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15 Best Windows 10 Apps To Download For New Laptop

Do you have a new Windows 10 laptop?

A new laptop means that you have to find those apps that can help you raise your productivity. Not only should your laptop be productive, but it should also hold apps for entertainment and convenience.

There are over one billion devices that now run with Windows 10. What do you need for each of these devices to work well for your lifestyle? Read on to learn the 15 best Windows 10 apps that you should download on your laptop today.

1. OneNote

Microsoft’s note-taking app is one of the best cross-platform apps that you can get for free. You can get OneNote for Android and iOS to synchronize your notes on multiple devices. It supports various pens, screen clippings, images, commentaries, and many more.

You can also directly create text, video, and voice notes in the app itself. There are plenty of tools that you’ll love, from translating languages to making formats.

2. DropBox

Cloud storage is one of the best depositories for all your files. They make sure all your data is safe in case your devices get lost or broken. DropBox is an excellent service that can double your modern workspace.

Best Windows 10 App

You can connect to your team and access all your files in one place. If you’re interested, you can get 2GB of free storage for the free basic plan.

3. Spotify

Do you need a way to listen to a vast library of genres of music? Spotify is a free app that you find on the Microsoft store. It’s easy to find all kinds of music, and you can create or listen to podcasts.

The Spotify app is simple to use, with a clean user interface. If you want to stream music offline with no ads, though, you’ll have to upgrade your subscription. Spotify Premium offers better functionality and has some added features that allow for user engagement.

4. Netflix

Netflix is one of the best entertainment apps for not only Windows 10 but also for other platforms. You don’t have to head over to the web to search for Netflix. The app also allows you to download videos, so you can start offline viewing right away.

Netflix has many new and popular original shows, and its collection of movies and TV shows is far-reaching. You can enjoy the 4K playback the moment you subscribe to Netflix. Subscriptions start at $9 for the mobile app.

5. ExpressVPN

This top-tier VPN service is one of the best that bolsters your security while you search. ExpressVPN protects you and your data as you navigate the online world. We have about 11.75 million servers worldwide, and ExpressVPN ensures your safety.

You’ll need to pay $7 every month to enjoy the features of ExpressVPN. Your private web traffic won’t fall into the hands of hackers. It’s an app that lets you surf the web while avoiding snooping, censorship, and interference.

6. VLC

VLC is one of the longest surviving media players that many people still use. It’s old, but it does the job of playing almost all video formats. This open-source multimedia player can open a huge range of video formats from MKV to MPEG.

It’s also possible to watch a video without having to extract the file. VLC has a ton of extensions, hotkeys, and skins that make it easier to use the app. You can also add subtitles, use a video as a live wallpaper, and sync audio.

7. Dashlane

Ever forgot the password to an old account that you suddenly need to access? Consider getting something like an online vault for all of your passwords and accounts. Dashlane is a popular password manager due to its easy-to-use design and simple setup.

The app can be a little invasive, but it does have security to protect all your passwords. Dashlane is one of the best apps you can use to collect and protect passwords.

8. Google Chrome

Google is one of the most popular web browsers that you can get today. Its intuitive yet simple design makes it one of the most used browsers. The interface is easy to understand on both the mobile and desktop versions.

It’s easy to sync and access all your data, from bookmarks to extensions. You can customize the browser with over 150,000 extensions. Unlike other browsers, Google can give you easy access to whatever you search.

Google Chrome is a user-friendly web browser with a powerful JavaScript engine. The browser’s speed is faster than most, but it does use a lot of your RAM to work well. Chrome can load pages faster than other web browsers using the Webkit open-source rendering engine.

9. Discord

Discord is a great messenger app for you and your friends to play games. It’s the app you can use to make virtual meetings to chat with friends and family. You can also join different groups for those with the same interest as you, like games or hobbies.

It makes it easier for you to chat while you play games or work. The built-in voice chat makes it easier for you to plan with friends, like hosting an event. Discord is free, so you can enjoy all of its features without paying a cent.

10. LibreOffice

Are you looking for an alternative for Office 365? LibreOffice is the best alternative with its easy-to-use word processor. It’s an open-source application with all the needed tools.

These tools include PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, and documents. It’s one of the best options you can get if you don’t want to pay for Word documents.

11. Skype

Skype is one of the best applications for those who have friends and family members from afar. You can use the app for simple communication features, such as voice calls and text chat. There is most likely a version of Skype in your Windows 10 laptop, so check before you browse the Microsoft store.

The desktop app of Skype allows you to translate, share pictures, and share screens. File sharing is easy, and you can create calls for one-on-one or groups. Aside from your Windows 10 laptop, you can also download Skype on your mobile phone and tablet.

12. Duolingo

Memes aside, Duolingo is a great educational app. Try to brush up your foreign language skills with these classes prepared by Duolingo. It’s an app that gamifies learning a new language.

You can earn a lot of rewards and achievements for completing the quizzes and classes. The app’s casual nature allows you to learn and use a language in only a few minutes. If you don’t want to use Duolingo, you can also use Rosetta Stone, Lingvist, Memrise, and many more.

13. Flipboard

Reading news articles online is no longer easy and entertaining. Many sites need you to sign up or subscribe to their newsletter so you can read recent news. You can enjoy a simple yet aesthetic design from Flipboard.

It offers a graphical way to check on what’s happening around the world. Flipboard has a magazine-like design with larger images and fewer stories. It makes it easier to read, especially if you’re looking for a casual browse through different topics.

Flipboard lets you choose the topics you’re most interested in. The app gives you a home page to show your favored topics. It also adds in cover stories to let you in the most recent and popular issues that you can read today.

14. Wox

Wox is an open-source app for searching the files on your laptop. Although Windows 10 comes with the Cortana search, you have to consider getting this app. It’s a speedy app launcher that can find folders and files faster than Cortana.

Wox makes it easy to check the web by a press of your keyboard. You can make a simple Google search or use your customized prefixes in a different search engine. Wox can support third-party plugins, so you can do everything from finding your Spotify playlist to searching up YouTube streams.

15. Norton Security 360

Every laptop needs the best security to protect all of your important files and data. Norton Security 360 offers protection for your data on your cloud and your laptop. This app can analyze the behavior of your files so that it can protect you against malware.

Norton Security 360 also comes with a cloud storage feature. It makes backups of your data, letting you save about 50GB of your files if you lose your device. You can use the built-in virtual private network or VPN to protect you while you browse the Internet.

There is also a password manager to let you store all passwords, no matter what browser you have. One of the biggest downsides to installing a third-party antivirus is it affects your Windows Defender. It may cause issues with your files, and you may have difficulty setting your Windows Security, such as your Firewall.

Best Windows 10 Apps For New Laptops

Be sure to consider downloading these best Windows 10 apps that you can get for free. Taking advantage of free trials can help you decide which apps are a good fit for you.

If you want to stock up on apps that provide more functionality to your laptop, check out more of our guides. Our educational section can tell you which apps and programs are worth downloading on your new device!

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