, public transport, and street.

With an Android phone, you can track your lost phone. Google has a feature ‘Find my phone’ which you can access through the web. From your Google account, check the drop-down menu to tap on the missing phone button.

Google has several Android tips and tricks that will help locate your phone. It will show your phone’s location and also enable phone ringing. If it’s not within your reach, you can allow your device to erase your phone’s data to deter a breach.

6. Screencasting 

Amongst the cool things to do on Android devices, screencasting will interest you. A screencast refers to a screen capture of a user’s actions on a computer screen. A screencast often has accompanying audio and, in some cases, graphics and animations.

Screencasts are useful when you want to demonstrate website features, software applications, or even operating systems. With an Android device, you can mirror a display on your TV. Android devices have a Cast icon that activates when you tap it.

7. Enhance the Visibility of Your Images and Text 

Android allows you to zoom either in or out depending on the size of text or image you desire. You can make these modifications to view the full content on one page. While some apps don’t have this capability, most of them will allow the zooming.

Start by clicking on the Android Settings, tap the Display button, and then the Font size. You’ll get different font sizes, and you can choose either the small, medium, or large size depending on the modification you want.

8. Choose Preferred Default Apps

One of the Android phone tricks that you won’t get on an iOS is the ability to choose the default apps you prefer for photo viewing, web browsing, and texting, among other activities. The default app opens automatically when using your phone’s different features. You can change this app to suit your needs.

To activate this feature, click the Settings button and tap the Apps. You’ll see the cog icon, which will give you categories of installed apps that can execute default duties. The diverse options will excite you!

The Cool Things to Do on Android Make Android Devices Popular

Other than the reasonable price of most Android phones, the devices have Android tricks that can keep you glued on your smartphone. Google keeps advancing Android systems. Consequently, there are several cool things to do on Android, some of which aren’t available on iOS.

If you’ve been wondering why getting an Android device is a smart move, our blog has covered it all. From Android games to Apps. Keep scrolling through our site to know more about Android systems.

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