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Beginner Tips for New World First-Timers



What to start doing while still a beginner

Players from all over flocked toward Amazon’s foray into MMO gaming. New World pits players against the environment and other players to take over the island called Aeternum.

To this end, players have to do quests, explore, hunt, and gather New World coins to do all those better as they level up. Players can choose one of three factions to side with and they become enemies of the other two.

Things can become disorganized and a little confusing, especially for New World account holders new to the genre. While tutorials can help, there are a few more things they should know not covered by tutorials. Here they are.

Understanding Equipment

Your weapon and armor are your best friends. Take care of them, and they’ll take care of you. That said, one of the first things you should do is pick two different weapons to master. It’s up to you to choose whatever you want, though having one melee and one ranged weapon is recommended. Try all of them and choose the ones that you enjoy using.

Beginner Tips for New World First-Timers

Now, as for armor, there’s something called weight. Light may have the least amount of protection from physical blows, but it allows for quick movements.

Medium is a balance between defense and movement. It offers more defense but is more movement-restricting than Light. Heavy restricts movement due to its weight but offers the most defense.

Due to the weight system, the game designates a weight class for your character by adding up the total weight of all your equipped items. Each weight class provides various advantages and disadvantages, so choose your equipment wisely!

Also, don’t forget to keep an eye out for their durability and repair equipment when you can. You won’t be able to use your gear when it reaches 0!

Exploration and Fast Travel

Traveling through Aeternum is a dangerous and time-consuming activity. It doesn’t help that quest will ask you to go here and there and back and forth. What can you do to make traveling easier? The answer is by making use of three things.

First, the Fast Travel Shrines. They’re dotted about the island, and discovering them lets you teleport to their location. That beats running back and forth and saves so much time on traveling.

Second, the Inn Recall feature. Basically, you go up to an Innkeeper and check-in. By doing so, you can teleport to that inn for free but with an hour-long cooldown.

You can also check in to one inn at a time, so you can’t go inn-hopping. Still, by making strategic use of this feature you can get into town quickly to turn in quests or clear inventory.

Third, set up camps. You can set them just about anywhere, and you can respawn and do some basic crafting in them.

Of course, you’ll need the right materials to craft them, but they should be easy enough to gather. With camps, you don’t have to respawn at an inn and run all the way back to where you have to be.

Start Gathering Early

Speaking of gathering materials, crafting becomes a big part of the game later on. Some crafting materials are more abundant in the starting zones, so start collecting them early. Later on, when you need them, you don’t have to go back to the starting areas as much as if you didn’t do so early on.

Save time and effort and collect those materials as soon as you can!

Faction and Area Standing

Factions do have some influence on gameplay. It determines your starting point in Aeternum, as well as some general aesthetics.

You can still change factions afterward if for example a friend you want to play with joined a different one. However, you can only change factions every 120 days (4 months). It’s still better to stick with one faction, so be sure you and your friends agree on which one to join.

Now, each faction can hold territories. By doing Town Missions and Faction Quests, you increase your standing with the town and your faction, granting rewards. It also upgrades the town, adding new products or letting you craft better items in town. Plus, the experience rewards don’t hurt either.

Town standing also gives perks like increased XP gain in the area or discounts when trading. At the highest level, you can purchase a house.

Player Housing

Your house can become a teleport point in town, like the Inn Recall feature. By hanging up certain trophies, you can have active buffs to help you in your adventures. The house also provides extra storage space for all the New World items you want to keep. It’s a good investment so try to get it early on.

Most Important of All: Have Fun!

Games are meant to be played and enjoyed, so go and enjoy New World. Whether you get the dopamine rush when in combat or by exploring the island, you should have fun in your own way. Go at your own pace and don’t let others dictate how you should have fun.

Don’t even let those advertising that you should ‘buy New World coins’ join that number. While there are legit sellers around, they’re few and far in between. A majority would just scam you of your money and/or your account. At any rate, enjoy playing New World!

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