The 15 Best Virtual Reality Videos To Watch

 Virtual reality is gradually changing the way we view things, play games, communicate, attaching this headsets to our face, makes us to see the world in a form of imagination, to feel that we are present in a particular place, play games as if we are the real actors, participate in live conference, connect with friends who are far from us.

Virtual Reality Videos

 Mark Zuckerberg  who had interest in the virtual reality technology, decided to acquire the oculus VR, a firm who specialized in developing VR gears and it accessories, that was in 2014, Below where his reasons for the acquisition..

 We have a lot to do on mobile, but at this point we feel we’re in a position were we can start focusing on what platform will come next to enable more useful, entertaining personal experience.

 But today over 100 million people around the world have start adapting  to this virtual technology to do many things such as the ones I mentioned above, also, by connecting VR device with there PC and smart phones.

 However if you wish to know brands that are into virtual reality production; they are Samsung gear VR for Samsung mobile phones, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR by Sony, Steam VR, Oculus Rift, owned by Facebook,

 There is a cheap VR device owned by google which supports Android mobile phones, it is widely known has Google Cardboard, you can use it to watch VR videos too.

Below are the 15 best virtual reality videos to watch


See how “Kevin Richardson” , the lion whisperer cuddles with three hyenas in South Africa, City of Pretoria.


In this video “Kevin Richardson” also plays with lions hugs and kiss them, with his colleagues holding the cameras

13.HammerHead Shark

 The national geographic team hard an encounter with the shark, deep in the sea.


 Look at how some Russian skydivers drop down from the sky.

11.Extreme Roller Coaster

 This video was shot for Samsung gear VR, with some guys rolling on a coaster that was installed in the water.

10.Edge of Space

 Seeker VR did this video to show the sky looks like when you move to stratosphere part of the earth.

9.Blue Angels

 Here, the United States Blue Angels try to demonstrate there skills by flying in a low altitude with there jets.

8.Kidnapped (Comedy)

 Just for fun this guys kidnapped a lady and put her in a car

7.Assassin Creed

 It a video about the movie, packed with some action scene’s.

6.Fight For Falluja

 Watch as the New york Times Reporter captures military forces on how they fight to liberate the city of Falluja


 You will be shown, the full view of the popular black hole on earth


 Watch how NASA satellite explore the planet “Pluto”.

3.Cockpit View

 Cockpit view of airbus A320 in swiss

2.Explore The World

 This another 360 video for virtual reality, which shows how spherical the world is.

1.People On VR

 This is the summary of all VR videos recorded in different locations and environments

 You can see how amazing it is to experience different videos with a  VR device, everything becomes real in your eyes.


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