15 Best TV Remote Control Apps For Android

Here are the best universal TV remote control apps for android , which works with various brands of TV and even some PC. With IR blaster capabilities, one will be able to setup remote controlling easily with android phones or tablets, IR means Infra-Red.

Universal remote apps android

Android TV Remote control

 This works very well with Android TV devices, it is a app developed by Google it self. This remote control app, enables you to play games and to navigate or control your TV using d-pads and touch pad features of the apps. You can all also tap the mic icon to make voice search , use the keyboard to type text on Android TV.

Perhaps, this is one of the simplest remote control app I can see, because it also uses WiFi or Bluetooth for connection , that means it can work on all latest versions of Android phones .


 Universal TV Remote Control

    This is the most popular TV Remote control app, widely used around the world , it is considered the most simplest remote application, support smart TV brands like Google Chromecast , LG smart TV, Roku , Android TV, Apple TV.

 What you are required todo is to make sure your smartTV and mobile device are on the same network e.g WiFi and Android device must have IR blaster feature to connect traditionally like normal remote control with there phones list of device that comes with IR blaster have been listed above.


 Unified Remote

Are you interested in control your PC with Android phone? Unified remote application offers such functionality. By using your phones WiFi or Bluetooth to universally control your Windows PC, Mac, Linux .

 Unified remote supports up to 90+ computer programs such as ,mouse , keyboard, media players, presentations, screen mirroring, power control, file manager, terminals. Just see how easy it will be for you to comfortably sit down and control your PC with your Android phone.


 Smart TV Remote

 Smart remote TV is another popular TV app for Android on the Google play store, smart TV shows list of your TV channels with there logo, which you can tap on them to choose your favorite channels. The developer of smart TV remote says it is a universal TV Remote control app that uses IR blaster, external IR blaster, WiFi network.

Smart TV Remote as a network TV remote, controls Samsung TV from year 2016  such as K series, or older Samsung TVs like B,C,D, and F Series.

 Smart TV controls up to four device without any annoying remote switch e.g TV, cable box, audio receiver and media player. it also support IR (Infra-red) capable android phones such as HTC One(M7, M8, M9), Samsung (S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge, Note 3, Note 4, Mega), LG G3, G4, G5 , Huawei and Honor (Honor 7).


 Easy universal TV remote

Easy allows you to use IR port of your android device to control your TV,  it works like a normal Universal TV remote you use at home, apart from using IR port of your android,  you can also use wiFi signals connect latest smart TV’s from brands like Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Sony.

How to use:
– Go to Settings
– Select between IR port , IR Blaster or WiFi
– If you enter the IP WiFi TV
– Choose the brand of TV


LG TV Remote

    This is the official LG remote app that works only with LG smart TVs , it support wide variety of LG smart TVs like :
’12 Inches LG TV Models

LM9600, LM9500, LM9400, LM8600, LMG860, LM76XX,
LM67XX, LM66XX, LM64XX, LM6300, LM62XX, LM6100

’13 Inches LG TV Models

 LA9700, LA9600, LA8800, LA86XX,  LA7900, LA74XX,
 LA7100, LA69XX, LA6800, LA66XX,  LA6500, LA64XX,
 LA62XX, LN61XX, LN57XX, LN570B,  PH67XX, PH6600,
 PN6700, PN5700.

 ’14 Inches LG TV Models

  UB80XX, UB82XX, UB83XX, UB92XX
  LB49XX, LB57XX, LB58XX, LB61XX
  PB65XX, PB66XX, PB69XX.


Remote For Samsung TV

 Though it is not the official Samsung TV remote app,  this app support some models of Samsung TV by using same wifi network , you can connect your TV by accepting the permission that appears on your Samsung TV with your android phone or tablet.

 Supported Samsung Tv Models
 – Series C (2010) with internet
 – Series D (2011)
 – Series E (2012)
 – Series F (2013) .


IR Universal TV Remote

   As claimed by the developer, this remote control app will replace your physical remote control, by controlling your fans, Air conditioners, lights etc. It uses your phone or tablet built in IR Blaster feature.
  Above I mentioned some android device with IR blaster capabilities,  IR Universal TV  Remote  makes use of such capabilities to use your android device as a remote.
 One good thing about this app it is free to use, you don’t need to purchase it.


  Kore, Official Remote For Kodi.
   This is the official remote for kodi app , it is a very simple remote app to use with your kodi/XMBC media center for your Android device. It includes several remote themes, you can see what’s currently playing like, music, video, addons TV shows. You can use it with kodi on PC.


AnyMote Universal Remote + WiFi

 Is a universal smart remote control suitable with device like Samsung, Avr, Sharp, Panasonic, Xfinity, Xbox and many more! For MCE and WMC you may need an additional IR receiver.

 Anymote support over 900000 around the world for remote controlling , it makes use of WiFi or IR blaster feature of your android phone and tablet. Supported popular android brands are Samsung galaxy S4 to S6, HTC one with other android phones.


 Peel Smart Remote

  Peel is a Universal TV remote and TV guide app with live streaming features, it is also the most downloaded app on Google play store . Peel support over 400000 devices around the world, it is smart enough to know all your preference,  that is, the more you use it or Peel in the more it knows what you like by suggesting them for you.

 Why it is a universal remote control app, is because it can control your TV, set-top box, DVD player, Blu-ray, Roku, Apple TV, audio system, and home appliances like air conditioners and heaters, using the built-in infrared IR blaster on your smartphone.


SAMSUNG TV Remote Control (IR)

       Though no much information about this app, it is the official remote control app from Samsung Electronic Company, which works with Samsung Galaxy S4 to S6 , in which they have IR blaster installed in them,  also with Android 4.4 kit kat as the minimum operating system required to power this app.


Remote Control For TV

    Remote control for TV also uses IR blaster feature of compatible smart TV like Samsung TV, LG TV, Sony TV, Panasonic TV. Some of the features of the app are :
– Control your home theater devices from Android mobile phone you already own.
– Control by IR which is supported by almost all new and old TVs.
– Compatible with over 220,000 home theater devices.
– Clean user interface and easy to use.


 Sure Universal Remote For TV

       It also works with device that comes with Infra-Red (IR) built in features, incase your Android phone  such as Samsung Galaxy S7 device dosen’t have IR , you can use WiFi-to-IR Converter to enjoy it full functionality. On WiFi you can control smart TVs such as streaming devices like Android TV, Roku, Apple TV, Kodi, Samsung and LG.
 You can cast your videos and photos using Sure universal remote for TV.


ASmart Remote IR

       Asmart remote will be our last list of universal TV remote control app for android. Asmart can be used to control device such as TV, Settop Box, Air Conditioner, DSLR Camera, DVD/Bluray Player, Projector, Streaming Box and it is very simple to use.

    Android phones with IR blaster Capabilities .

• Samsung Galaxy S6

• HTC one (M9)

• Huawei Honor 7

• Huawei P9 lite

• LG G5

• Xiaomi Mi 5

• Xiaomi Mi 4s

• LG V20

• Gionee Marathon M5

• Xiaomi Max.


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