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Best Account For OSRS Gold.

Here’s the benefits that plays get when investing in a member only account.

There are different ways for you to experience Old School Runescape depending on the account that you have. Players have the choice of either a free account that has limited access to content, or a paid membership which will give you the full version of the game.

There are many benefits to getting access to member only worlds, which we will be discussing here. If you want to get the most out of your time in the game, and find the best ways to make OSRS gold, then read on.

What Extra Features Do You Get?

Those who decide to invest in a membership will have access to a lot of extra features. For starters, the map will now be three times bigger than before. You gain control of eight additional skills, as well as improvements on current skills.

Best Account For OSRS Gold.

Perhaps most importantly, you get to embark on plenty of extra quests. This is going to enhance your experience with the game so much more. You’ll will be able to be a lot more resourceful with your OSRS gp, and take in more narratives than ever before.

That’s not all. You can get far better weaponry, armour and equipment in general. The transportation systems that you can now use will make your game time much smoother and accessible too. With more minigames, music, updates, features and even additional slots for bank accounts, there is a lot to be said for getting a member only account.

Member Skills

We mentioned one of the additional features being new skills, and they are worth outlining in their own section. Only 15 of the 23 skills are available to players who have a free account. The players that have a member only account will have all 23 skills to use, with the additional skills including agility, construction, fletching, farming, herblore, hunter, slayer and thieving.

These skills are very useful in their own ways. They can save you having to find OSRS gold for sale if you’re looking to use them for profit. The likes of agility can help you through shortcuts in certain areas you couldn’t access before. Meanwhile, you can use construction to get your own house built, and make the most of farming to grow your own food, trees and herbs. Speaking of herbs, you can use herblore to create potions that could well be the difference maker between success and failure in quests and combat situations.

Another way to get into otherwise inaccessible areas is thieving, and it can be a good way to make OSRS gold as well. The hunter skill is responsible for providing you with new equipment and items. This would normally mean that you can find their OSRS items for sale even with a free account, but sadly that isn’t possible. If you try and use an item that on a free account, you’ll see a message that states its unusable.

One of the biggest skills for some players is slayer. This changes the game up to give you the chance of battling new monsters. Not only will you be fighting against monsters in new ways, but you will also be able to get unique spells and equipment.

Areas and Minigames

With a free account, you have very little access to the worlds in OSRS. You will be able to get into the Misthalin and Asgarnia kingdoms, as well as the majority of the Wilderness too. However, new lands await you with a membership, with the whole map being there to offer you more questing, NPCs and much more.

As far as minigames are concerned, you can only play Castle Wars with a free account. The rest of the minigames are for members only, and provide fantastic competitions for players to take part in.

They can be very handy if you’re looking to gain more combat experience, or improve on non-combat skills if you wish. In general, they are just fun games for you to play, even if you aren’t really interested in what the skill benefits are.

They’re considered to be one of the most fun parts of the game by many players, giving this particular piece of content the incentive that players need to think about members only account.

There is still plenty of content to be getting on with in free-to-play accounts. But if you do wish to make the transition to members only, then you’ll see just how beneficial it can be.

It can provide ways in which you won’t have to buy OSRS gold, and add more skills to improve your character and general gameplay. Given the amount of additional gameplay you get out of it, a membership would certainly be worthy of your time.

What kind of account do you have in Old School Runescape? Let us know in the comments section below!

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